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Time to Embrace Our Differences

23 September 2017 - 10:21pm

Written by Alexis Nicol

Have you ever considered that our minds have been programmed with errant beliefs from generations past?   From childhood we are taught about why we are so special, why we are better or different from someone else or we aren’t as good, etc.  Blaming our parents or peers isn’t the answer for they too have been incorrectly impressed.

Why is it that there is this belief that our colour dictates our beliefs and personalities? Yes our colour is a part of who we are, but it certainly doesn’t mean that any given one is more superior to another.  Are we not all human beings?  Do we not all come from the same origin of creation?  It’s disheartening to me to hear and see how cruelly humanity separates themselves from one another.  At this time in our history we are in dire need of open hearts and minds to thus ensure a more inclusive and embracing society.  It’s a good time to review our perceptions and beliefs and discard those that no longer fit in an open and loving society.  We were created with Love and it is this quality that will create a society that will flourish with creative ways to make a better world.

Like a book, it’s necessary to look within to see the hidden beauty.  The outside is only the beginning.  When it comes down to it we all are the most beautiful beings with infinite potential.  We all want to be loved and to love.  The most amazing feeling in existence is Love.  This is a Love that is pure of heart and without judgement.

I challenge you to take a moment the next time you are near someone you consider or have been brainwashed into believing is lesser or better than you, to share a nicety, be it a smile, a helping hand or a pleasant greeting.

Alexis believes in a Wholistic approach to healing mind, body and soul.  She incorporates Reiki, Reflexology, Reconnective Healing®, the Reconnection® and A Course In Miracles in her practice.   613-263-7925

Soul Food: A Three-Month Program To Radically Shift Your Health and Step Into Your Soul Radiance

23 September 2017 - 9:07pm


All disease begins in the gut.”  ~ Hippocrates

After having had a chronic, digestive, autoimmune illness for nearly 20 years, I completely healed my “incurable” disease and am now living with incredible health, vitality and joy. This program is like a fire starter that, with your commitment, can completely change the way your body –mind functions. In this program, we draw upon the wisdom of Ancestral Diet, called The Reconnection Diet. We also utilize energy clearing and intuitively guided spiritual healing in order to get your body-mind back to a state of vibrant health and wholeness.

This Personal, One on One Program Is Right For You If:

  • You’ve had persistent digestive issues (bloating, diarrhea, constipation, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, unexplained or hard to get rid of belly fat, ADHD, chronic skin issues (eczema, acne, psoriasis), ear infections, Autoimmune Disorders)
  • You want to see what the body is capable of doing when you give it the proper tools, diet and nourishment
  • You want to help your body at the root of the dysfunction, rather than suppress your symptoms

This program requires a 3-month commitment from you. It requires you to be open to releasing old emotional triggers that you may still dealing with (by which your body has been compensating through illness or discomfort). It allows you to see exactly what your ideal diet looks like and what your body needs to be properly nourished. Specifically, during the 3 months you will learn and receive:

  • Exactly what foods are helping your belly and which foods are hurting your belly
  • A bio-individual diet, meal plan and recipes that allows you to shop and prepare amazing meals that will finally nourish your body and mind
  • Discover what your cravings mean and how to see them from a different perspective so you can heal them
  • Discover your soul footprint and learn how to move into your inherent Divine Radiance
  • The opportunity to let go of old, limiting wounds, which will allow you to step into the fullness of your being

Testimonials from clients who have completed the Soul Food Program:

From Sandra S. ~ Ottawa ON

Ann is exceptionally tuned in, and connects immediately at a soul-to-soul level. Her soul light is so bright that I experienced a delightful, joyful feeling of ‘coming home’ when I first spoke with her on the phone. Ann is one of those rare beings that emanates a clear and pure, joyful and life-affirming energy. A gifted healer, body intuitive, and seer, Ann somehow perfectly balances her encyclopedic knowledge of the body and its energy systems, food, nutrition, and supplements (and so much more!), with her deep ageless wisdom and intuitive knowing. The result is a very effective structure and process for guiding the healing journey. I signed up for Ann’s ‘Three Month Program to Radically Shift The Way Your Body-Mind Functions’. Every single session was memorable as Ann adeptly, skillfully, and heart-fully guided me on my journey back to wholeness and health once again. Thanks to Ann, I am healthy once again.”

From Aideen N. ~ Ottawa ON

Ann Jarvis is an absolute life-saver!! For years, in my efforts to kick a severe sugar addiction, I consulted with a myriad of doctors, homeopaths, nutritionists and dieticians and I have shelves filled with just about every book written on the subject. Ann was going to be my last attempt and I am thrilled to say I have been sugar-free since November 2016. In addition, she has become my psychologist, work/life coach, advisor and friend. She looks at life’s challenges from a very unique perspective, with her amazing sense of humour, and helps me to do the same. I love our sessions together and always come away feeling optimistic and re-energized.”

From Sonia K. ~ Ottawa ON

Ann has truly been a gift to me at a time in my life when I was searching to improve my health, calm my mind and soothe my soul!  With her deep insight, her inspired wisdom, her broad knowledge, her open-minded and non-judgmental approach, she has assisted and supported me to achieve a life changing transformation!  Ann’s kind, generous and holistic approach has empowered me to break through old patterns and make way for a healthier body, a more peaceful mind and harmony with my soul! Few people have impacted my life in a positive way as much as Ann has! I am deeply grateful for everything she has taught me and for her loving support during my life changing transformation! My most sincere thanks Ann!  

For more information about The Soul Food Program, please contact Ann Jarvis at (613) 218-6899 or go to: for more information.

Concert for Hope, Healing, Peace and Reconciliation

22 September 2017 - 11:48pm

When Ottawa native Bradfield returns for his Heart of Light concert at St. Paul’s University on Thursday September 28, he brings to the stage an entire life of exploration of the heart. Part of the Ottawa Peace Festival, this event for hope, healing, peace and reconciliation at the quaint Mazenod Chapel is a unique evening of music for the Soul, presented with a passionate baritone voice, grand piano and Native American flute. Drawing from his huge repertoire, the concert will feature music from his “heart” trilogy, including meditative Buddhist mantras, uplifting new adaptations of sacred feminine anthems such as “Ave Maria” as well as introspective, poetic songs from his “Becoming” album.

