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23 February 2017 - 7:39pm

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It’s All In The Learning

22 February 2017 - 11:06pm

Sherry Harris, MSW, RSW, OM, psycho-spiritual counsellor, coach, teacher, healer

Probably one of our hardest lessons is learning to be grateful for what shows up in our lives regardless of how comfortable it is for us. I repeated say “thank-you Creator”, everyday, all the time as I think it is the most powerful prayer there is. I say thank-you for the everyday blessings like waking up in the morning, breathing, sensing, knowing and also thank-you for the challenges I encounter as well. When the obstacles arrive as they will, I repeatedly say to my Self, my Higher Self– thank-you for the learning- then go within and ask for guidance and understanding around the issue. If I quietly ask Higher Self the learning will always be presented. I have to be open to it coming in ways I might not expect and in the timing I might not want. Of course, I want the learning immediately so that I may move forward free of the issue. It seldom works that way.

Divine Intelligence, Source, God, All That Is, loves us beyond measure and is always finding ways to move us forward in our spiritual awakening. It is important to remember that you are never a victim, not for one second. No matter how horrific the circumstances are, you choose them in between incarnations that you might understand them, learn from them and grow from them. In this process we move forward being wiser, more loving and compassionate and more aware of the Divine in our lives. Granted,  this being able to be grateful for tough lessons is not easy and it does not come overnight. But when you are able to live your life knowing that you and your Higher Self created all these opportunities for you to grow from, it makes it a little easier to cope when they arrive– as they will for all of us. We did not come in to suffer and struggle despite the way it feels sometimes. We came into incarnation on Earth to be in a physical body with emotions and thoughts so that we could master these and grow. We came in to learn about love and to have a joyful time here.

The easiest way to grow is to say thank-you God/ Source for the learning and then take the quiet time to ask for guidance and understanding. Letting go of the anger, bitterness and resentment we create when we do not like what comes our way is the fastest way to heal. Add gratitude and commitment to grow spiritually and you are well on your way to a much more peaceful life.

Sherry Harris,, 613-236-8852

Please call for a counselling session, a demo on the Trinfinity8, (energetic balancing, restoration and rejuvenation system), Inner Child Work for emotional release or if you would like to talk about my  wedding officiant services.

Cycling for Holistic Health

22 February 2017 - 9:16pm

Sebastien Lemay is an owner of Spin City and he is our cycling interview for this issue.

203 Bank Street, Ottawa ON, 613-789-7746

***** rated 5/5

Cleanliness, professionalism, location

Friendliness, expertise in cycling

Can you tell me what is the purpose of spirituality in cycling and do you have any experience with it?

I think everyone has their own experience of spirituality like me. When you did my class, I think I am a little bit more spiritual than everyone else. I like to talk to people, I like to be grounded, stuff like that. So I think, yes.

Do you feel you are grounded?

I think so, yes. Spiritually grounded? Yes, I think so. Oh ok, that’s interesting. Yes, in my own life, I think I am spiritual. Ok so that is good.

So you are a spiritual cyclist? You are having a spiritual experience on the bike? Yes, I would like to say so. Yes, I think so. With the breathing, it is a little bit spiritual. Definitely, if you don’t have that sense of spiritual reality on the bike, I think you won’t have as much fun.

It sounds like it’s a love relationship. Yes. You are in love with it? Yes, like when people go fishing, people love to fish because they relax and they don’t think about anything while they are fishing.

They are in the moment. They are in the moment. They solve all their problems. Everything goes away during that time. When I go on the bike, any type of bike, I don’t think of my problems. I just think about the moment and I relax. I think this is where I meet a bit of spirituality.

Sounds like you are unified. Yes, this is something I like so much to do. Any type of cycling, spinning, outdoor and everything that when I do it, I completely get lost in it and relax.

So you are really yourself? Oh for sure. I can see I’m not the only one because when I teach and I see the other riders, it’s just like they are all fishing together. You know, they are all thinking of the moment and their stress goes away and they all relax. I think this would be the proper way to say that I am spiritual like this.  This is an interesting idea, well it‘s important.  Thank you.

Sonja Muller,

Thank you for reading

The Greatest Love

22 February 2017 - 11:20am

The Greatest Love is the love of Divine and Tao. It is love without condition. Like “agape,” it represents the highest form of love, as in the love of God for man, or even of man for God.

Love is the most powerful force in existence. Love is the reason for all creation. It is the reason for all existence. The virtue of love is far beyond what the human imagination can grasp. Love heals, transforms, strengthens, and allows us to go beyond our limitations to achieve true happiness and abundance in every aspect of life. This is the true nature and power of the greatest love.

