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Liver in Traditional Chinese Medicine

22 May 2017 - 6:22pm

By Steve Ryu, R.TCMP, R.Ac

The Liver is the organ that is responsible for ensuring that energy, or Qi (pronounced “chee”), flows smoothly throughout the body – in all organs and in all directions. The function of the Liver of regulating Qi, is extremely important to both our physical and emotional health.

So, what can cause a disruption in the free flow of Liver energy? Stress, anger, resentment and repressed frustrations in life will do it every time. These emotions, when experienced for a prolonged period of time, will cause the Liver Qi to stagnate. Diet and lifestyle, in particular the excessive consumption of spicy or greasy foods and the use of alcohol and nicotine, will contribute to or aggravate a Liver imbalance by generating heat in the body.

When the Liver energy is stuck, physically, we experience a feeling of distension in the chest, which the body attempts to relieve by sighing. Often there is discomfort just below the ribcage along the path of the Liver meridian. Because of the close relationship of the Liver and Gallbladder, neck and shoulder tension are common along the path of the Gallbladder meridian. Because a branch of the Liver meridian ascends to the top of the head, vertex headaches are common.

Emotionally, we feel irritable and depressed or have pronounced mood swings when the Liver Qi is stuck.

Menstrual irregularities almost always have a Liver imbalance element due to the Liver’s function of storing Blood. Irregular periods, painful periods, breast tenderness and PMS are common symptoms.

Acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, nausea and abdominal distention may be due to a Liver imbalance affecting the Stomach or Spleen.

Tendon problems may be due to the Liver failing to properly nourish them. Many of my patients with carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis have other Liver issues. Stiff neck and muscle cramps may be related to the Liver. Dry eyes, floaters, poor night vision or other eye issues may be related to the function of the Liver in Chinese medicine. The Liver, in Chinese medicine has a relationship with wind. Clinical symptoms of Wind are tremors, tics, vertigo and in extreme cases, stroke.

Stress reduction is crucial to keeping the Liver in balance. Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to relax the body and move the Liver Qi to maintain health.

Spiritual Practice and Religion

22 May 2017 - 3:39pm

by Rupa

Spiritual practice involves the soul and the Divine; this might cause confusion with religion. Actually, spiritual practice and religion are quite different.

Spiritual practice respects an individual’s background and needs, instead of focusing on the collective consciousness. Religion emphasizes believing; spiritual practice emphasizes the need for curiosity. Religion requests to follow a procedure; spiritual practice requests the need to face reality in a practical way. Religion likes to have a lot of people; a spiritual practitioner needs to be detached from the general mass of people.

Both spiritual practice and religion ask for surrender. The ocean of knowledge is boundless. No matter how much knowledge one has, it is only a drop in the ocean. Anyone who has seen the ocean knows how poor their knowledge is and will surrender to the wise.  Surrender to the living wise instead of worship the passing dead, as the same immortal spirit will appear in a new form again and again at a different time.

Yoga is a spiritual practice and the science of Self-realization, and like any other forms of science needs evidence to support; evidence which is from individual direct experience. As this is about the Self, no one can do the practice for others. Through personal practice and only through practice by oneself, can clear the doubt. Faith will come when we see the results of spiritual practice from previous generations and the sumptuous spiritual wealth that has been handed down to us. A sincere spiritual practitioner will follow the genuine teachings of pioneers, but will not imitate their activities. The new explorers’ experience will give us a clearer direction and at the same time create more treasure for the generations to come.

Traditional Yoga can cultivate our body, mind and consciousness to understand and experience our inner spiritual nature, and let our Self resonate with the Divine for well-being and happiness.

Welcome to attend Rupa’s (Ivy) meditation at Wishingtree Yoga. Rupa has been practicing Yoga since 1996 in China. Her Chinese background and training gives her a natural understanding of this ancient eastern wisdom. Her living, studying and teaching in Canada has provided her the opportunity to develop the practice in a modern western way. The experience will let you understand this amazing scientific knowledge and give you practical skills and techniques to use on and off the mat!

Rupa also offers teacher training at Wishingtree Yoga. For more information, visit

The Light of the World

22 May 2017 - 2:50pm

Channelled by Lisa Virtue

The light of the world shines in each of you. You have and hold that light from the moment you’re born through your dying day. It never leaves you, is never suppressed, never damaged. The light is your purity.

Know this light in its many forms…through expression, thought, relations, interactions, etc. All is created, expressed and experienced as part of the light.   For what is there beyond it?  With an understanding that all is light, or pure consciousness energy if you will, it becomes clear how all is “meant to be”. All experience is part of the whole of that light.

This concept is presented to remind you of the misperception that is prominent. What will it take to adjust the perspective to a more enjoyable feeling one? We in spirit recognize the deep challenge faced by those perceiving in this way. We who channel this have the ease of a different awareness, a shifted vantage point from yours. So how does this aspect of consciousness influence your aspect into a new understanding or perception? We do it a piece at a time, a moment here, a spark there. We weave it into your days and nights to encourage you to flow in the direction you seek.

Can the experience of enlightenment, nirvana or ascension truly be attained? Yes it can. However your expectations of how that comes about may be in part what limits its occurrence. How does one let go of their myth of what being is, to embrace a radical departure in concept and practicum?

Is it even necessary? We offer to you the idea that enjoyment of where you are and how you feel life runs is in itself an exalted expression. You have much more influence over your experience than you ever seem to allow yourselves. Take that control back and perceive it more as how to live your best expression here, and you will find more things change for you than you thought possible. There are many wonders yet to be explored in this expression of life in your galaxy.

Some of you may find yourselves at the point of choosing to shift paradigms, embracing the completely alternate viewpoint on what it is to exist, and thus find your enlightenment. “Bravo for you,” is what may be expected as a comment. However, no expression of What Is is apart from any other. As was mentioned, there is only one thing, the light. So whether you choose to move into a different vantage point in perception that seems radical enough to call enlightenment, or whether you choose what you would see as smaller shifts in your “regular life”, all have validity, worth, and merit. A part of the misconception is the sense of worthlessness of your experiences or the level of creation. None who perceive from a vantage point such as our own has a value more than you. None have experiences or insights any more worthwhile than yours. Are they “coloured” differently? Yes. There is a wider field of view here. We are choosing to see things from a very different perspective. Yet there is not a one here who is not feeling right along with you, who is not engaged in your creations, experiences and expressions. We are as involved as you, simply in a different way.