Inspired by his latest project “Heart of Gaia”, the Heart of Light concert includes a tribute to both Mother Earth Gaia and the First Nations women who have endured abuse, rape and violence; some even disappearing without a trace. During the event, multiple testimonies of indigenous women will honor the memories of all who suffered such traumas. From Heart of Gaia, Bradfield will perform his song “Truth Whisperers”, composed at the request of a medicine woman on behalf of her ancestors. The song opens our hearts to hear their murmurs in the wind, becoming their collective voices to bring justice and healing to all those affected

Bradfield is an artist with a complete vision of his creative universe. Songwriter, arranger and producer, his 33 vocal and instrumental albums touch at once the spirituality of being and musical theater. His creations reveal a poetic approach, infused with therapeutic tones and imbued with universal harmony. Aspiring to raise the collective consciousness and devoted to the purity of intention, the artist has devoted his entire life to the exploration of the heart, relying mainly on his intuition to guide us gently towards the Light of our greatest potential.

Heart of Light concert is part of the promotional efforts for the fundraising of the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution, in support of their local and international programs providing training and services for world peace and reconciliation.

Heart of Light Concert

Thursday September 28, 7:00 PM

Mazenod Chapel at St. Paul’s University

223 Main Street, Ottawa

For tickets:

Keeping the Doors Open

22 September 2017 - 9:48pm

“The need to interact is deeply ingrained in our genetic code. So much so, that the absence of social connection triggers the same, primal alarm bells as hunger, thirst and physical pain.” – John Cacioppo (Professor, founder and director of the Centre for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience at the University of Chicago)

Human beings are not designed to be solitary; we naturally evolved to survive in communities or tribes. Yet, I  frequently  meet clients who experience a sense of loneliness in their lives. It is a sad predicament and a feeling difficult to overcome. Our mind is powerful and can provide us with good reasons to stay away, to keep our heart closed and to keep the doors of intimacy and tenderness shut. It feels safer, but ultimately lonely. Even within the field of spirituality we may be able to find good reasons to stay secluded, admittedly or not. Those closed doors can protect unhealed wounds and we can live an entire life carrying them.

There is, however, a natural process of releasing resentment, hurt and, negativity. With the ability to be present, to experience love and kindness from a non-judgemental perspective, we can honour our feelings and learn to access a deeper, freer part within us.

Judgement is often at the base of those closed doors. We judge ourselves or others, and in doing so we close ourselves, emotionally become unavailable or simply stay aloof. I’ve realized this very principle in my own life. A subtle way to find reasons to close myself up to the world, experiencing shyness as a young woman and feeling helpless.

I have learned that it is easier than I thought to add to my life a positive, warmer perspective. I realized that dropping judgements enabled me to be truly present, receptive and more appreciative. Then the doors of kindness and love are able to  stay calmly open.

I was thinking recently about the transitory nature of life. Watching the news, a violence we can’t easily conceive of in our context, I saw a soldier aiming at another individual and shooting him. I saw a stranger fall. I thought that it can happen to anyone at any time, no matter what the cause of death is. All of a sudden our individual path and story here on earth as it is can come to a full stop. Thinking about this possibility during my meditation I could feel how trivial resentments are, how sad it is to live a life separate from others and it made me feel like opening my doors even wider. From that standpoint, nothing else matters. Love nourishes the soul, our own and that of others. Love heals the body and mind as it is of the essence.

Contact us to book a session with Lynne. Her gentle skillful presence can guide you towards a new refreshing life. If you choose to add hypnosis to your session, you will experience a gentle and effective way to empower your objectives.

Lynne Cardinal holds client sessions in Hull and Stittsville. She has offered Stress Management, Resilience and Burnout Prevention workshops in the government and private sectors for over 30 years. She is also a Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, holding additional certifications in Hypnosis Innovative Techniques and Weight Loss. She is certified by Dr. Weiss in Past-Life Regression and she has a PhD in Eastern Philosophy from India. She has studied extensively with Thomas Hübl on Transparent Communication and Principles of Transformation and Healing and Trauma work, and she has also trained with Diane Hamilton in Conflict Resolution and with Diana Martinez on Family Constellation. For more information call 613-836-2355 or

Choose to Live an Intentional Life

22 September 2017 - 8:56pm

– a Inspirational Guide

What does it mean to live intentionally? Living an intentional life is the opposite of living a life of chance with a lack of awareness. What are your long-term goals? Why did you decide to read this article? Why did you choose the foods that you did for your last meal? If you can’t answer these questions without giving it some thought, you’re not living intentionally.

Choose to live an intentional life:

Intentional living requires making decisions. You can’t have any intention without having made a decision first. I encourage you to sit down and choose a direction for your life. What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to have? What kind of life do you want to live? Make some choices and then choose your actions each day in accordance with those objectives.

Know your values and beliefs. Knowing your values and beliefs can make it easier to live intentionally. You might have the intention to live a life based on contribution, honesty, or love. Your belief that everyone should be able to read can guide your life. Giving your values and beliefs priority makes many of your formerly challenging decisions obvious.

Choose your habits. Many of your habits can seem to have developed on their own. It’s important to choose your habits. Habits can mask your intentions by removing the thought process from the equation.

Know your intentions for each day. You may have a broad intention of having financial freedom. A narrower intention might be to be debt-free. From there, you may have the intention of saving more money so you can pay down your debt faster. Your intention for today might be to avoid any spending that isn’t absolutely necessary.

An intentional life creates more thought than an unintentional life. You must make conscious decisions and question your thoughts and actions. Seek to be more aware of your desires and choose your behaviours accordingly. Habits can be the bane of intentional living unless you chose your habits intentionally.

Be mindful and take responsibility for your results, and you’ll find that more of your results please you.

Moira Hutchison

Mindfulness Coach, Tarot Card Reader & Energy Healer


Have you ever noticed that when we feel stuck – we become the expert of everything that does NOT work… The truth is that in order for a problem to exist – the solution must also exist!  To get started feeling *unstuck* hop on over to and sign up for Step One of “The Letting Go Process” – it’s free!!