Everyone wants and needs love. How could we even exist without it? But we have gone far from Divine and Tao, and we may need to let go of a lot to embody, offer and receive the Greatest Love.

Greatest Love has no agenda except to give of itself, to shine, serve and bless. It has no attachments, expectations, or needs. It simply expresses itself. It’s more than a feeling. It is one of our greatest healing tools. In fact, in Soul Mind Body Medicine by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, he writes, “Love is not just a concept. It’s a technique; a practical tool for healing.”

Master Sha’s teaching that love melts all blockages and transforms all life makes it easy to understand how the Greatest Love is the first Divine and Tao quality for us to develop.

When you feel love from your parents, your colleagues, your partner, your children or your spiritual mothers and fathers, you are moved and touched.

The sun, the moon, the stars, Mother Earth and Heaven are giving unconditional love in every moment.

Tao has created everything and in every moment, Tao is giving unconditional love.

If you offer unconditional love to others you could receive unlimited blessings for health, relationships, financial abundance, and success in all aspects of life.

Master Lynda Chaplin is a Divine Channel and Worldwide Representative of Dr. and Master Sha. Join Master Lynda on February 10-12 to learn what blocks your heart and soul from experiencing the greatest love for yourself and others—see ad below for details. For more information, contact Master Lynda at 647.654.7711 or


21 February 2017 - 1:29pm

People often ask me what I’ve learned in almost 38 years of working as a separation and divorce mediator. I always answer this question very simply: Talking Works.

Unlike legal processes where the focus is on written court documents and couples often communicate only through their lawyers, family mediation encourages people to talk directly with each other. Couples learn to talk with, not at, each other. In contrast with the adversarial legal system that too often pits spouses against each other, conversations can help them connect. (The roots of the word “conversation” actually mean to turn together – con verser.) A mediator can help couples have a different kind of conversation, shifting them from angry, positional statements to a deeper exploration of their real interests. This often involves gently helping them explore their real needs, concerns, hopes and fears in order that they may arrive at a settlement that is wise, stable, and fair to everyone.

When people are involved in deep conversation, they start to talk from the heart. They move away from the legal mode of interaction, with its emphasis on “the head,” on logical arguments and legal precedents. They start to talk about what really matters.

It’s hard to have these kinds of conversations. But fair, wise and stable solutions come only when the heart is engaged. It takes courage to speak from the heart. (The word “courage,” in fact, comes from the old French word for heart.) In my experience, most couples are longing to have these kinds of conversations with each other. They just don’t know how, and they are afraid. Mediation can help them talk the way they really want to with each other.

When people are having real conversations from the heart, they are telling stories. They aren’t preparing court briefs or sending legal letters to each other. Rather, they are talking in their natural, human voices about what matters to them most. They use their own words, not some unnatural “legalese.” Their language is open, honest, direct, funny and often shocking. Conversations are the sound of life. Like life, they are often unpredictable and messy. Mediation can help couples move through the messy phase and start to work on solving the practical problems arising from their separation.

Unfortunately, the law doesn’t allow couples to tell their stories. When people say they want their “day in court” what they are really saying is “I need to tell my story to someone who will listen and understand how angry I am at you.” Inevitably, they are disappointed when the legal system doesn’t give them what they want and need.

When couples talk in a real way from the heart, they become hopeful. Hopeful that their partner can change, that their situation can evolve, that their future can be different. By learning that they have control over their settlement, they begin to feel that they have more control over their future. The idea of working together, not necessarily as friends, but as co-operative parents, begins to seem possible. Family mediation is therefore a hopeful process.

It all starts with talking.

Evita Roche was Canada’s first full-time lawyer-mediator. Since 1979, she has helped over 5,000 couples mediate the issues arising from their separation. In the 1990’s Evita was a Professor of family law and mediation at the University of Ottawa law school, where she received the first Excellence in Teaching Award. Her private practice is restricted to separation and divorce mediation, and she frequently delivers seminars on subjects related to family law.

Skin Treatments for Spring Detox

21 February 2017 - 1:12pm

A detox can be as involved as a dietary fast or as simple as a facial steam. There is a wealth of herbs, essential oils and other natural ingredients that can help you cleanse from the outside in! Facial steams are wonderful for deep cleaning pores and even clearing congested lungs. It also brings moisture to the skin and stimulates the blood flow due to the heat. Facial steams can also be personalized to a specific skin type. To create a steam treatment, add boiling water (approx 2 litres) to a plastic or glass bowl. Using spring or distilled water is preferable to tap water, which contains chlorine and other chemicals which you do not want on your skin. Add the herbal/essential oil blend (suggestions below) to the water and create a tent with a large towel so trap the steam. Keep your face about a foot away from the water and relax during the five to ten minutes of the treatment. People with thread veins should be careful with steaming, as should those with any skin issue that could be worsened with this treatment.

