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Doctor and Best-Selling Author Eben Alexander Launches His New Book at The Ottawa International Writers Festival

4 September 2017 - 1:07pm

(Ottawa, July 24, 2017) Millions were captivated by Dr. Eben Alexander’s first book, Proof of Heaven which retold his miraculous recovery from a coma and his journey beyond this world and an encounter with a super-physical existence. The book debuted at #1 on The New York Times Bestseller List where it remained in the Top 10 for more than a year.

The neurosurgeon followed up with a second book, The Map of Heaven which explored humankind’s spiritual history and the progression of modern science. Now, his third book, Living in a Mindful Universe: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Heart of Consciousness examines how we can tap into our greater mind and the power of the heart to facilitate enhancement of healing, relationships, creativity and guidance.

The Ottawa International Writers Festival is pleased to announce that Dr. Alexander will be in Ottawa on Saturday, October 21, at Christ Church Cathedral for the Canadian launch of Living in a Mindful Universe. The afternoon session will feature Dr. Alexander sharing his new book, a power point and sound presentation, an audience question-and-answer and a book signing with his partner Karen Newell..

‘’Karen Newell and I are honored that the Canadian launch of our new book will take place at the Ottawa International Writers Festival. We look forward to meeting everyone and sharing some of the revolutionary scientific revelations and experiential techniques described in the book.  Personal experience is our greatest teacher, and pathways to greater knowing involve a journey into consciousness. Living in a Mindful Universe reveals details of my journey since my Near Death Experience, using each interaction as an opportunity to grow spiritually and to find new truth about the reality of the soul and the healing power of love’’ says Dr. Alexander

Dr. Alexander has spent more than 25 years as an academic neurosurgeon, including 15 years at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital, the Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston. He has personally dealt with patients suffering from severe alterations in their level of consciousness. Many patients were rendered comatose by trauma, brain tumors, ruptured aneurysms, infections or stroke. He thought he had a good idea of how the brain generates consciousness, mind and spirit.

But in 2008 he spent a week in a coma after he contracted a rare and mysterious bacterial meningo-encephalitis. He emerged later to tell his incredible story of his near-death experience and encounter with an angelic being who guided him into the deepest realms of existence.

U.S. Doctor and Best-Selling Author Dr. Eben Alexander Coming to Ottawa International Writers Festival

By Tony Lofaro

When I read Dr. Eben Alexander first book, Proof of Heaven I was struck by his incredible story of recovery after being in a seven-day coma. He wrote about his experience with an angelic being who guided him into the deepest realms of super physical existence. He also believed that God and the soul are real. And so do I. I lost two uncles within the span of seven months in 2012 and his book gave me comfort that life does exist beyond here on earth. And when I lost my beloved wife Gina in June 2014 I re-read his book and it touched me again and helped me in my grief. It gave me hope that one day I will be reunited with my wife.

It is for those reasons and many others that I wanted to bring Dr. Alexander to Ottawa to hear his story and find out for myself if there is an after-life. I think we all want to know if God is real and whether there is a life beyond here. So, in conjunction with the Ottawa International Writers Festival, we are pleased to bring Dr. Alexander and his partner, Karen Newell to Ottawa Oct. 21 for the Canadian launch of his new book, Living in a Mindful Universe. Dr. Alexander will be speaking about his experiences and signing his new book. I hope people come to the event and also come with an open mind.

Tickets are available through the Ottawa International Writers Festival website  The fall edition of the festival runs from Oct. 19-24.

For Information please contact Neil Wilson at or Tony Lofaro at 613-816-2718 or

Sacred Stalker: Part One

4 September 2017 - 12:23pm

Ian Prattis

Several decades ago I became aware that I had a stalker. I would glance over my shoulder and feel a distinct presence. The presence was a woman from the 18th century. This was made known to me by a shaman mentor – White Eagle Woman – who made it clear that I was mistaken. This was no stalker. The female entity from the past was a medicine woman from the American Southwest. She was trying to bring powerful medicine gifts through to me in the 21st century, but I had not learned how to release my logical and intellectual mind, and certainly did not possess the wisdom to receive. She had a name – Trailing Sky Six Feathers.