We all love you. We see you as divine perfection expressing so uniquely in every single aspect. Every particle to every being.  Every seed through every building. There is nothing outside of the light. All is part of consciousness. “Exquisite,” is our perception. “Amazing,” “Beautiful,” “Ingenious”. These are the ways we interpret.

As one who feels separate, we encourage you to find the delights all around you. To value your joy more, your uniqueness more. There is only eternal consciousness. What you choose to make of this period of expression as your unique essence only adds to the whole. You are unlimited, infinite… choosing to make the most of this expression. While the expression ends its physical at some time, none of you is lost. Find solace in that if you wish. Find freedom in it if you are able. Let it delight and light up your soul if it can. Engage with these words in your unique way. We revel in the mastery of that. We honour you, intrepid ones. Explore. Be. Decide. Elevate. Whatever you choose, however you express, we are with you, we are a part of you, the whole.

With infinite love, you are surrounded and supported in living your way, on your terms, whatever those may be.

The Infinite Oneness.

Depression, The Muse and Soul Loss What do they have in common?

21 May 2017 - 11:44pm

We are constantly saying, ‘I have so little energy today!, I am so tiredI must be coming down with something” or “ I am so energized today! I could go all day! I feel so good!” When we are depressed, we feel unhappy, unsatisfied and we have no drive or willpower.  When we are high, we are happy and gratified with Life and we are driven and inspired.

This energy is our soul life force and it affects our moods when it is down. I call it our Muse, that creative force within each one of us. The health, quality and quantity of this energy, determines our overall health.  The mental, emotional and physical body will not function without the appropriate fuel.  The fuel that fires our spirit is described in many ancient traditions as the Breath of Life, chi, Prana.

Did you know that most disease begins with a lack of energy, vital life force and that this energy comes to us directly from our Soul?

This energy moves through all life forms and can be described as the Essence, the Soul of life. When this spirit fire, our Soul energy is mismanaged and becomes low for a prolonged period of time, we develop symptoms of burn out, depression and eventually illness.

Did you know that the Soul can and will detach from your physical body with traumatic life experiences or from neglect and this is the beginning of disease? Soul loss is directly related to ill health and can begin with burn out and depression. The Chakaura Structural balancing Therapy is a rare treatment that returns soul loss, allowing a person to reconnect and rekindle their soul force so they may heal and embrace health once again.

The mismanagement of our Soul energy, is also the beginnings and base cause of all the mood afflictions.  Many people believe these mood disorders are incurable and can only be managed with the numbing anti-depressant pills they are told to take.  Anti-depressants are the quick fix, sometimes needed when things go to far, but definitely not a long term cure or acceptable way of life.

Someone who suffers from depression and worse are simply suffering from an ongoing long term mismanagement of their life force, a disconnection of their soul, which can be easily corrected with proper self knowledge, discipline and energy management.  Stress is the driving force and Lord knows our society has plenty of this each moment of each day.  The world outside of us is a direct reflection of what is going on within each of us. Simply put, it has to do with fuel\energy consumption and management.

Depression is not something you are stuck with for the rest of your life.  It is not incurable.  It is simply a mismanaged life style,  that with proper education and daily practices, and proper nutrition can be rectified, balanced so that Perfect health can be present.

To know more on this or anything else I share, I offer informative seminars on the subjects I write and teach about.  Please contact me for more information or to book a consult if you suffer from depression and are looking for a healthy alternative.


Michèle C. St.Amour

Author, Chakaura Practitioner, Initiate Teacher

Chakaura-Structural-Balancing Educator

Founder and director of Chakaura Institute of Soul

Managing Times of Intense Energy?

21 May 2017 - 6:53pm

Sherry Harris. MSW, RSW,OM, psycho-spiritual counsellor, coach, teacher

I would be very surprised if anyone out there is not aware of the intense energies being beamed upon us at this time to accelerate our level of consciousness. Even if you are one who does not talk or think about energy you can’t help but notice your life is different than it used to be. Nothing seems to be normal anymore. As a counsellor and energy facilitator I hear the same things over and over now from my clients and friends as well. Depression, anxiety, poor sleep, exhaustion, not feeling grounded, indigestion, poor memory, feeling lost, unfocused— these are all common complaints.

What I recommend to people is three fold. One, is energy work to balance body, mind and spirit while we go through this ascension process. For this I recommend clients receive sessions on my amazing TrinFinity8 energy balancing, restoration and rejuvenation system. In person or receiving remotely–the results speak for themselves. Please check out Kathy Forti and the TrinFinity8 on you tube. Her book Fractals of God is a fantastic read and outlines how she had a near death experience and came to create this advanced health system. I would love to give you a free demo on the system and let you experience  it for yourself. I can also lend you her book to read if would like.

Secondly, do your work to clear your emotional system of all the old fears, angers, resentments, guilt and shame. I know of no better way to do this than with the Inner Child Work created back in the late 80’s by John Bradshaw. I have used this personally for over 25 years after I first trained in it and have helped so many to free themselves of the childhood wounding we all experienced even if we had the best parents in the world. We came into our lives free, alive, spontaneous –filled with awe, love, and remembrance of who are truly are- spirit embodied. It didn’t take long in body to forget all of this and become embroiled in using whatever means we could to get our needs met and to feel loved and valuable. I suggest 4 or 5 sessions with me to learn how to do this work as an ongoing method of healing your emotional body.

Thirdly, take more time for yourself. Walk in nature, meditate, or just slow down and be quiet. More being and less doing. The results are almost instantaneous. You can’t heal your inner turmoil by reading about it– you need to do it. Twice a day for a minimum of 15 minutes simply sit quietly and breathe. As the thoughts come in, just observe them and let them pass through. You’ll be so glad you did. Just breathe in and relax on the out breathe.