Oily skin types would benefit from sage, rosemary, peppermint, lemongrass, lavender and yarrow. Essential oils like cypress, patchouli, carrot seed, may chang and oils distilled form the herbs described above would also be useful in a steam.

Dry skin herbs would include lavender, chamomile (unless there is a ragweed sensitivity), violet, calendula and rose. The essential oils of these plants would also be useful, as well as palmarosa, frankincense, carrot seed and geranium (to name but a few).

Normal and combinations skin types can steam with lavender, rose, peppermint, clary sage or chamomile. You could also include geranium, palmarosa, lavender or lemon. This list is by no means inclusive: just a few to get you started.

Facial scrubs are another way to revitalize the skin. Not only do you slough off dead skin cells, but you also stimulate the underlying tissue and blood flow to the skin, helping tone and flush out toxins. You can use any of the herb combinations above and mix with poppy seeds or other spherical exfoliant. Moisten with water, yogurt,honey, avocado or other fruits and gently, in a circular motion, massage the skin. If you are doing a body scrub, always start from the extremities and work towards the torso where they organs of elimination are located. This helps the lymph move toxins out of the body as well. You can also make a mask by adding clay. This deep cleans the pores, can improve colour and skin texture and remove dead skin cells. My favourite mask is clay and honey. Honey is a natural humectant, bringing moisture to the skin. It is also very antibacterial. Green clay can be used for acneic skin, pink for normal/combination and ivory for sensitive or dry skin. Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes, then gently rinse and pat dry. You may need to moisturize afterwards, especially if you don’t use honey.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg where natural ingredients are concerned. But it is a good place to start, and you may have many of the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard already!

©2017 Heather Garrod is a Certified Aromatherapist and owner of Planet Botanix at 301 Bank St in Centretown. The store also contains a wellness clinic and workshop where she leads DIY bodycare courses monthly. 613.567.4444

Heartlight Therapies

19 February 2017 - 2:40pm

Offers Reiki and IET Sessions, Soul Support Sessions and Certification Classes in Reiki and IET.  Christine supports and gently guides Lightworkers in shifting from the head to the heart, so they can embrace their soul’s purpose and action it with clarity and confidence.  You have unique gifts and a purpose in serving others and helping raise the vibration and consciousness on this planet.   Her mission is to support you in YOUR mission! to book, contact and for more information.

Low Back Pain and Acupuncture

16 February 2017 - 5:48pm

By Steve Ryu, R.TCMP, R.Ac

Back pain is among the most prevalent health complaints of mankind. There are variable reasons to cause low back pain. Soft tissue injuries, sprains and strains, disc problems, and other causes could all be the cause of back pain. These problems mostly do not occur by accident, but rather gradually develop through cumulative degenerative processes. It is important to understand what really cause back pain in order to treat the problem.

Back pains appear through any feeling of an ache anywhere in the back. Modern research work has shown that pregnancy, depression, obesity, smoking as well as performing strenuous physical activities predispose one to back pains. They may be mild and severe but in most cases they do clear within a short time.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, all the pains are resulted from blockage of free flow of Qi.

Qi can be described as energy, material force, electromagnetic current, matter, ether, vital force, or life force. Qi travels throughout our entire body in channels or meridians reaching every aspect of our body. Then how does the free flow of Qi and blood in the body become impeded, so as to cause pain?

1. An external invasion of wind, cold, dampness, or heat may invade the lower back region causing pain. If our defensive Qi or immune system is weak we become more susceptible to external invasions.

2. The Qi and blood can stagnate due to trauma (i.e. lifting, repetitive strain over time, an accident or similar sprain).

3. There may be an insufficiency of Qi or blood creating a sluggishness or stagnation of flow throughout the channel(s). This is an internal cause or weakness with a number of possible etiologies such as poor diet, insufficient rest coupled with too much activity or overwork (i.e. busy lives, excessive sex), overuse of drugs, chronic illness, heredity weakness, an excess of the emotions fear and anxiety, and general aging as our Qi is naturally declining.

In my opinion, emotional stress is less known cause of back pain but impacts a lot. Prolonged emotional stress creates a sympathetic dominant state in the autonomic nervous system and leads to decreased blood flow to most of the organs, muscles and peripheral tissues. When blood flow to the lumbar muscles is decreased, the muscles become tight, lose flexibility, and are easily fatigued.

