Low Down to Hull and Back

The conflict is over, but problems remain

13 September 2017 - 4:55pm
The Editor, We have read that residents are enjoying the rail corridor now that the tracks are going. I’m happy to see neighbours enjoying all that our community has to offer. Which makes this an opportunity for some clarity on the topic. A review of letters to the editor, articles, and questions at council show […]

Keep the rails – they get my vote

13 September 2017 - 4:37pm
The Editor, As the Hendrick’s Farm and Chelsea Creek housing developments proceed, Chelsea is fast becoming a ‘bedroom’ community. Households will be commuting to work. The Moose consortium is seeking to solve this; it needs the rails. It’s a municipal election year; the rails have my vote – at least from Chelsea to Gatineau and […]

Moving forward, beyond the growing pains

13 September 2017 - 4:36pm
The Editor, Since November 2013, Chelsea residents have had their share of ups and downs. The municipality’s growth has given the community a solid foundation to prosper, within its means. A new look for the centre-village, well equipped now with sewers and water to service residents, the community centre, schools, businesses, and new developments, should […]

History of food should be reviewed

13 September 2017 - 4:33pm
The Editor, Regarding ‘Where does it come from? Fairbairn explains food’ (Sept. 6 edition), this project should more aptly ask the question, ‘Where does “cultivated” food come from?’, referring thus to the European ‘settlers’ in the Hills. After all, it cannot be denied that earlier Aboriginal peoples did, in fact, eat, and had been eating […]

New beds for Masham seniors’ care centre

6 September 2017 - 4:04pm
Masham’s long-term seniors’ care facility is gaining 24 beds in a brand new $5.4 million expansion. The Centre d’hébergement et de soins de longue durée (CHSLD) is located above the CLSC in Masham. It currently has 32 beds for seniors with diminishing autonomy and the expansion will increase that number to 56. The announcement was […]

Fire claims livestock in Low

6 September 2017 - 3:59pm
Tom Townsend woke up on Sept. 4 to a “boom.” Still half asleep at 4 a.m. and in a daze, he quickly realized the orange glow outside of the window was a signal to get his family out of the house. “I ran upstairs yelling…waking everyone up as best I could,” said Townsend. As his […]

Wading into the spin-offs from weed

6 September 2017 - 3:44pm
Don’t be fooled by Chelsea’s newest business – just because the soon-to-be hanging sign outside reads ‘Northbud’ doesn’t mean you can stop by to fill up your medical marijuana prescription, or, come July 1, bring home some weed for your dinner party guests. Northbud Capital Holdings is a cannabis investment company and the latest venture […]

Happy trail to us

6 September 2017 - 3:31pm
The Editor, I have just returned from a run on our new community trail. As a member of a Cascades Club competitive dragon boat team for the past eight years, I have made that run along the tracks to the waterfront two, three, or four times a week during our summer season. Well, it was […]

Making social media productive

6 September 2017 - 3:29pm
The Editor, Having witnessed the behaviour of people on Facebook, if these thoughts were considered it may lead to more constructive dialogue. The following is counterproductive to enlightening discussions: forcing people to take one side or another; not being friends with someone because they disagree with you; offering an opinion without substantial thinking or facts; […]

Calculating the costs – revisited

6 September 2017 - 3:25pm
The Editor, How I wish our “water woes” were in fact “fixed”, as your headline (Aug. 30) implied. Part of the problem is indeed fixed by the new table defining the “units” which determine tax bills for the capital costs of the water and sewer system. This is very welcome. But two significant problems remain. […]

Not just for breakfast any more

6 September 2017 - 3:19pm
By Paul Hetzler “Never eat anything bigger than your head.” So goes Bernard Kliban’s nugget of wisdom. Certainly, you should not eat anything that big without chewing it first. But if you like mushrooms, you can find wild ones that are, in fact, much larger than your head. The giant puffball, Calvatia gigantea, appears in […]

Speed demons

6 September 2017 - 3:14pm
While heading along one of our lovely country roads to pick up our farm share, we found ourselves behind two vehicles. The one at the front was a school bus. The second one was a car. The car tried to overtake the school bus – several times, on a curvy, rural road with a solid […]

The Hills by the numbers

30 August 2017 - 2:55pm
More Hills residents than ever before are living in sin, having fractionally smaller families, and getting divorced, according to the latest information released by Statistics Canada. From Chelsea to Kazabazua, couples in common-law relationships are becoming the norm while the number of people getting married grows at a far slower pace. Average household sizes dropped, […]

Court case against R2T dropped

30 August 2017 - 2:52pm
Chelsea Communities Preservation Association chair Tim Kehoe has dropped his ongoing court case against the Municipality of Chelsea. Kehoe, who launched the case to block the municipality from removing the rails and ties from the railway corridor in early July, told the Low Down he wouldn’t be proceeding with the interlocutory injunction against the municipality […]

Off-beat art thrives at Ta Da!

30 August 2017 - 2:47pm
Performing artists both local and from away will soon be taking their place in the spotlight in Wakefield. The TaDa! Performing Arts Festival is setting up for its fifth iteration in celebration of all things creative from Sept. 8 to 10. There will be plenty to watch and see and do: with eight theatre companies, […]

It’s all about the cheese and C02

30 August 2017 - 2:42pm
Running a grocery isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, but for the Charles family, it’s a calling that has ensured we have access to really good cheese and a crazy selection of craft beer. Back in the very early 1980s, the family’s store on Hwy 105 in Farm Point wasn’t much more than your […]

Winds of change blowing through Chelsea

30 August 2017 - 2:18pm
By Sylvia Shawcross Chelsea is becoming urbanized. The opportunity to change that has come and gone. It was a huge battle at the time. This new generation ‘handles’ debt rather than live within their means. It’s their nature. It’s how they do things. Managing debt has become the norm. Sometimes that’s okay because a debt […]

It’s not about just planning and recreation

30 August 2017 - 2:13pm
The Editor, Councillor Joubarne’s letter (Aug. 16) brought to mind a 2013 invitation John Trent had extended to me along with former councillors Céline Brault and Josh Moon – to meet with newly elected councillors Barbara Martin and Elizabeth Macfie to share our municipal experience with them. The matter of governance and committee work was […]

Up the creek with a paddle – or not

30 August 2017 - 2:10pm
The Editor, Right now, the federal government is reviewing the Navigation Protection Act – that’s the law that should give all Canadians the right to paddle up and down this land’s waterways. That right is very important to me. In recent years, 99 per cent of Canada’s waterways lost navigation protection under the act. Unless […]

Congregation alive and well throughout the Hills

30 August 2017 - 2:07pm
The Editor, As the new minister at Grace United Church, I was glad to have the chance to talk with the Low Down’s Shauna McGinn. I do want to make one clarification about the article ‘Millennial leading the flock at Rupert church’ (Aug. 23 edition). The congregation of Grace United Church are indeed worshipping in […]