Call me or email if I can be of help. I would love to demo the TrinFinity8 to you and get you started on your journey with your inner child.

Sherry Harris, MSW, RSW, OM, psycho-spiritual counsellor, coach, healer, teacher

613-236-8852  ~

Planet Botanix Wellness Clinic

21 May 2017 - 6:36pm

Welcome to our healing space. Our holistic practitioners are ready to assist your journey to wellness.

Heather Garrod

Owner of Planet Botanix and a Certified Aromatherapist, Heather has a passion for all things natural. The store is anchored by her own line of natural body care, and boasts over 100 varieties of therapeutic grade essential oils. Heather gives monthly aromatherapy workshops.

Helene Arts

Passionate in teaching and guiding individuals and groups in numerous aspects of esotericism and the paranormal, for the purpose of increasing understanding, building skills, and healing. Helene specializes in Astrology, Tarot, Runes and other methods of Divination, and she offers coaching and workshops in the occult sciences and mystical arts. Please visit for more details.

Richard Merrill Haney, M.Ed. (Counselling), Ph.D. (Counselling Therapy)

I provide warm, heart-connected and empathetic counselling, coaching, mediation and hypnotherapy services to individuals, couples and families. I concentrate on “holistic” healing and empowerment rather than on being clinical and “helping”. My knowledge of Spiritual Emergence and Cellular Consciousness from my hypnotherapy practice leads to the healing of emotional wounds.

Julie Larochelle certified Usui Reiki Master and Tarot card reader (bilingual)    

Welcome spring with a fresh start and experience a rejuvenating Reiki session. Reiki Master/instructor and Tarot card reader/clairvoyant.  I provide ½ hour or 1 hour sessions.  Available Friday nights from 6 till 9, please feel free to contact the store or email for an appointment or walk-in.

Tracey L. Crocker,  M.S., R.Ac, R.TCMP (Acupuncturist and Herbalist)

Trained in the art of classical Chinese medicine, Tracey applies her modality to address not only symptoms, but also the root cause of issues so that you can move on to a healthier you!  Treatments are customized to your individual patterns. Specialties include pain, women’s health, autoimmune, respiratory, digestive and mental health.

Visit for more info.

Maritie Lord

Maritie Lord is at Planet Botanix Saturday from 10:30 to 5:30. She offers Reiki, Theta, Intuitive Readings and Tarot. She has been helping with the healing process for over 15 years. Her rate is $1 minute, so $60 for the hour. Check out her Facebook Page at

or email at

Christina Hearns

Christina, the owner of Namaste My Friends, is at Planet Botanix every Thursday from 10-6. She is an intuitive advisor and specializes in what she calls a GIB (Guided Insights & Balancing) process. Some of her tools are reiki, chakra reading and crystal healing. She is also a yoga instructor and teaches Chill Out yoga. or call


Enrique Astorga RMT BA  – Massage Therapy, Energy healing and Tarot readings

Healing and Restoration

An intuitive facilitator, Enrique integrates a wide variety of techniques into his treatments in order to trigger the body’s subtle energies and self-healing mechanisms into action. Each session is as unique as the person.

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 11- 6 pm

P is for Paraben

21 May 2017 - 5:02pm

Last month, I talked about artificial scents and why they may be harmful. I’d like to explore more of the reasons why a healthy home means a healthy you.

Have you heard of 1,4-dioxane? It could be in your shampoo and lotion right now. It is a suspected carcinogen.  And it doesn’t break down easily, meaning it could remain in your environment long after initial use (It is on Health Canada’s prohibited list, but there is some debate, as the levels of 1,4 dioxane were too low in a product to be considered toxic).   

Did you know that parabens are used as preservatives and as fragrance.  They are estrogen mimicers, and are suspected to have a relationship with breast cancer. They can be found in everything  from bodycare to the food you eat. There are a growing number of chemicals which have been shown to be damaging to us-and to the environment (remember the micro beads I talked about a while ago? A danger to the aquatic life that thinks they are food. Fortunately, they should be banned completely by 2018).

So what’s a body to do? Well, become a savvy consumer the same way you would shop for food. Read the labels and look for the ingredients you can’t understand. Then look them up! Purchase DIY ingredients and have some fun creating your own personalized bodycare (pssst…we can help!).

Remember that the number of different products you use can multiply the effect of the ingredients, so if you choose to use your commercial shampoo, maybe switch to a natural oil to moisturize instead of that off-the-shelf stuff you’re used to.

More details can be found at the following websites:

©2017 Heather Garrod is a Certified Aromatherapist and owner of Planet Botanix at 301 Bank St in Centretown. She gives how-to workshops on making natural products for the body and has been creating natural bodycare for over eighteen years. The shop offers natural alternatives to commercial products and features a holistic therapy clinic.

Bowen Therapy for Athletes

21 May 2017 - 1:16pm

Runners, marathoners, iron wo/men, golfers, martial arts practitioners, soccer, volleyball and tennis players, and other athletes who aim to improve performance or get back in their game after incurring injuries, strains, and muscle soreness should consider Bowen Therapy, also known as Bowenwork. It’s a safe, gentle, natural, yet powerful hands-on therapy that stimulates the body to heal.

Bowenwork directly affects the autonomic nervous system, which influences every aspect of the body, including the muscles, fascia, ligaments, respiration, even emotions—all elements of athletic performance.

Lyn McCuaig stumbled upon Bowen Therapy 15 years ago when she was a martial arts student looking for whatever was out there that could resolve her plantar fasciitis and get her back in the dojo. Having tried sports medicine and various alternative therapies, she received Bowen Therapy. After only two sessions she was amazed that she was pain-free and able to return to martial arts. She went on to win a medal at a tournament. Years later, while working toward a black belt, Bowen Therapy helped Lyn resolve a rotator cuff injury and shin splints.

Impressed by how quickly Bowen Therapy had resolved her sports injuries time and again, Lyn decided to study this modality and help others to experience the same benefits. She is now a Certified Bowenwork Practitioner practicing in Kanata.


Athletes who benefitted from Bowenwork had this to say.