Therefore my treatment approach addresses all aspects of back problems both biomechanical and psycho-emotional using acupuncture, massage, cupping, TDP lamp, herbal medicine, consultation for proper diet, exercise, and stress management.

PATHWORK: Only Wholeheartedness Can Bring True Fulfillment

16 February 2017 - 12:30pm

by Natalie Morisset

You may have noticed that certain areas of your life seem to flow fairly smoothly without too much effort, while others are fraught with difficulty and frustration despite your best efforts. Have you ever wondered why that is?

According to Pathwork Lecture 196, “Commitment — Cause and Effect”, there is a direct relationship between, on one hand, our level of happiness and satisfaction in a given area of our life, and on the other hand, the degree of wholeheartedness we put into committing to that area. Our life circumstances and our inner state are the truest gauge of whether or not something within us is amiss.

What is meant by ‘wholehearted commitment’? It’s not about trying hard; it’s about being fully aligned with positive intentionality. We all harbour deep within us some degree of negative intent, which prevents us from wholeheartedly committing ourselves in certain areas of our lives. We may effort greatly in these areas, but if our heart isn’t fully committed, the results will be mixed at best.

How can we remedy this? When we notice an area of our life with which we feel unsatisfied, no matter how mundane, we can look deep within ourselves to unearth our intentionality in this area, listening for the voice that says in some way “I do not want to give to this part of my life.” Once we hear that voice, it is essential to link this cause — our negative intent — with its effects, which create a powerful vicious circle in our life. By developing awareness and understanding of all these elements, we will foster positive intentionality within ourselves, and our level of peace and fulfillment will grow proportionately.

At the next monthly Pathwork Open Lecture on Wednesday February 8, we will explore this topic in greater detail, and we will have the opportunity to practice applying the steps outlined above to our lives.

When: Wednesday, February 8, 2017

7 to 9 pm

Where: Saint Paul University

233 Main Street

(follow the signs to the room). 

All are welcome.

There is a suggested donation of

$5 for members; $15 for non-members.

The Pathwork Lectures are available for free download from For more information, contact Jean: or 613-829-1254. Natalie Morisset is an Integral Professional Coach™ in Ottawa.


14 February 2017 - 3:28pm

Lætitia Béguin RMT, ND, herbologist. Pain, nervous system, skin disorder. 39 Dalhousie, Aylmer  (819) 332-4048

Never Be Wrong

14 February 2017 - 2:27pm

Written by Alexis Nicol

Growing up I was made to feel embarrassed, guilty and ashamed if didn’t do something perfectly or I was wrong about something.  Through this I learned to keep myself small; afraid to admit being wrong and everyone else’s opinions were superior to mine.  I would go to great pains to avoid doing things that might bring on the humiliation unwittingly aimed directly at lessening me as a person.  I rejected my own inner guidance.

By believing the false statements made by my elders and peers, I too have been guilty of passing this “perfection” nonsense onto my children.  Who really knows or makes these rules of perfection – is it people that “think” they can do no wrong?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that this fear deprived me from experiencing so much that life has to offer just so I could avoid embarrassment or being hurt.  Thankfully, I have come to realize that it’s actually all right to be wrong.  It’s an opportunity for humility and forgiveness, it’s healthy and it’s a way for us to grow.    

Admitting that I have been wrong about something is not the end of the world and if someone tries to make me feel guilty after I have had the courage to admit it then I will remind myself that it’s their perception and at least I tried.

I hope the fear of being wrong doesn’t prevent you from getting out there and experiencing life’s many opportunities.  It’s not important if things don’t turn out the way you or anyone else thought it should.  Whatever happens, IT (God, Creator, Life) is steering us to go beyond our preconceived ideas and traditional beliefs.  Our “mistakes” are our gifts from the Universe guiding us toward living a more vibrant, diverse and fulfilled life.

Remember to use compassion when someone is courageous enough to admit they’ve been wrong.

Alexis believes in a Wholistic approach to healing mind, body and soul.  She combines Reiki, Reflexology, Reconnective Healing®, the Reconnection® and A Course In Miracles in her practice.   613-263-7925

Three Feet from Gold

14 February 2017 - 2:23pm


How many people do you know who have, by the end of January, already broken some or all their New Year’s resolutions?  They signed up for memberships to the gym only to gradually stop attending as “life” gets in the way.   They start “dieting” only to find that their old patterns of behaviour are taking over their lives and, once again, their weight loss program is over.    

Knowing that my “will power” is limited, I have come to the realization that I needed to develop other ways to keep myself focused on the goals that I have set for myself.  Before I even start this process, I now use these two very powerful questions:

Why do I want to do this?  Why is this goal important to me Now?