4 Simple Rules to Hypnotic Weight Loss

21 September 2017 - 10:46pm

This is part one of a four part series on Hypnotic Weight Loss. You can use all of these four even without hypnosis, but combining the four protocols I’m going to share with you with hypnosis makes this an unbelievable way to release weight once and for all.

Notice that I’m saying “release weight” instead of “weight loss,” because as our unconscious mind processes words, words have effect on our neurology. And when you think of the word loss, it’s, you know, you’ve lost your job, you’ve lost a loved one, you’ve lost a relationship, you’ve lost your cell phone. These are all very unpleasant situations. So when you think about weight loss in general, your unconscious mind, the bit that we’re working with, in actual fact doesn’t want to lose anything, because it figures losing things is bad. So I use the term “weight release” as much as I can remember, but even I sometimes slip up.

So here are the four protocols, the four ways to lose weight easily and effectively that don’t involve going to the gym, having a crazy workout, a miracle supplement or pill, or any kind of crazy surgery, or hiring an expensive trainer, or expensive gym membership.

Number one. When you’re hungry, eat. Really simple, right? But I don’t mean head hungry, I don’t mean, “Oh, I’m bored right now,” or “I’m sad right now,” or “I’m excited right now,” or “I’m happy right now,” and you eat. No, no, no, it’s not an emotional thing. If the hunger comes from here, you got something you need to work on. I mean tummy hungry. When your tummy says I’m hungry, eat.

Now, that might sound ridiculously simple. I had a client a couple of weeks ago, and we were working on weight loss, and I told her to do this. We had one session on a Saturday, the following session on Sunday, and I’m like, “Just eat when you are tummy hungry, not from a head hunger part.” So she came back the next day, and it was approximately 24 hours or so after, and I asked her, “How did it go?” and she goes, “I actually did not get hungry for the first 21 hours. I was not physically hungry.” So she didn’t eat. After 21 hours, her tummy told her in no uncertain terms, “Hey, I’m hungry, eat.” So she ate. But only eat when you’re tummy hungry, not head hungry. If there’s an emotional thing that’s going on, you’ve got some stuff that you need to work on, and hypnosis is great for that.

– So protocol number 1 is when you’re hungry, tummy hungry, eat!

Read this artile again again, pick up the points. Run with it. If this is all that you do, this will help you self-correct most of your problems without even needing to come and see me or a hypnotist. When I work with people around weight I go into these in more in detail with them and I help to really pull out those weeds and negative emotions that have been there which have caused people to overeat and have unresolved things. But that’s another video for another day.

Protocol two will be in next month issue of Tone.

Always Believe,

Luke Michael Howard PhD,

Clinical Hypnotist

Toronto Hypnosis

Quantum-Touch Therapy: Remembering Perfect Wellness

21 September 2017 - 3:00pm

Aileen M. McKenna, Certified Quantum-Touch® Therapy Practitioner/Instructor, Empathic Life Coach, Certified Facilitator, Open Space Technology, and Small Group Processes

As I practice my craft day after day, for over 20 years now, I’m always enthralled by how magnificent the human body is in remembering what perfect wellness means, and the innate capacity our bodies have in returning to that state of perfect health, as the space to do so is created.  That’s what keeps me going and getting stronger and increasingly well year after year.  Watching my clients change while on my massage table is observing miracles taking place daily, sometimes in small ways each time I work with them, but the result overall is truly magnificent.

Who could imagine entering the office of an energy healer with the symptoms of spinal curvature, or a tumour, and having those symptoms either disappear completely following a session, or be considerably reduced, until following a number of sessions, they have totally disappeared and the pain or discomfort experienced with them has disappeared as well.

How does this happen, you may ask.  I’ve thought about this a great deal over the years, and I know that we have within us something called cellular memory.  This capacity means that our body remembers what perfect health means, how it feels to be in high level wellness.  As our bodies age, and experience what we do living in a body year after year, means that we have learned to have less than perfect health.  We are bombarded daily with information on what aging means, on what pills we need to take to prevent or to cure different conditions.  As we take in all the information that is out there about different conditions, we gradually take in that our bodies will naturally start to deteriorate and we have no right to expect anything else.  We believe that we will have joint problems, possibly heart problems, digestive problems and because we have this belief, reinforced daily with what we see in the media, these issues develop naturally.

As a young child, as the result of an automobile accident, I had a spinal curvature.  I had been told that it was in my imagination, but as I observed my clothing falling lower on one side than the other, and my hip bones being out of alignment, I was certain that my back was crooked, and with each pregnancy and subsequent carrying of babies, and laundry, my spinal curvature became more pronounced with the subsequent pain.  I believed that I would be dealing with this in a greater and more painful way as I aged.

Then one day, I discovered Quantum-Touch Therapy, and after many sessions with other kinds of therapy for my back pain, over many years, I finally found the way to total relief from this painful condition in about 5 minutes.

Beginning in September until November 30th, 2017, I have a very special offer for clients who prepay and book a series of sessions, the opportunity to win two free sessions or their choice of Quantum-Touch Therapy, or of Empathic Coaching.

Aileen M. McKenna is a Certified QT Instructor and Practitioner, certified as the first Canadian      instructor in June 2004. She has taught classes to 1,000s of students across Canada, in the Caribbean and Scotland and sees 100s of clients annually in her private clinic in Ottawa. Aileen has also been certified as a Open Space Technology facilitator, as well as a facilitator of small groups.  She offers workshops in other energy work, including Grounding and the Art of Creating Sacred Space.  Aileen has been offering energy healing in the Ottawa area for more than 25 years, initially with Polarity therapy and Cranio-Sacral prior to learning Quantum-Touch® therapy.  You can reach her at 613-228-2272, or by e-mail at or you can check out her website at, her blogsite at  and the Quantum-Touch website at


Quantum-Touch® Therapy Level I Certificate Training weekend based on the new updated model

Sat & Sun, September 30th & October 1st, 9am – 5pm

Aileen’s Oasis

Information and Registration Aileen McKenna or Aileen’s Oasis  •

613-228-2272, by cell at 613-795-3751

In a few short hours you will learn how to run energy using meditation and special breathing techniques that will allow you to heal yourself, your friends,  family, plants and animals. In fact, by the time you have your lunch break on the first day, you will have created amazing results.