I suffered a painful running injury while I was training for a marathon. Almost immediately following the first Bowenwork session, I experienced a significant reduction in pain. The treatments helped me recover faster and get back to running pain-free much sooner than I anticipated. I could not believe that a treatment that feels so gentle could have such a powerful effect. There were also many side benefits of the treatments like an easier time during my period as well as anxiety relief, which I did not expect. The treatment itself is also incredibly relaxing and I always sleep very well after my Bowen session. SBG, 2016

I was in constant pain with my calves and feet caused from the many miles I put on during my marathon training. Since having Bowen therapy I am now pain free and am now continuing my training for my next marathon. CG, 2016

Bowen Betters You

When I learned about Bowen, I was intrigued by the potential benefits. As a runner and athlete of various sports I am constantly fighting different ailments. Prior to back-to-back races in Chicago in July I had 3 treatments. I had a personal best in the 1st race and felt unbelievable. No calf or hamstring cramping, my breathing was relaxed and recovery was much quicker than usual. I truly believe I would not have run the PB without my treatments. Another Bowen bonus is how well you sleep after a treatment. KS, 2016

Spring is finally here! Seasoned athletes as well as beginners will be out there training for their personal bests. Unfortunately with the glory sometimes comes injury and pain. Seek timely, affordable help to address your sport injuries, and avoid the risk of sitting on the sidelines for the remainder of the season. Here’s to the thrill of your victories!


I first heard about Bowenwork from a friend when plagued with sciatica. After several visits to a chiropractor with no progress, I called a Bowenwork practitioner. After four gentle, relaxing treatments not only my sciatica but other minor conditions have been relieved thanks to Bowenwork. It works.

Find a Practitioner

There’s a Bowenwork practitioner near you! Refer to the practitioners’ business cards on this page or check the list of local practitioners at

Living, Loving and Laughing at Unity….

19 May 2017 - 11:50am

Are you ready for some great laughs while you are learning and Spiritually growing?  The time has come and Unity Spiritual Centre Ottawa is the place to be.

Award winning and renowned funny man, musician and spiritual teacher Greg Tamblyn will be coming to Ottawa and will entertain and inform us with his patented funny man routines while he sings and jokes his way through the day.

The only thing to be wary of is his trademark warning: ‘Beware of Anti-Depressive Material’.

In Greg’s words, “you’ll find funny songs, inspirational songs, hilarious video clips, and short funny stories that help you see the best in yourself, and laugh at the rest of yourself. They’re like WD-40 for your relationships, your moments of confusion, the things you want to accomplish in life, and your connection to the Big Mystery”.

So you can see that this event is one to really connect with and will be more than memorable for many years to come.

After all, how often do we get to laugh our way to inspired living?

And since Greg will be delivering the service message in the morning and giving a concert in the PM, there is a double dose of inspiration and enjoyment available.

You can check him out at his website  There is loads of hilarious material on the website.  You can see there how well-known and how funny he really is.

Here is a sample of what you can expect:  ““At Sunday School they were learning how God created everything, including human beings. Johnny was especially intent when the teacher told him how Eve was created out of one of Adam’s ribs. Later in the week his mother noticed him lying down as though he were ill, and said, “Johnny, what is the matter?”  Johnny responded, “I have pain in my side. I think I’m going to have a wife.””

As you are considering joining us for this fun event on June 4th, please ensure you have the event marked on your calendar. And bring along your family and friends.

Pathwork: False and Real Guilt

19 May 2017 - 11:40am

by Jean Millar

You probably do your best to be competent and accomplished in what you do.  I certainly do.  In fact, I used to try to do things perfectly, even be perfect.  I preferred not to have flaws or faults or negative tendencies.  I would have liked to believe – and have others believe – that I didn’t have a shadow side or a lower self.  But perfectionism and the resulting self-judgment for faults and negative trends can drive us into a false, superimposed perfection that is problematic in relationships and life in general.  This perfectionistic striving to be better than we can possibly be at the moment combined with denying the mixture of positive and negative traits that actually exist in us causes us to unconsciously exaggerate small guilts rather than face the real guilt due to acting out the negative tendencies we cannot accept we have.  Not facing our lower self and not owning our resulting sometimes poor behavior creates real guilt which is made worse by pretending the opposite.  A great deal of our energy can go towards this denial. We undermine our self-esteem and self-confidence and impair our integrity. What is needed is the resiliency to accept the lower self as it actually is, to accept the associated real guilts and to make restitution for them. This is explored in Pathwork Lecture #109: Spiritual and Emotional Health Through Restitution for Real Guilt.  The lecture explains that this resiliency can be cultivated and discusses the understandings and self-search that can help us free ourselves from the crippling effects of unrestituted guilts.

The Pathwork lectures are available for free download at

For more information, contact or 613-829-1254

Unlock Your Potential with Sound Healing Frequencies

19 May 2017 - 9:38am

Are you stuck in old patterns? Are you tired of trying to make yourself happy? In this time of awakening and shift in consciousness, everyone is feeling it, but how can you ride the wave with simplicity and joy?

Welcome to the Newest Scalar Energy Technology in Quantum Sound Therapy! It can reach the most minuet parts of your brain to rewire the old programs and find your own unique power.

Sound Therapy accelerates self love, new ideas, greater focus and clarity, peace, harmony and self discovery – all without the work and fear we struggle through when working with our conscious mind.

How can Sound Therapy help you?

Everyone and everything has a unique, measurable vibration.

A voice code contains a blend of frequencies unique to you which may hold the key to progressive evolution! It has the power to free you from the bondage of your subconscious negative thoughts and self-sabotage. Your personal sound therapy track acts as a personal “tuning fork”.

An individual’s voice pattern is their energy signature that is a better representation than their DNA. A voice sample is taken, analyzed and a graph representing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components is generated. A unique set of frequencies specifically designed to balance you is then generated. Listening to your personal frequencies harmonizes your energy and releases subconscious blocks that hold you back from living a life of love, joy and peace.

In the current emotionally-charged environment as our personal and world events play out, the use of personal frequencies will allow you to remain unattached from the emotions associated with these dramas, allowing you to be an observer engaged in the learning process. In so doing, you will greatly assist in shifting the energy patterns and rapidly bring to fruition humanity’s move a step closer to the next level of consciousness – enroute to full consciousness.