Why am I trying to lose weight?  Is it for me, is it to please my spouse?  Is it to improve my overall health?

I have found that when I have 100% clarity on the reason(s) for my actions I will have a far greater chance of success in attaining my goals, that is, not abandoning midway through the process.  A resolution made during a moment of intoxication or despair is doomed to failure.  That is because there is no meaningful reason(s) that is motivating you into action.  It’s an empty promise to yourself.

First and foremost, get clarity on the Why for your action(s).  Then set realistic benchmarks for the attainment of your goal and reward yourself as you reach the milestones along the way.  Making this journey a pleasant experience will greatly increase your chance of success.  It will also reduce the possibility of you abandoning your quest three feet from gold.

Daniel Roy is the principal instructor of the Ottawa-based Praxis Wealth Institute.  He is a Certified Retirement Coach, Certified Financial Planner as well as public speaker.  He is the author of “The Essential Guide to Retirement Readiness”.  He conducts workshops and courses on the subject of winning the game of wealth creation.

Free Yourself from Consciousness Traps

14 February 2017 - 2:07pm

by Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR)
Healing with Divine heart to awaken the deep truth within.

Can we accept what’s happening in our world? Is it always about acceptance? The alternative is a gnashing of teeth, a wish-it-were-different refrain, an endless mental speculation on the uncertainty of things, or the blame-game – all reactions of fear focused outward. Yet, this is how many have been reacting to the disturbing deceptions and painful revelations surfacing through the US election and beyond. Shocked and angered, people ask, “How can this be?” It’s unsettling to realize that all of this is in our collective unconsciousness.

Many of us can feel this collective energy, but if we get caught in the mob mentality then our personal consciousness is governed by it. This now means that the controllers can steal our personal will and energy through the mind controlled matrix. It’s a consciousness trap of enslavement. Our sovereignty is our inner healing work and exercising our power of personal discernment. Through these choices we refuse to consent to the negative alien agenda (NAA). It’s up to each of us to direct our own energies because if we don’t someone or something else will.

In doing so the mind slides can begin to fall: programming that causes someone to ignore, deny or bypass an unapproved topic even when it is blatantly in front of them, such as the NAA, or the rampant satanic child sexual abuse on Earth.

Acceptance does not mean dismissing, denying nor condoning what is happening. It means neutrally observing through the higher perspective of our God-Self and being self-responsible. We are personally and collectively in the midst of the necessary dismantling. Only if we accept what is ‘now’ can we move forward to freedom.

2017 is urging “seize the opportunity!”. It begins within – what do you need to own?

Copyright 2017 Amâeil (Melinda Urban) All Rights Reserved. 17 years of intuitive healing experience. Integrating holographic ascension clearing, emotional healing/energy psychotherapy, thetahealing®, and vocal healing. Specializing in clearing stubborn patterns. Appointments in person or by phone 613-253-2888. Subscribe-FREE newsletter.

Alert:  The Only Spiritual Care Now Permitted in Ontario is That Approved by the Minister of Health’s Psychotherapy College

7 February 2017 - 10:28pm

An Ontario prison services Chaplain of exemplary reputation released documents showing the level of distress he has suffered over the last two years at the hands of the Ministry’s newest henchmen. See evidence:

This is only one of thousands of cases where those who care about YOU and for YOU are abused at the hands of the Wynne government determined to end all competition to the medical-pharmaceutical drug industry.

Please note that our legal action to halt this government action is in danger of stalling as our funds are running low.  Let us not let apathy and fear prevent us from taking bold action in time…please contribute to our efforts at:

Here is what has happened (short recap)

The private pharmaceutical-front corporation called FHRCO (Federation of Health Regulatory Colleges of Ontario,) with the blessing of the Minister of Health, has manipulated provincial legislation to allow psychologists and psychiatrists to unilaterally redefine all drugless health and wellness approaches as ‘psychotherapy’.

$8 million tax dollars were spent to set up the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) under false pretenses that for all intents and purposes is entirely directed by the FHRCO and international agents. Colleges do not provide education or training.

The College is not even waiting for the controlled act of psychotherapy to be proclaimed, as it works feverishly at putting some 10,000 valued, safe, authentic and cost-effective practitioners out of work in 2017.  It has unilaterally decided that spiritual care is now ‘psychotherapy’!