You will be learning from the first Canadian Quantum-Touch Instructor,

with an amazing record.


Grounding and the Art of Creating Sacred Space – Part I

Friday, September 29th, 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

A workshop about creating boundaries, clearing the aura, clearing a physical space, being present and secure in your own energy field. 

Ideal for energy workers, massage therapists, lawyers, social workers

and anyone else working or living closely with others.

For further information, a flyer and registration form

call Aileen’s Oasis at 613-228-2272, 613-795-3751 or by e-mail at •

How You View Your Lifestream

21 September 2017 - 2:48pm

Channelled by Lisa Virtue

Your path through life can be regarded in this moment from an outside perspective. Imagine if you will, the perspective of Life’s Great Plan.  Of an overall arching purpose greater than your perspective on life itself at this time.  From this cosmic collaboration comes your essential being and your direction and purpose through this lifestream.

Can you imagine the greater perspective utilizing your thread of experience as part of a quilt, if you will, a tapestry… Divine big picture?  How you function in this life is dependent upon your role in the greater tapestry.  So from a basic, simple contemplation, the experiences you live through, how you adapt, change, live, and express are the colour coating that is your thread.  The richness and diversity are important.  How you go about the richness and diversity is less important.

That you feel, shift, react, change, grow and adapt is what colours. That is the focus of your experience here; your intention to colour your thread.  All life experience gives you opportunities to create these colours.  You are who you are at this time and you react how you react.  Who you are in a different moment will paint with the colours of who you are at that time.

Does the stimulus matter?  Yes of course it has impact and importance to you as you live it.  However, in our contemplation today recognize it is more the expression of your experience that is what you came here after.  Here and now you have the ability to be in this way.  You are able to create, to paint life in this unique human-being-that-is-you fashion.  What a brilliant opportunity, experience and choice this is.  No other choice exists like it.  You will have only this opportunity now to paint as you are now.

Should you feel that your palette is filled with darker colours, value them not less than the brighter.  See that they have as much importance.  They add as much diversity and artistry to the greater cosmic creation.    

On a more personal level they are part of your impulse to shift and change and grow.  To effectively create more diversity in your experiences.  For who does not wish to end their suffering and find more joy?  This is the great human experience of creation in play.  It moves you forward into newness, and that newness has a different version of you in those moments creating new and different colours, painting from that new perspective.  Do you see how we from the greater cosmic perspective thrill at everything you touch, see and experience?  How you are so magnificent?  You are a Master of the creative art of being that is you.  Revered, celebrated for your particular artist’s unique perspective.

So have today’s contemplation as an opportunity to regard your own choices, your life, your experience, in a slightly different manner.  To hopefully assist in appreciation of your own self, life and experiences.

You are loved, you are beautiful, you are Divine creation and creators all in one.

With greatest of joy, in celebration of you all,

The Divine Regarders of Your Art.

Lisa will be leading a new spiritual practice group for those interested in regularly gathering. 

For information on the new group and September events, visit her website at

Lisa Virtue is a healer with many modalities in her toolkit.  She connects with Spirit to tailor your time together exactly as you need it.  To connect for an appointment call 613-296-4271 or email

Sacred Stalker: Part Two

20 September 2017 - 6:02pm

Ian Prattis

I knew I had to emerge from the swamp I had created. The deadly sea voyage was the signal for me to embark on an intense spiritual journey. They were not my hands on the wheel. It took me a long time to realize that it was none other than Trailing Sky who saved my life at that instance – and on many other occasions.

It was no accident that on my return to Canada after the brutal sea voyage I first met White Eagle Woman at an elders gathering. She beckoned me over, looked me right in the eye and told me that she did not like me at all. Quite an introduction! She had been instructed by her ancestors to train me and it began straight away with an eight day vision quest. Her blunt introduction was a prelude to a thirty year period of training and healing under her guidance. She became a spiritual mentor and directed the shamanic process of my healing from childhood sexual abuse. This allowed the mosaic of the past to reveal itself. She also identified Trailing Sky for me and then taught me how to create a medicine wheel in my mind with a circle at the sacred centre. That was the location where I could dialog with Trailing Sky.

I also met a Rishi – a holy man from India who recognized me and insisted I go to India for spiritual training. I took leave from my university and spent two years as a yogi, where the spiritual treasures of India were opened to me. I also became seriously ill and knew there was a distinct possibility of death. I met this with calm and a total lack of fear. Huddled on a bed in an ashram in Mumbai, India – I opened my eyes to see one of my swami mentors. He said:

“We are so happy Ian that you have decided to die with us in India. And we will be most happy should you live.”

Lying there close to death, the lack of fear provided a sense of freedom. Trailing Sky was also there – constantly. She orchestrated all the energies to keep me alive. I later learned that she was there every time my life was at risk. That must have kept her very busy!! She brought me through to safety – time after time. Trailing Sky is not an illusion, a projection that I am attached to. She is the ultimate Muse, constituting all that is now crystal clear within me. I am deeply humbled and privileged to touch this deep wisdom of transformation.

She said to me, “You have transformed all that you brought in with you and suffered from, You changed course and now have freedom and alignment. The person who stumbled blindly through the first part of your life is not the Ian walking through the second part of life. In India, Arizona, France, the Canadian wilderness and around the world you went to extraordinary lengths to deal with karma. Had you not done so – I would have to wait for several more lifetimes to come through to you. There were so many severe experiences, but you responded by moving in this spiritual direction. You touched a universal thread and that allowed me to close the gap – so I could keep my promise from 1777.”