For this reason, the Golden Light Therapies, in alignment with the manufacturer’s mission to make this technology available to all, you get your 30-minute personal sound track for $30.

To book your appointment, contact: Lise Desjardins: Tel: (613) 795-1469 or Pesi Shroff:

By Reiki Mater Pesi Shroff & Reiki II Lise Desjardins

Patience & Commitment to Heal

17 May 2017 - 2:49pm

By Patty Chevalier Samm

Everyone wants to change something in their life; relationships, income, health, happiness. It can feel so daunting at first but once you truly commit to that change and push forward, it starts to feel so good. To truly find change, you need to connect deeply to your soul releasing past traumas – big and small – fears and emotions that are holding you in patterns you don’t need anymore. The beliefs connected to these patterns once protected you or served you in some way but as time moves on, these beliefs become outdated and no longer serve you. Finding the deep core reasons for them can take time and hard work but it does not have to be as hard as you may think. The hardest part is the commitment to allow yourself to look deep inside and let go of the past and the beliefs that no longer serve you.

Someone may be sick and consciously wants to get well but, for the first time in years, it has brought their family together. Their sickness is actually serving them, in a way, to keep them connected and closer to their family so their subconscious mind won’t allow them to fully heal. These subconscious beliefs need to be transformed into ones that allow the person to be healthy while having the family connection that they so desire. Another person may feel like they truly do not deserve a healthy happy relationship or may not even know what that means because they never experienced a healthy relationship even as a child. Thus, their subconscious keeps them in a pattern that they know of betrayal, abuse or abandonment. Releasing the cellular memory and emotions of their past experiences can change their relationships into ones filled with unconditional love, trust and commitment and give them the confidence that this is what they truly deserve.

When you are ready to transform a part of your life, commit to connect with your soul so you can find answers of what you need to release and change and how to do so. Have patience with yourself but work at it. You will thank yourself in the end.

Patty Chevalier Samm is a Medical Intuitive, ThetaHealing Instructor & Spiritual Advisor. Patty will help you to identify the emotions, beliefs and thoughts related to any issue so that you can transform them and move forward in life. Patty offers healing sessions and workshops in Ottawa. Contact (819)230-6199 or You can visit her website at

Create Abundance and Prosperity in Your Life

17 May 2017 - 1:29pm

Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.

– Lao Tzu

Unlimited love, abundance, happiness, and prosperity are available to each of us. In essence, we are filled with great potential that is waiting to be manifest. We have the seeds of all the qualities needed to align with our true nature.

What is true abundance?

For many people abundance and prosperity is about having success in their life. Success can be related to health, relationships, finances, business, and more. Much more than financial wealth and physical comforts, true abundance and prosperity also encompass optimum health, mental clarity, emotional stability, harmonious relationships, peace, and spiritual well-being.

True abundance is a way of thinking and living. It’s a state of mind that cannot be lost, taken, or bestowed on you. The key essence of true abundance is happiness. It’s about being happy and content with who you are and no external event, situation, or person can take away from that happiness.

Why is creating true abundance important?

In this ever-changing world, living in true abundance can be a constant source of stability, strength, and inner peace. By releasing limiting beliefs and lack in your life, you can maintain the greatest flourishing and success with true abundance.

How can you create true abundance in your life?

The key to a life of happiness and abundance is to have the greatest love, forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others, and to be grateful for everyone and everything in your life. It’s also important to align your thoughts, speech, beliefs, behaviours, and activities for success.

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to receive special blessings that can remove blockages to help you pass through life’s challenges and experience greater abundance to live a happier, healthier life.

When you look at true abundance and prosperity with new meaning and discover it inside yourself, there’s no limitation to the extraordinary life that you can experience!


Treat yourself to a luxurious weekend at Belle de Nuit Wakefield Inn and get 20% off your stay. (Offer valid for workshop participants only)

Master Lynda Chaplin is a Certified Master Teacher of Dr. and Master Sha. Join Lynda on May 19-21 to learn the spiritual principles and practices behind true abundance and prosperity—see ad on page 10 for more details. For more information, contact Master Lynda at 647.654.7711 or

Lifting the Fog

17 May 2017 - 12:23pm


I was having a discussion with a client a few weeks ago about life goals, his present situation and various ways to get some forward momentum back into his life.  For a variety of reasons, life got in the way and he found himself in a place that he clearly did not want to be in.  He was struggling with several issues that had wandered back into his life, issues that he had sorted out a number of years ago.  He was frustrated, upset at himself for letting all of this happen and anxious to get back into a happier place.  I can certainly relate to this situation.

As we continued to talk, it became clear to me that he was immobilized and needed some clear guidance.  This is what I recommended that he do effective immediately.  First, he needed to start feeding his body properly by making better food choices.  Second, he needed to clean up his vision board that had become a reflection of his life, that is, cluttered and not functional.  Thirdly, he needed to get back into a proper 7-8 hour sleep pattern.  And finally, I instructed him to start doing exercise in the form of 3-5 km walks three or four times a week.

By combining these simple elements together, I knew that things would start to change in his life.  I knew this because these are the very same things that I have done over the years to get myself back on track when I found myself in a fog.  By having a clear vision of your life goals, by giving your body a chance to get rest, proper nutrition and exercise, you are creating the conditions for a successful outcome.  Get focused and the fog will start to lift as your actions carry that new momentum forward.

Daniel Roy is the principal instructor of the Ottawa-based Praxis Wealth Institute.  He is a Certified Retirement Coach, Certified Financial Planner as well as public speaker.  He is the author of “The Essential Guide to Retirement Readiness”.  He conducts workshops and courses on the subject of winning the game of wealth creation.  ~

The Persisting Pounding Heart – a case study

15 May 2017 - 7:50pm

by Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR)
Healing with Divine heart to awaken the deep truth within.

May this case study inspire you to honour the Divinity of your heart, and heal your limiting persisting patterns.