The College has admitted on video to harassing and distressing thousands of counselors, family therapists, marriage counsellors, Reiki practitioners, hypnotherapists, Reflexologists, spiritual care providers and energy treatment providers of all sorts, with threats that if they do not join the College now and pay the huge extortion fees, they would be prevented from working anywhere in Ontario later and could end up being ‘court test cases’.  They do not accept energy treatments as ‘coherent’.

Now we learn:

Spiritual care providers must disavow their preferred Christian beliefs and stop sharing their advice, knowledge and wisdom with those who seek it;

Spiritual and pastoral care providers must dissociate from at least 3 lawful and legal Christian associations if they wish to work once the controlled act of psychotherapy is proclaimed;

Professionals must write an act of contrition stating that the services they presently offer are ‘unethical’; and

Providers must succumb to ‘supervision’ of their Christian spiritual teachings for as long as 6 months and if they change their beliefs to that approved by the College, they might be permitted to join.  They must pay for this ‘supervision’;

Becoming a member of this College also means the member must give up their training, profession, diplomas, degrees and beliefs to provide services in the unscientific psychologically-based manner dictated by the College.

Organizations and agencies funded in part or in whole by the provincial government are now telling their employees that they MUST join the CRPO or lose their jobs, even though their employees have never remotely regarded themselves as engaged in psychotherapy.  Remember, psychotherapy was merely a dying psychological intervention until this scam made it a profession out of thin air and put it in control of all emotional, spiritual and mental healthcare.

We have discovered that this dictatorial behavior was deliberate to satisfy the requirements of the UN Agenda 21 and TISA Trade Deal provisions to globalize control of all healthcare in the hands of Big Pharma.

If you agree that our freedoms are worth fighting for, please contribute what you can at, where you can find links to Petitions, pre-formed letters and PayPal.

~Stop Psychotherapy Takeover team, January 8, 2017

3 Things You Must Know Before You Hire a Hypnotist

6 February 2017 - 10:50pm

Number one, if you’re gonna spend your hard earned money on a hypnotist like someone at hypnosis Ottawa to help you, the first thing you must know is do they have experience? I mean have they been doing this for some time. See I have a secret to tell you and I probably shouldn’t tell you this because I could get in trouble with the other hypnotists. But much like the field of fitness that I used to work in also, to become a hypnotherapist, you could essentially become a hypnotherapist much like you can become a personal trainer in a weekend. I know, there isn’t many standards at the front of becoming a fitness professional unfortunately or a hypnotherapist. So, technically you could be a hypnotist after one weekend and drop in some expensive money to do that. However, if I’m a soldier who’s coming back from a war with perhaps PTSD who’s seen my best friend’s head blow up next to me and has bullets coming at my head and I’ve had to fire my gun at random people, am I going to want to work with somebody who’s perhaps only had training for a weekend in this art and science of hypnosis? Probably not!

So the first thing I’d ask is that your hypnotist whoever you hire has had at least five years of field research of working one on one with clients, not five years of study or five years of theory but five years minimum of working with people one on one.

The second thing I’d ask if I was to hire a hypnotist or a hypnotherapist is, have they worked with people with my problem? And have they had success with people with my problem? So if you’re going to a hypnotist and you want to quit smoking, has that hypnotist had success with helping people quit smoking? If you’re going to a hypnotist to lose weight, has that hypnotist had great results in helping people lose weight? Specifically, these are questions you must ask because it’s your money, it’s your time.

And the third thing you must ask, the third thing you must know before you hire any hypnotist whether its hypnosis Toronto or someone else is do they have proven results? And this is what I mean. I’ve been shocked recently by going on a bunch of hypnotists’ websites here in Canada and actually across the world and there’s a lot of nice words there but there’s hardly any testimonials. Now, so I’d ask, “Do they have testimonials of clients that they have worked with on the site?” That’s good. That’s good but let’s face it, it could also be faked as well. I’m not saying that some hypnotists would do that but it can be. But do they have some kind of proof, testimonials of people they’ve worked with? Written is okay. But I’m after their videos. Do they have videos of clients that they have worked with after the sessions who tell you about their experience with the hypnotist? Do they have those videos? And will they release and show you those videos before you commit to go and seeing them? That’s what I’d ask before I was hiring a hypnotist. And so many out there, there isn’t even one video of them working successfully with a client. So, I’d do that.

Those are the three things that must be in place if you really want to get a reputable, successful hypnotist with integrity.

I’m going to throw one more in there as a bonus. I did say three things before you hire a hypnotist. Well here’s the fourth one. Do you they have video evidence, video proof of actual sessions of actual change work they’ve done with clients from beginning to end? It’s very, very rare to find but if you do you know you’re in good hands.