The rest of my life is still a work in progress

The book is available at for an author autograph. Also on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

The Healing Power of Family/Systemic Constellations with Applied Mystical Principles

19 September 2017 - 11:58pm

Dearest Friends,

I am writing you as a friend of the community. Last year Diana Martinez came to Ottawa for a weekend presentation on Family Constellations with Applied Mystical Principles. By popular demand we invited her back this year. This exceptional workshop helps us expand our understanding of the nature of transformation, access deeper healing and practice subtle competencies. We will also be able to experience the trans-generational effects of our parents and ancestors in our lives and how to heal patterns they generate, creating blockages in our lives. This modality is one of the most effective and profound ways that I know to help us heal physically and emotionally and to enhance our relationships with the world.

Diana studied closely with Bert Hellinger for over 10 years. Hellinger is a popular German psychotherapist who was able to develop a powerful technique to recover the order of love and our need to belong  in ourselves and in our family and community.

This workshop will apply Mystical Principles with the main revelations of Bert Hellinger’s “Orders of Love” as a path of awakening into wholeness. Family Constellations help heal:


Family entanglements

Work issues

Conflicts (inner and outer)

Professional success

Loneliness (need to belong)

Separation or divorce (self or family)

Sadness, unhappiness, lack of fulfillment

Historical events that have impacted you or your family

Loss of motivation

and more

I hope to see many of you there on October 28th and 29th at St Paul University.

Lynne Cardinal 

For more information and to register contact Maya at:  or  contact me at 

Diana Martinez is a psychotherapist with 14 years of experience working with individuals and groups. She has trained in multiple transformational disciplines including Gestalt group work, Family Constellations, studying directly with Bert Hellinger, Somatic body/mind work and Craniosacral & Body therapy based on the method developed by Francoise Mezieres. Diana holds a BA in International Relations, an MA in Humanities and a PhD in Philosophy and Ethics. She has studied Zen Meditation with Roshi Kiunan and Ana Maria Schlüter for the past 17 years and actively practices Zazen. For the past five years, Diana has been working with Thomas Hübl, a contemporary spiritual teacher. She has studied with Bert Hellinger for 10 years. Diana is a pioneer in the integration of Mystical Principles with Family Constellations as a means for deep personal and collective transformation.

Freedom from Self-Punishment

19 September 2017 - 11:51pm

by Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR)
Healing with Divine heart to awaken the deep truth within.

The healing journey requires self-responsible self-honesty. “Do I punish myself?” may not be an easy inquiry, but it can free us.

Self-punishment can be considered to be conscious intentional self-harm, but its driving force is in the subconscious ego personality – the emotional pain and mental body programs that cause us to act in unkind ways.

Self-punishment can be an active form of aggression such as cutting or hitting. It’s also expressed in the many ways that we can deny ourselves joy and inner peace, such as berating self-criticism, or avoiding self-supportive spiritual practices. Sometimes it’s carried over from experiences in other lives: we may have made a decision that caused many deaths, so we commit to ourselves to pay for our misdeeds.

There are essentially two core reasons that we punish ourselves; feeling guilty for something that we have done that we know we should not have, or shame for who we are. These can feed each other: guilt can lead to a core negative self-perception, and in turn, we are apt to act in ways that devalue ourselves.

Without healing the mental bondage memories from past traumas, we can attach to pain, suffering, disconnection, or victim consciousness. For example, one of my clients was forced to kill a person in a previous life, and while she too was a victim, her inability to forgive herself manifested as extensive physical pain in this incarnation. Then negative forces can continually enslave and parasitize our energy.

Keeping our pain is not required to learn from our experiences, it only contracts us. Placing restrictions on our joy now doesn’t balance the past, it tethers us to it.  However, choosing to heal with self-forgiveness is the refusal to punish ourselves further. Only the loving God Within can free us.

For the full article and healing support, visit 17 years experience, intuitively integrating multi-dimensional ascension clearing, energy psychotherapy, thetahealing®, & vocal healing. Specializing in clearing stubborn patterns. In person or by phone 613-253-2888.

Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved.

Make Reflexology Part of Your Regular Health Routine

19 September 2017 - 11:29pm

Have you ever had a pain in your neck or shoulder too painful to touch? Need a better way to handle stress and bring some relaxation back into your life? Look no further than your local Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT).

Reflexology is a holistic, natural, and non-invasive therapy for people of all ages. It is based on the principle that reflexes in a localized area can be mapped to other parts, glands, and organs of the body.  Through the application of specific hand and thumb walking techniques on these reflexes, reflexology therapy can:

• relieve tension;

• improve circulation and;

• support the body’s efforts to function optimally providing one with a feeling of balance and a restored sense of well-being.     

Reflexology helps to manage many common ailments such as:

• musculo-skeletal pain;

• insomnia;

• anxiety;

• stress; and

• hormonal and digestive issues to name a few.

Reflexology can help your body function at its best!

Unlike other therapies which manipulate bones or muscle tissues, Reflexology can provide much needed relief through working the body reflex that ails you on a part of the body that does not.

Not to mention that it is often more affordable that other more evasive treatments.

For optimal results, clients should visit a reflexology therapist regularly and integrate these treatments along with a balance diet and exercise into their health regime.

To have a treatment plan designed especially for you and your health goals, consult a RCRT in your local area.

The Reflexology Association of Canada has been training and certifying Reflexology Therapists since 1976. It’s important that patients are treated by a skilled, qualified practitioner.

The Ottawa Region of the Reflexology Association of Canada is proud to take part in the 2017 World Reflexology Week celebrations from September 18 – 24, 2017.

You may be eligible for $10 off your next treatment* if you live in the Ottawa area.  Please find listed below participating local reflexology therapists.  You may also visit our Ottawa and Area website at

For more information on the (RCRT) designation and Standards of Practice for Reflexology Therapists in Canada, please visit the Reflexology Association of Canada website at

*Full treatment session lasting approximately 45-60 mins

Mass Mindfulness Meditation for Peace

19 September 2017 - 10:46pm

Parliament Hill (Ottawa, Canada)

Thursday September 21st, 2017, 12:00 – 1:15

Modern society is in the midst of a “Mindful Revolution,” a mainstreaming of mindfulness practices that is being powered scientific research illuminating the health and cognitive benefits of the most common form of mindfulness that is sitting meditation. Mindfulness is also a secular practice that transcends all global wisdom traditions and is accessible to  everyone.