Diedre was experiencing considerable anxiety and aggravation with various physical symptoms. She also felt anger, frustration, and fear that she couldn’t handle it all. While she was being treated with chiropractic and naturopathic support, her heart was exceptionally worrisome and distracting – it was always pounding so intensely that it would even keep her up at night.

My higher guidance brought our focus to dialoguing with her body and the emotions and beliefs related to her anxiety. After just one session she felt great relief, felt calmer in body and mind, and slept peacefully through several nights. She felt that key to all this was accepting the higher purpose that we were able to clarify for her: this was all coming to consciousness now to free her into being more present to herself as she fulfilled the work of her soul mission. However, her heart continued to often beat fast and hard and her breathing was still short and shallow.

Our next session further revealed that her heart was responding to her fear that she would lose control with everything that needed to be done. Her anxious self was trying to keep her safe, self-protective and cautious, concerned that if she was present to herself in her purpose she would be susceptible to negative interference. So its favourite time to show up was when she sat down to work, causing her to be unfocused and agitated.

It helped to clear an entity that was creating a significant sense of powerlessness and defeat but there was still much more that Diedre’s heart had to teach her. To find out how Diedre reclaimed her power visit

17 years intuitive healing experience. Integrating multi-dimensional ascension clearing, energy psychotherapy, thetahealing®, & vocal healing. Specializing in clearing stubborn patterns. In person or by phone 613-253-2888.

Copyright 2017 Amâeil (Melinda Urban) All Rights Reserved.

HEALING THE WOUNDED CHILD WITHIN Telecourse June 2017 Learn a step-by-step process that will help you to always support yourself when you are triggered into emotional pain. Make kinder, heart-centered choices for lasting change. Immediately apply this tool in your life after this experiential workshop. It is beneficial to: those who have limited or no personal experience with inner child work/counseling but currently have spiritual/self-care practices; those who are spiritually awakening and clearing ego; those who have struggled with repressed emotions or have difficulty managing their emotions. You bring with you a commitment to help yourself heal. Details:

Hair Analysis:  How the Sodium/Potassium Ratio Affects Your Ability to be Loving and Sexual

15 May 2017 - 7:41pm

by Dr Paul Eck

Why do so many individuals want to enjoy sex, but can’t because they feel fearful and inhibited? Why do so many individuals find it impossible to “let go” and express their true emotions towards a mate? The answer to these questions has to do with mineral imbalances in the body.

The quickest way to tell on a mineral chart if a person is fearful and inhibited is to look at his sodium to potassium ratio (Na/K). If a person has a sodium to potassium ratio of less than 2, it can prevent him or her from enjoying a passionate sexual experience. Now you ask, “What does this particular mineral ratio have to do with emotional and sexual enjoyment?” Here is the answer: There are two hormones in the body which control a person’s state of fear. These hormones are noradrenalin and adrenalin and they are both produced by the adrenal glands. An excess of noradrenalin puts a person on the offensive. It makes him excessively aggressive. You could see how this could prevent a person from expressing warmth and tenderness. On the other hand, excessive adrenalin makes one excessively defensive. This would make a person inhibited and afraid to be themselves. How could anyone in this state of mind let and spontaneously enjoy a sexual experience? Normally, there should be a perfect balance between these two hormones. This balance is represented by the sodium to potassium ration. Sodium represents noradrenalin (aggressiveness). potassium represents adrenalin (defensiveness-fear). When these two minerals, sodium and potassium, are in a balanced ratio of 2.5 to 1, an individual will neither be abnormally aggressive or defensive. However, whenever these two minerals become unbalanced, either the aggressiveness or the fearfulness will dominate and sexual enjoyment will suffer. The persons who are the most sexually and emotionally inhibited will have a low level of sodium (aggressiveness) and a proportionately higher level of potassium (fear). This is why people with a sodium to potassium ratio of less than 2.00 live in a chronic state of fear. They are always on the defensive.

People with low sodium to potassium ratio are so fearful all the time that they can never fully express their emotions. They are always inhibited. They can never let their feelings “flow”. These people are generally outwardly lacking in passion while inwardly they may have warm and loving thoughts and feelings. When a person is fearful and inhibited and unable to express his full emotions, don’t look down on him and condemn him. If you had the same mineral ratios that he did, you would be the same way. I know what I am talking about. I spent many years of my life living in a state of perpetual fear. Anyone with a high or low level of copper, iron, zinc, or manganese will have the same problems we just mentioned. Also, many people will not show a poor sodium to potassium ration until their second or third hair test. Their true fearful condition may be “masked”.

Discover Better Health with Hair Analysis and Nutritional Balancing. Hair Analysis allows you to see your internal environment to identify and target deficiencies you can then correct with changes in nutrition and lifestyle. Your body has the natural ability to heal itself. Contact: TheHairAnalyst 613-789-1318

Who Are You Seeing?

15 May 2017 - 4:59pm

Written by Alexis Nicol

When you look at me, who are you seeing?  Are you seeing me as a woman, white, Canadian, short, entitled, happy, proud, guilty, angry?  Do you see what I’m getting at?  I am that and I am everyone; black, white, yellow, red, green, tall, short, fat, thin, entitled, afraid, angry and the list is infinite as are each of us.  When we think of ourselves as separate we aren’t seeing our own beauty in the mirror of Nature.  For every thought we have and experience about someone or something it is our own innermost Pure and Loving-Self trying to help us to see what we need to in order to evolve to our highest potential.

Our thoughts, feelings and expressions vibrate energy that will either empower or disempower you.  It is your free choice to decide how you view the world around you.  With loving thoughts we are vibrating on a more powerful level which increases the power of all life, seen and unseen.  Most of us don’t realize the influence generated by our thoughts.  We don’t see the ripple effect of how one act of kindness touches many and comes back to us with increasing value.

The next time you see something that creates some sort of reaction, be it positive or negative, try to stop and listen with your heart. Is it a message of beauty and love, a confirmation that you are on the right path?  Or, is it showing that a part of you is in pain and needs your attention and love?  You may receive a thought that allows you to see the situation in a new light.  Slowing down and taking a moment to reflect gives us the opportunity to receive the wisdom that IS.