See here at Lukenosis, you’ll notice there are tons, and tons, and tons, and tons of testimonials for every kind of problem imaginable and I always capture these continuing. Now, also I produce videos of real people that I work with. So, you can actually see some of the actual work I do from beginning to end. As unorthodox as it may be at times, but you can see with your own eyes the change, the results that people have and the kind of experience by watching it as a third party. And also, I’ve been doing this for 20 years now as a hypnotist all around the world: the UK, America, South America, and now in Canada.

So please, before you’re thinking about hiring a hypnotist…a hypnotherapist, do make sure that number one, they have more than five years of experience, real in the trenches field research one on one. Number two that they have worked and successfully helped clients overcome the problem that you’re coming in for. Three, they have testimonies, written okay, but video testimonials of people that they have worked with and you can see with your own eyes that it’s real. It’s not just the same person in multiple disguises. And the bonus one was four. Do they have proof? Do they have evidence, video of working from beginning to end with a client? So you can see that the client comes in with a problem and you can see they leave without the problem and watch some of the change processes there in video, is that there? Please make sure those things are in place before you actually hire a hypnotist.

I’ve been Luke Michael Howard Ph.D., Clinical Hypnotist and owner of LUKEnosis Hypnosis Toronto And if you’d like to have your free complimentary phone screening with me about whatever your issue it is, please do give me a call on 613-878-5874 and we can have a discussion on the screen and see if I could help you to overcome your problem. Thank you.

The Spiritual Heart

6 February 2017 - 10:21pm

by Stewart

The Hridaya, the chakra of love, devotion and ultimate surrender, is known as the Spiritual Heart. The Hridaya chakra can control the energy of all of the other chakras and regulate the process of life through love. The Hridaya can only be entered through great love and devotion to spiritual life. It is the place where the soul resides, the cave of the heart (guha).

The bija Srim (sreem) is connected to the spiritual heart, the seat of the soul, and prosperity in life, “inner and outer”. Srim brings fullness and abundance to life, including the “vibration” of love.

om srim maha lakshmiyei svaha

Another name for the spiritual heart is hrit (meaning heart in Sanskrit). There are three regions of the hrit. The sun region within which is a white moon. Inside the moon is a fire region and inside this is a wish-granting tree known as kalpatura. This enchanting tree represents our ability to manifest our deepest soul’s desires. The kalpatura is often called the celestial wishing tree.

Hrit has its own lotus, called the anandakanda, meaning “root or bulb of bliss”. It has eight petals. The eight petals play a role in the tree’s enchantment. It is said when we wish with all sincerity upon this tree, the kalpatura grants even more than we ask for, providing us moksha, or freedom.

Envision a bird flying and landing on the tree. It tilts its head and listens to our hopes. When it has determined that we are ready to surrender our wishes, the bird (our soul), flies away carrying our wishes to God, who will honour our requests.

Feel gratitude in our open heart for the gift of this tree, which is always with us awaiting our wishes, the deepest yearnings of our soul.

Stewart is a Yoga teacher, and leads Sound Meditations and Kirtan at Wishingtree Yoga. Stewart and Rupa (Ivy) are co-founders of Wishingtree Yoga. Rupa has been practicing Yoga since 1996 in China. Her Chinese background and training gives her a natural understanding of this ancient eastern wisdom. Her living, studying and teaching in Canada has provided her the opportunity to develop the practice in a modern western way. The experience will let you understand this amazing scientific knowledge and give you practical skills and techniques to use on and off the mat!

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Hair Analysis

6 February 2017 - 10:08pm

We are all very toxic and very deficient in the correct nutrients in this day and age. Combine this with chemical reactions in the body not happening the way they should, and the body breaks down with weaknesses occurring. Take heart though, you can boost up the potential of your mind, body and spiritual development through Hair Analysis and Nutritional Balancing.

What Is Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis?

A personal Hair Mineral Analysis gives an overview of your psychology and body chemistry – along with determining exact combinations of nutrients needed to bring your body into balance and heal. Hair Mineral Analysis will show the toxic heavy metals are messing things up and need to be removed.

What Can Hair Analysis Reveal?