Mindfulness is about paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and without judgement. The practice of mindfulness meditation helps us develop the skill of paying attention with intention and kindness. It empowers individuals to live their best lives by improving their physical health and cultivating the qualities of compassion and common humanity. But mindfulness is far from an individual exercise. When we meditate, we also cultivate the qualities of compassion, empathy, inner peace and love for others. We bring these qualities to our relationships, in our treatment of others, and in the values we pass down to future generations. This is how mindfulness creates a more compassionate and peaceful world. When we hit a critical mass of people practising mindfulness we can tilt the course of mankind and achieve world peace.

The rising popularity of mindfulness comes at a time of unprecedented global tensions and increasing separateness. Canada has stood firm in our commitment to diversity and inclusion but we are not immune to violent hatred and discrimination. There is no time like the present for Canadians to come together and show our commitment to an inclusive society and world that is built on our common humanity. We have the opportunity to do this on September 21st, 2017 when a Mass Mindfulness Meditation for Peace will take place on the lawns of Parliament Hill in Canada’s capital from 12:00-1:15pm.

September 21st is the UN’s International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”) which falls under the theme Together for Peace to show support for refugees and migrants, and counter the global rise in xenophobia and discrimination. The guided meditation will centre on the themes inclusiveness, common humanity, and inner to outer peace. We are honoured that Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of modern mindfulness and world-renowned meditation teacher, writer and scientist, is making his first appearance in Ottawa as our very special guest at this timely gathering. You don’t need to be a meditator to participate and enjoy this historic gathering

This gathering marks the  launch of Mindfulness on the Hill, mass meditations that will take place over spring to summer 2018. It is the intention of Innerspace to also host modern and fun mindfulness meditation events across landmark Ottawa locations.

For more information please visit:



Scheherzade van Aarle is the founder INNERSPACE MINDFULNESS and is dedicated to bringing mindfulness meditation to the masses with the goal of achieving world peace.

A Course in Miraculous Living

19 September 2017 - 10:25pm

In recent months there has been a resurgence of and deepened interest in A Course in Miracles due to the publication of the Circle of Atonement’s Complete and Annotated Edition of the Course, edited by Circle founder Robert Perry.

The “CE,” which has been more than ten years in the making, is based on the original handwritten notes of Helen Schucman, restoring extensive material (around 45,000 words) edited out of earlier editions. This previously unpublished material immensely clarifies how we can actually apply the Course’s teachings in a very personal and practical way. It establishes A Course in Miracles as a course in miracle working.

The Complete and Annotated Edition includes helpful introductory material, extensive footnotes that clarify difficult passages, and cameo essays featuring guidance on how to apply the teachings in everyday life––how to learn to live a miraculous life and become a beacon of light and love in a dark world.

The CE is a milestone in the history of A Course in Miracles: It is an important starting point for newcomers; it deepens current Course students’ understanding and experience; it will be a truly valuable resource for Course students for generations to come. For more information, visit the CE website:

Because of the overwhelming response to the Complete and Annotated Edition, the Circle of Atonement is establishing a new global online community called Course Companions, the goal of which will be to nurture a mature and practical approach to the study of A Course in Miracles for students around the world.  Its focus will be to walk students through the Course itself, from beginning to end and provide valuable resources for the journey.

Students may enter Course Companions through Emily Bennington’s Facebook site: or become a member of the extended community and receive in-depth teaching from Robert Perry and senior Circle teachers by registering at: . Using this code (LOVE150), will entitle registrants to a discount on their membership fee.

Robert will begin taking students through the Text of the Course in mid-September. He will offer daily commentaries supplemented by exercises, questions for reflection, and a daily practice suggestion. He will also teach a weekly class, in which he will review the readings of the week and answer questions. For those who would like a more personal group experience, there will also be the possibility of joining breakout groups led by Circle of Atonement-trained teachers. I will lead one of those groups here from Course Oasis for Ottawa and area students. I am greatly pleased to be part of this holy endeavour and look forward to building a greater sense of community here in the Ottawa area.

Mary Anne Buchowski is a Circle of Atonement senior teacher and founder of Course Oasis, an Ottawa-based registered charitable teaching organization devoted to A Course in Miracles. For more information or to order copies of the CE, please contact Mary Anne at or call her at 613-726-0195.

Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park

16 September 2017 - 10:47pm

On Sunday, July 2, 2017 the culmination of seven years of imagining a better world took place with the public launch of an extraordinary sculpture garden in an eastern corner of Ottawa, Canada. The Sanctuary, which was established by Dr. Ranjit Perera, a former Fulbright Scholar and retired senior civil servant who worked in international development, was visited by approximately 250 people. A steady stream of people from all walks of life wandered past the more than 60 sculptures lovingly placed throughout the beautiful nine acre ravine land on Old Montreal Road, in Cumberland, Ottawa.

A volunteer at the event was moved by the response of many of those visiting whom, she said, “expressed amazement that something like this exists in Ottawa”. A Board Member for Humanics Institute, the non-profit organization founded by Dr. Perera, reported that “people loved the innovativeness of the sculptures, the beautiful walking paths but mostly the message the Sanctuary communicates regarding the universalness of the human experience.” Sculptures of the Buddha meditating, Hindu Gods and Jesus Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, for example, can be found, along with sculptures depicting such human fundamentals as ‘childhood wonder’, ‘evolution’, ‘friendship’, ‘the single mother’ and ‘music’. The sculptures are impressive; they are designed to be permanent fixtures and are made from granite or metal.  Their creators are artists from as far away as India, Vietnam, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The launch was a festive occasion marked with speeches and, including messages of congratulations to by the Canadian Prime Minister, Premier of Ontario, Member of the Ontario Parliament, and Mayor of Ottawa. An informal ‘dialogue on essential values’ attracted a number of the participants to the tent and chairs that were set up on the large field adjacent to the ravine.

The Board of Humanics Institute is continuing to develop its plans for the site, including building a conference centre and eventually a multi-faith temple aimed at bringing people together to explore themes of shared diversity and oneness.  Dr. Perera, still hearty having already celebrated his 76th birthday, expressed his confidence that this unique facility will be visited by tens of thousands of Ottawans and tourists in the years to come.  A teacher visiting the Garden was overheard to say that she would be bringing her classes there to “give them a unique experience to reflect on the meaning of life”.