It is through our loving connection to each other that we are able to see our own Divine Self within All.

Alexis believes in a Wholistic approach to healing mind, body and soul.  She combines Reiki, Reflexology, Reconnective Healing®, the Reconnection® and A Course In Miracles in her practice.   613-263-7925

Reclaim Pleasure and Transform Your Life

15 May 2017 - 4:39pm

Tracy Montgomery CSB

Think about something that gives you physical pleasure in your body. Perhaps it is standing in the shower feeling the silky water cascading over your body, or wiggling your bare feet in soft, warm sand. What about your lover gently stroking your neck, or the warmth of a beloved child’s hand in yours? Maybe it’s that first sip of a hot milky coffee on a cold morning or biting into a ripe peach, the sweet nectar trickling down your throat. Perhaps you are thinking about the delicious relaxation of Savasana after yoga class or the soothing, confident hands of your massage therapist.

Find a memory of physical pleasure, and take a moment to imagine each minute detail, noticing all the ways this experience brings you pleasure. Breathe it all in.

What happens as you focus on this experience? How does it feel in your body right now? What sensations or emotions do you notice as you focus here? How is it for you to focus on physical pleasure?  Is it pleasant, unpleasant or neutral?

If it wasn’t an altogether enjoyable experience for you, you are not alone. Pleasure is widely shamed in our culture, and it can be uncomfortable to choose pleasure deliberately and consciously. We have been taught that seeking pleasure is greedy or selfish and that following our physical desires is shameful or dishonourable, especially in conjunction with sex.

And so we learn to stop asking. We begin to believe that our wants, needs and desires are unimportant and that what is important is that we fit it and that we make sense to others.

As we internalize these messages, we stop trusting our inner voice and we suppress our desires. We label ourselves inappropriate when we feel something we “shouldn’t” and we feel less worthy. We begin to limit the amount of pleasure we allow ourselves to feel and we shut down. When we say no to pleasure, we say no to ourselves. Life isn’t as much fun, we find it harder to connect with people, and we’re less creative, less passionate, less interested in life.

And yet, you were born a pleasure-seeker. You were born wanting – nourishment, warmth, connection. You instinctively moved towards that which would help you thrive, and you had no shame in asking for it. Desire is what moves you through life; it’s what gets you up in the morning, and invites you to expand. To deny your desire is to deny the very core of who you are.

Experiencing pleasure floods our systems with endorphins and oxytocin. It alters our blood chemistry, enhances our brain power, and makes us aware of things we were not aware of before.

Pleasure heals. Choosing pleasure can remap the brain, restoring a sense of wellness, aliveness and safety in the body, and counteracting the chronic stress epidemic in our culture today.

If we reclaim our pleasure, we can transform our lives. We can learn to trust our own inner voice. When we know what we want, we can yes to it. When we feel worthy, we can say no to what we don’t want. When we can trust our wanting, we can be open to new experiences and expand relationships with our lovers, our children, our coworkers, our mothers.

Allowing more pleasure into our lives invites us to flourish- we can live a more fun, more sensual and more fulfilling life, engaging our creative, generative energy in the service of our life’s purpose.

Starting right now, starting right where you are, you can live a more joyous embodied life by simply paying attention and attuning to pleasure. Practice feeling into your body, and noticing what feels good. Welcome and appreciate your desires, recognizing them as the potent, life-giving force that they are.  Reclaim your pleasure and discover your most authentic, wise and fully alive self.

©2017 Tracy Montgomery is a somatic sex educator who offers erotic learning to those who want to expand their capacity for pleasure, love and joy, heal sexual dysfunction or the wounds of sexual abuse, and explore the intersection of sex and spirit. She works privately with individuals and couples, facilitates the Ottawa Snuggle Salon and offers interactive workshops on healthy sexuality. You can reach her by email: or phone: 613-656-8232.

Sri Chinmoy Answers

15 May 2017 - 4:30pm


Question: How can our modern technological society be taught to respect our planet Earth, and will man survive the impending ecological disasters?


SRI CHINMOY:   Mankind will survive everything precisely because God will not allow His perfection manifestation on earth to be a failure. But it is very difficult to impress upon others the necessity of respecting and preserving our Mother-Earth. If we try to play the role of enforcers, we will not be successful. Nobody wants to learn anything by outer force. Everybody has to be taught through inner illumination founded upon prayer and meditation and outer example.

The development of technology is not bad in itself. But we have to see whether technology is utilised for the divine satisfaction of mankind or for man’s mutual self-destruction. Our planet Earth, which God has chosen for His complete manifestation, will be inundated with light and delight when we all live in our purity-heart-garden and not in our impurity-mind-jungle.

In this sense, each seeker has a special role to play in the protection of our small planet. It is the illumination of the individual mind and spirit that will precede the awakening of a new collective awareness. The change in individual attitudes will be the precursor of a change in institutional policies, and the result will be a greater respect and love for our planet Earth.

Precisely because He is all Love and all Goodness, God will never allow mankind to destroy this beautiful world of His. He tells us to claim His world as our own, and to serve Him in this world by increasing the purity and divinity of our lives.

We can all see that the world has made tremendous progress. God has successfully inspired the human mind and heart to aspire towards a more harmonious world. He is infusing the earth-consciousness with greater oneness-light to go beyond national boundaries and other divisions.

We must remember that the Creator is always more powerful than His creation. The Creator can easily influence or change the negative and destructive forces in the world. So we must have faith in our Creator and trust that He will, without fail, do the needful for His creation.

Visit for further writings by Sri Chinmoy.


Laura’s Numerology Forecast

15 May 2017 - 1:39pm
May 2017

How to calculate your personal monthly number for May.

Add the day of your birth to the month of your birth.  Then add the number 6 for the current month (yes, this is right).  NOTE – If you’re final number adds up to double digits, add the two numbers together again until you get a single number.  If you still have trouble, email me.

NOTE:  This is a general Numerology forecast.  You have many other numbers connected to your name and birthday that will give you a better understanding of what this year will bring you and so much more.  Contact me for a 90 minute personal Numerology consultation if you are at a major crossroad in your life.