1. Lifestyle imbalances.  2. Dietary problems.   3. Metabolic typing. 4. Energy and vitality levels.  5. Gland and organ activity.  6. Carbohydrate tolerance.  7. Toxic metal assessment. 8. Reduced guesswork for recommendations of diet, nutritional supplementation and detoxification methods. 9. Shows trends or tendencies for over 60 common health conditions. (an amazing benefit – research indicates that many health conditions are related to tissue mineral imbalances months or years before they manifest in the body, making it a powerful preventive medical science which is less costly and more effective than waiting until a disease occurs.) 10. Hair Analysis will monitor progress. 11. Shows stress patterns. 12. Autonomic nervous system assessment. 13. Psychological/emotional assessment.(One the most exciting uses of the hair mineral analysis is the assessment of causes for conditions such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, attention deficit, brain fog, autism, schizophrenia, dementia, violence, and bipolar disorder.  Hair mineral testing often shows why these conditions occur, and how to correct them at a deep level.) 14. Trauma. (Hair mineral testing can reveal sociological issues such as some traumas, abuse, and criminality.) 15. Animal health. (to identify and guide the correction of health problems in animals.)

What Is Nutritional Balancing?

Forty years of research by a brilliant nutrition analyst named Paul Eck broke this field wide open and gave us the Nutritional Balancing Science – a unique approach to nutrition which utilizes Hair Mineral Analysis to show a blueprint of body chemistry. Dr. Eck is not alive today, but his scientific breakthroughs are. This total healing system is based on your Hair Mineral Analysis and involves: Lifestyle changes, Detoxification, Diet and Supplementation.

Supplementation coupled with detoxification serves to resolve or improve a health condition but no matter how healthy you eat or take care of yourself, you CANNOT achieve true health unless you purge the heavy metals and chemicals from your body and properly mineralize. Nutritional Balancing is a means of reducing stress, balancing, strengthening and restoring body chemistry and when this is done, many health conditions improve by themselves. Boost the potential of your mind, body and spiritual development through Hair Analysis and Nutritional Balancing. It is a total healing system – a formula for anyone who is looking for improved health and wellness. email:

NOTE: Nutritional Balancing Science and Hair Mineral Analysis do not diagnose, treat or cure any diseases, and are not substitutes for standard medical care

Climate Change in 2017

6 February 2017 - 9:08pm

Ian Prattis

As a Zen teacher I make a commitment not to cause harm. I am guided by spiritual ethics yet am aware that the current disastrous state of the planet will not bring forth strategic plans of how to fix things. The bottom line is to remember and refine a system of ethical conduct. So I go deeper and mainly fix myself to be steady and insightful. I register with mindfulness trainings to bring to the surface all that I would like to see in people around the planet.

Awakening and mindfulness are active. Activism on its own does not have the inner resources to bring about effective social and planetary transformation. I know from personal experience that retraining the wild mind is the necessary ingredient to precede activism. Stepping out on the environmental or political stage is only one part of the dance. It cannot be fully effective until the internal choreography is in place, the wild mind tamed. It will take smart discernment in order to step lightly on the planet. We have no alternative but to concentrate on sustainable living rather than greedily exploiting the spoils of perpetual economic growth. Profit cannot be the sole reason for commerce, there must be responsibility tied into the equation. At present, we are totally out of sync with the earth’s resources. The fragile threads of ecosystems around the globe are severely compromised. We are in the position of either going down the collective sewer or changing our values in the direction of awakening.

Jane Goodall issued a dire warning that “Life is Hanging by a Thread,” as all living things will be negatively impacted by rapid climate change. In particular she advocates the necessity of creating programs that stop tropical deforestation by placing rural communities as custodians of the forests. This is a tall order, as Donald Trump’s presidency has pulled the plug on a livable climate, dismantling environmental regulations and setting in motion irreversible consequences around the globe. The United States is now set on a course of ignoring climate change by obstructing clean energy and any form of conservation. The fox is already in the hen house and the 2015 Paris Climate Change Accord may be the first bird to die. Noam Chomsky refers to Trump’s priorities as “…racing as rapidly as possible to the destruction of organized human life.”

Stephen Hawking’s thoughtful piece in the Guardian (December 1, 2016) places a focus on elite behavior creating further inequality as he examines Brexit and the Trump presidency. His question is how will the elites change? He states, “We are living in a world of widening, not diminishing, financial inequality and people see only a slim chance at earning a living at all.” Hawking acknowledges this dangerous moment in humanity’s evolution. I note very little impetus of our species working together, whereas it is essential that elites learn the lessons of Brexit and Trump and retrain for a new world and not hang on grimly to their ill-gotten gains.

Our Planet Earth is like a giant living cell, whose parts are all linked in symbiosis. Biologist Thomas Lewis creates a metaphor of the Earth as a giant cell with humans just as one part of a vast system. This is not something that the elites and corporate moguls would pay much attention to.

Ian Prattis is Zen teacher at Pine Gate Sangha in the west end of Ottawa. Silent meditation every Thursday 7.00pm – 8.00pm, Mindfulness Gathering every First Saturday of the month. Latest book


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Maitland Massage

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