Those interested in supporting the Sanctuary are invited to become involved by volunteering time, becoming a supporting member, or by sponsoring a sculpture. In particular partners and donors for additional sculptures, including ones representing themes from Islam, Sikhism and Aboriginal spirituality are being actively sought.

The Sanctuary and Sculpture Park is open Thursday to Monday 10:00am to 6:00pm. Admission is $5 for adults ($2.50 for students and seniors; children under 12 are free). Leashed dogs are welcome to accompany their humans in exploring the park. More information can be found on the Humanics website at

Traditional Hatha Yoga

16 September 2017 - 9:44pm

By Rupa

Modern Yoga is often regarded as posture exercise. Traditional Yoga is a process of cultivating our body, mind and consciousness to understand and experience our inner spiritual nature, and let our Self resonate with the Divine for well-being and happiness. Through Yoga practice, skills and techniques can be mastered.

The roots of Yoga are the Vedas which means “true or sacred knowledge”.  As a baby, a child, a youth and an elder will eat different kinds of food, a spiritual mentor will give different guidance to different learners. For the same question, the spiritual mentor might give different answers based on that person’s situation. Thus, a complex spiritual knowledge system appears to us. And some teachings can be totally opposite. We might be bewildered to study immense spiritual texts by ourselves. To attend a Yoga teacher training is a way to receive guidance from an experienced spiritual practitioner.

The Traditional Hatha Yoga teacher training program offered at Wishingtree Yoga focuses on the Yoga Tradition. The program includes:

The Roots of Yoga: 

Introduces Yoga authoritative texts: Bhagavad-gitaYoga Sutra and Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Hatha Yoga:

• Asanas and Pranayamas practice

• Yoga anatomy and physiology

• Posture modification for seniors, pre-natal or people with physical concerns

• Teaching practice

Samkhya Yoga and meditation

• Consciousness and mind manifestation

• Meditation practice

Karma Yoga and Yoga life attitude: Lifestyle towards a wholesome holistic life
Bhakti Yoga and sound vibration: Discovering spirit in sound
Jñāna Yoga and spiritual master: Yoga philosophy study

Lead trainer Rupa (Ivy) has been practicing Yoga since 1996 in China. Her Chinese background and training gives her a natural understanding of this ancient eastern wisdom. Living, studying and teaching in Canada has provided her the opportunity to develop the practice in a modern western way. Join Rupa for an unforgettable journey towards Self-realization. The experience will give an understanding of Yoga’s amazing scientific knowledge, and practical skills and techniques to use on and off the mat! It is all about your SELF.

For more information, visit

Discoveries of Navel Gazing:  A Massage Therapist’s Journey

16 September 2017 - 9:38pm

I confess.  I have been a navel gazer for a long time.  Think about it: the navel sits right there in the centre of the human body; an area full of vital organs needed to break down our food into vitamins and minerals that will nourish us on all levels.  How amazing!

Yet hands-on care of the abdominals is almost never considered or requested in a regular massage treatment.  How come?  As it turns out, I went on a journey to find answers.

In 2002, during my three year training for a Registered Massage Therapy Diploma, I remember feeling like there was more to discover about hands-on abdominal care than I was taught.   In our practical courses, we learned only very basic relaxation and breathing techniques; useful, but not quite enough to satisfy my curiosity.   

In the program’s physiology courses we were taught that almost every blood cell, lymph fluid and spinal fluid system runs through the abdominal cavity.  Congestion and tightness in the abdominal area can affect the flow and the ability for all of the internal organs and systems: the pulmonary system (breathing) digestive system (food digestions and elimination), the circulatory system (blood and lymphatics) and the reproductive system (uterus or the prostate).

When I went into my own practice in 2006, I received visits from plenty of clients with pain in the mid- and lower back muscles.  I knew that treating the abdominals would support the massage I was doing on the back, but I was left looking for more techniques to help.

Then in 2010 I heard about The Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy, taught in a one week intensive training program for Registered Massage Therapists in New Hampshire.   Maybe this treatment to my massage therapy toolkit could address the missing pieces of my belly puzzling.

Founded by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN, the Arvigo Institute teaches a series of gentle, non-invasive, visceral massage techniques that focus on the abdominal, back and hip areas of the body, useful for both men and women – finally, belly care for all!  The techniques are based on repetition of light touch, not increasing physical pressure.

Once certified, I began exploring this new therapy with clients, adapting the techniques to meet the unique needs of each individual. Over time, the more treatment is received, the more their bodies had a chance to release the physical tension in the muscles and tissues surrounding the abdominal cavity and its’ internal organs, allowing them to function freely and maintain optimal health from within.

In addition, this training is based on the understanding that each person’s ability to know and lovingly support themselves is the foundation to true health, in mind, body and energy.  My services include supporting clients to sense/feel and understand their own experiences as they undergo treatments – each person becomes their own expert and advocate.

These co-created sessions in turn allow me to continue to adjust treatments according to in-the-moment needs.  For clients who are interested (the keeners!) I can also offer take home self-care tools that they can use in between treatments – what a positive way to get to know the language of your own body!

Maya Abdominal Therapy also compliments many other forms of alternative health care practices.  I offer clients the option of working in cooperation with a Clinical Herbalist, as well as Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Naturopathic Doctors and/or other health care professionals they are already seeing.  This creates a circle of holistic care on each person’s behalf, including guidance on lifestyle, exercise and diet.

This full circle brings us back to the navel.  At this point, my original curiosity feels satisfied and my belly feels fully nourished, so it can in turn nourish me back.  Professionally, as a Registered Massage Therapist and Maya Abdominal Therapy Practitioner, I feel grateful to pay this nourishment forward as a healer who also continues to learn from my clients.  And I am so fortunate to be a part of my clients’ offering their gifts to the world from a place of better health from within.   

Now, I turn it back over to you.  I invite you to gaze into your own navel and ask your abdominals: What support do you need from me right now?