  1. I know that you have been praying for changes to come your way after the many restrictions of last year.  Well, this is the year that they will certainly arrive so get excited and ready.  The month of May is especially amplified for you as it breaks into a one-month in a five-year.  Both of these numbers signify new beginnings and radical changes.  You have probably experienced some of the changes already, maybe as early as October of last year.  Were they uncomfortable?  They can be as you are now being stretched beyond yourself and stretching can be painful or uncomfortable.  If you find yourself in a rut in any area of your life, take the reins and get out, now.  If you do not make the changes that you know you need to make, they will be made for you.  Get in control.  No fear. It is time for change!!!  If you find that you are at a serious crossroad, a session with me could give you the clarity and confirmation you need to take the right road with the most benefits.  This is a very key period in the nine-year cycle,  according to the Laws of Numerology.
  2. Do not be surprised if you find that many of your relationships are in your face and your emotions are raw and closer to the surface of your skin.  Find Zen early and do everything you can to hang on to it and remain calm.  You will also find yourself worrying about issues more than normal this month.  Don’t forget that worry is fear, so do everything you can to master your mind.  There can be additional family duties and responsibilities that come your way this month so be prepared to take those on.  This is a very good time for you to focus on taking care of some of the details of a new project that you started in April that could be connected to your domestic/home and relationship life.
  1. Tell everyone in your world to take a hike and leave you alone.  Can you take a bit of a sabbatical this month?  Can you detach from people and career concerns for a while?  Try to spend as much time as possible on # 1…YOU in May and you will benefit enormously.  You have a great need to seriously analyze how the events of the last 2-3 years have changed you and your life experience.  How have you grown?  Who are you now?  What do you want next?  Extra healing is required during the month of May.  Imagine that you are in a pregnant state this month.  Pregnant with a new you.  You have to take special care of yourself and nurture the baby.  You do not need to really know who this new aspect of yourself is at this time, just be expectant and force yourself to get excited.  Raise your inner vibration and your outer vibration will change.  If you find yourself in a state of depression do not hesitate to go to your doctor or coach.  I see more people in this influence than any of the other cycles.  Many find themselves seriously questioning their live.  This can be a time of major self-expansion.
  1. This is the month for you to focus on making a decision in the area of career advancements, investments or anything to do with money or purchases.  Also, this is a very important month that demands work, discipline and fortitude.  Any travel should be for work-related issues or family duties only.  This is not a time to be extravagant with money but is more for practical purchases. (roof, car, etc.)  Big changes should be arriving for you in June, so get ready.  Quite often these changes are in the area of career or anything to do with work.  They can be surprising, so hang on to your hat.  If you are looking for new work or projects, this is an excellent planning period.  Get organized, redo your resume, etc.  If you do all this now, you should get a pay off in June, September or November of this year.  This is not a year to sit on the fence and do nothing in the area of career or money issues.  Decisions and work are required.
  1. Do you have an opportunity to move into a short term job, or contract?  There is a good indication that it will be temporary, so do not lose your heart to it.  There could be a learning opportunity around this, so suck up the knowledge for later use.  The whole year is all about endings and closure for you, so think about what you could get rid of, now.  Obstacles that are on your path could trip you up later, so sweep them away, now.  This would be an excellent month to have a garage sale and sell all the stuff you do not need any more.  Some of you will be moving house in May or June, so get ready!  Many will sell their home at this time, but not move until the fall.  Do not take any risks or start a new relationship at this time, as it will not have legs to get very far into the future.  If you have a trip planned, no worries as this is the perfect time to travel.
  1. All of your energy should be used on chores or domestic obligations during the month of May.  Spend your hard-earned paycheck on the kids, your home and any domestic items that you need.  This is a “we” month and not a “me” month so family members could be extra demanding.  It seems that everyone needs a piece of you.  Are you looking for a new home?  You could find it now, so keep your eyes peeled.  Are you starting a new renovation of your current home?  The month of May is perfect to begin, so get busy.  You are in an important year in 2017 as it is the first year of a nine-year chunk of time.  Some people under this influence will be fortunate enough to manifest a new love.  If you are looking for either a new home or a new love, get your eyes peeled and your lure in the water, now.  Don’t waste this important month.
  1. Your emotions could be oozing out all over the place, so travel with lots of tissue.  Use this month to focus on the most important person in your life.  That would be you, of course.  You do not have to flail under this influence but it does demands that you stop what you are doing and take care of yourself.  I know that others are demanding and you feel that you need to be there for them, but you cannot fill their cup if yours is empty, right?  The inner world or mind is usually out of control at this time with concerns about the future.  Search out Zen and hang on to it.  Somehow you must find balance for yourself this month.  Hang in there. Be patient and know that in the bigger picture all is well.
  2. A new confidence will take the place of the powerlessness that you have felt during the recent past.  Force yourself to be more assertive, and ask for what you want and need.  No sitting on the fence during the month of May, please.  It is all about action and decisiveness!  This month demands that you dig deeply and make decisions to move forward.  What can you do to get into a stronger position?  Look into career or investment opportunities that could benefit you in the bigger picture.  Many will start a new job at this time, so if you are looking, put your lure in the water and dangle it hard.  Give birth to your new website or marketing plan in May.
  1. You will have a certain glow about you, this month.  Don’t get excited, it’s only sweat.  It is time to get rid of everything that is cluttering your path now.  Get ready for a positive shift that should begin in June.  Purging and organizing on all levels would be an excellent use of this month for you.  Is there some work that you have been ignoring?  Now is the time to put on your gloves and get dirty.  Use this month to finish up projects and prepare for having a bit of fun this summer (I said a bit of fun!).  Sorry, massive amounts of fun are not the focus of the year, but you can have some during the summer months, as long as you keep your head.  The bit of fun will have to wait until June.  Put your nose to the grindstone now.  Force yourself to stay focused and keep busy and you will use the month of May well.  Many will experience some endings or closures in their work place.  Perhaps the ending of a project or a contract.  Have no fear.  Force yourself to stay excited because as one door closes another door opens.  So much is dependent on your vibration, so stay as up and positive as possible.