Diana M Sheldrick, RMT

Overcoming Inertia

15 September 2017 - 2:22pm


I’ve written many articles over the past that touch on goal setting, taking action, overcoming fear and simply going for it.  This seems to be a recurring theme that I discuss with clients while interacting with them.  My message is simple:  the only way to achieve your goals is to overcome inertia.  Find out what’s preventing you from moving forward and then take the necessary steps to break free from it’s grip.

This past summer I was talking with one of my sisters and she started telling me about the “funk” that her son was in.  Being a teenager, his objective in life was to sleep as long as he could, party as often as he could and work the least amount of time possible.  Although his career choice was to become a welder, he had taken his eye of the target (his goal) and was engaging in unsupportive behaviors.  Simply put, he had lost his Praxis.  Praxis is defined as the alignment of your thoughts with your actions to achieve your goals.

After explaining to my sister how Praxis worked, I asked her to let me talk to my nephew which I did.  Within three weeks of this discussion, he had found a welding job in another city, he had bought a car to move there and had found himself an apartment.  I checked in on him a few weeks into his new job and he was overwhelmed by how fast all of this had come together for him.  I smiled!  Then I congratulated him on his willingness to take action and whished him well going forward.  Have you overcome your own inertia?

Daniel Roy is the principal instructor of the Ottawa-based Praxis Wealth Institute.  He is a Certified Retirement Coach, Certified Financial Planner as well as public speaker.  He is the author of “The Essential Guide to Retirement Readiness”.  He conducts workshops and courses on the subject of winning the game of wealth creation.


15 September 2017 - 1:43pm

September is Focus on


at Planet Botanix Wellness Clinic

Welcome to our healing space. Our holistic practitioners are ready to assist your journey to wellness.

Join us for a day of experiencing transformative healings towards reaching your well-being! Enjoy a mini session with one of our holistic practitioners ($20/20min cash only), Take Charge Tea tasting, healthy treats and more!

Heather Garrod

Owner of Planet Botanix and a Certified Aromatherapist, Heather has a passion for all things natural. The store is anchored by her own line of natural body care, and boasts over 100 varieties of therapeutic grade essential oils. Heather gives monthly aromatherapy workshops.


Helene Arts

Passionate in teaching and guiding individuals and groups in numerous aspects of esotericism and the paranormal, for the purpose of increasing understanding, building skills, and healing. Helene specializes in Astrology, Tarot, Runes and other methods of Divination, and she offers coaching and workshops in the occult sciences and mystical arts. Please visit for more details.


Julie Larochelle certified Usui Reiki Master and Tarot card reader (bilingual)    

Welcome autumn with a fresh start and experience a rejuvenating Reiki session. Reiki Master/instructor and Tarot card reader/clairvoyant.  I provide ½ hour or 1 hour sessions.  Available Friday nights from 6 till 9, please feel free to contact the store or email for an appointment or walk-in.


Courtney Taylor – Intuitive Counsellor and Psychic Medium

Owner of Gratitude Secrets. With a background in Social Work & psychic abilities, Courtney provides a unique experience for clientele. Clearing the energy of every client worked with, she provides insight on love, career and life path. She has helped hundreds of clients world wide live a more meaningful life with gratitude.


Patty Chevalier Samm

Patty is a medical intuitive, ThetaHealing Instructor and Reiki Master. While looking at physical issues, limiting beliefs and thoughts, and blocks in the flow of life-force energy, Patty works intuitively with you to create change for the body, mind and spirit. Individual sessions and workshops are available. Visit


Enrique Astorga RMT BA  – Massage Therapy, Energy healing and Tarot readings

Healing and Restoration

An intuitive facilitator, Enrique integrates a wide variety of techniques into his treatments in order to trigger the body’s subtle energies and self-healing mechanisms into action. Each session is as unique as the person.

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 11- 6 pm


“Anastasia” – Colour, Sound and Transformational Healing, Reiki Master, Tarot and Angel Readings.

Own decisions? Make choices? Find your voice? Anastasia focuses intuitively, providing perceptions towards your holistic optimum potential, overcoming problems, blocks or impeding growth, health and overall wellbeing. Available for sessions at Planet Botanix on Saturdays from 10am-6pm. Visit: for information or book appointment.

Awaken your Power of Faith!

14 September 2017 - 11:47pm

by Rev. Roxanne Buckle, Unity Spiritual Centre Ottawa

No matter what is happening “out there” in our finances, our relationships, our jobs or our health—there is within us, an incredible, awesome and powerful Divine ability called faith.  As spiritual beings having a human experience, we can choose to activate our indwelling power of faith instead of doubt and darkness, lack and limitation.   This ability to choose to believe in principle, in spiritual law, instead of the facts of the manifest realm, is a powerful shift in thinking for most people.

Jesus walked on water to meet his disciples already departed in their boat.  Peter wants to join him and also starts walking on water.  Then he begins to doubt and starts sinking.  Jesus says, “You of little faith, why did you doubt?”  This gospel story is intended to metaphysically demonstrate to us what happens when we are in doubt instead of faith.  Doubt is faith misdirected.  When our beliefs are on what we don’t want, we are exercising our faith in this direction, and bring about more of what we don’t want.

All personal transformation, as well as social change, has happened because of our ability to apply faith when facing seemingly impossible conditions.  We get to know spiritual law so that we can live more fully from our spiritual nature than our human nature.

We don’t wait for outer circumstances to change first in order to have faith.  It works the other way around.  We look at life through our spiritual nature versus our human nature.  Then life starts shifting to the better, powered by our faith.

Beyond the impermanent and temporary experience of illness, financial difficulty, relationship challenges, shootings—lies the Divine ideas of health and wholeness, abundance, harmony and peace—spiritual principles that are permanent, unchanging and eternal.  Only our human thinking directs our faith to the problems.  Our higher, spiritual thinking directs our faith to the possibilities.

In any given situation that appears challenging, ask yourself this: how am I to show up in this moment?  And then move from a place in consciousness of lack and despair to the higher vibrational  place of trust, of knowing.  That’s faith and that’s bold spiritual living.

(excerpted from a Sunday talk by Rev. Roxanne Buckle, Unity Spiritual Centre Ottawa.