Over time my stubborn resistance was no match for her determination. I ultimately surrendered to this Muse. I wrote a book about our journey – Trailing Sky Six Feathers: One Man’s Journey with His Muse. I learned that I had died in her arms in 1777 and she swore to find me in the future to complete my purpose. Through her insistence I learned how to reconfigure my understanding of time, place and consciousness. She refused to give up on how dense I was and through her insistence, karma was reversed, the internal battles ceased and I learned to navigate past and present life experiences over four centuries.

The medicine gifts received from Trailing Sky during dream visions and shamanic journeys required that I nurture skills within me to use them wisely. I eventually remembered a clear mosaic of experiences stretching back to 1777. Past life memories collide head on with the present. The relentless shadowing by this Muse brought understanding and purpose to overcome the darkness of my past.

How did this all come about?

Many years ago when I was a young professor at Carleton University, I split my time between Ottawa and the Hebrides in Scotland. I was trying to create an academic career and at the same time save a failing marriage. I was not doing a good job with either. I had a boat – a 26 foot clinker built vessel with an inboard engine to enter the dangerous surrounding sea with tourists on board. I must have been really insane or totally desperate – perhaps both! One disastrous journey sears my mind. It was from Eriskay, to the north, back to my home on the Island of Barra. An unanticipated storm and dense fog quickly blew up to gale force winds. Disaster loomed from every option that was available to my mind. I stood braced at the wheel of this small craft with four tourists huddled on board. Fear was no longer guiding me, as I muttered the 23rd Psalm – “I shall not want.” I remember a terrible chilling silence come over me along with utter helplessness. The boat navigated through a narrow gap in an offshore rock spur, and the wheel spinned to avoid the sharp spine of another rock ledge.

I did not have that knowledge. I did not have that skill. They were not my hands on the wheel – something else had taken over as the boat slowly limped into the sheltered harbour after dark. I disembarked and walked to my house. I sat on the steps, as the storm ceased its fury and a crescent moon came out from the clouds. My reflections on the day were savage, yielding ugly truths I had long buried. I could take no credit for bringing the boat home safely. I thought of the furious sea as a piercing dirty grey, the colour of dying – just waiting for me. I knew I had to put an end to my recklessness on the sea and in life. This was not where I was to be; either in this relationship I was trying to save or the location. The stressful drain on time and energy to travel back and forth between Canada and the Hebrides was debilitating. It left me with zero energy for my life purpose. Instead I was choosing the graceless oblivion that alcohol and depression permit.

This essay is about what I felt when writing the Trailing Sky Six Feathers book which is available for an author autograph at

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Laura’s Numerology Forecast

3 September 2017 - 11:39pm

September 2017

How to calculate your personal monthly number.

Add the day of your birth to the month of your birth.  Then add the number 1 for the current month (yes, this is right).  NOTE – If you’re final number adds up to double digits, add the two numbers together again until you get a single number.  You will read about your number below.  If you still have trouble, email me.

NOTE:  This is a general Numerology forecast.  You have many other numbers connected to your name and birthday that will give you a better understanding of what this year will bring you and so much more.  Contact me for a 90 minute personal Numerology consultation if you are at a major crossroad in your life.                

1.   This could be a huge month for you, so use it well.  You have to get serious now and ask yourself “what is it that I really want”.  It is all about new beginnings and fresh starts for the month of September, so look for them.  If you have not planted new seeds in all the different areas of your life yet, hurry up and do it, now.  Then you will have to water the heck out of them, immediately and constantly.  Finally, the past is behind you and you can advance, or perhaps you would rather repeat the last nine years of your life.  It is up to you, so invest your your life, now.  Take advantage of this critically important period.  If it feels right to you, this would be an excellent time to have a session with me as you are in the first month of the next 9 years. This is the big fork in the road for you and I would love for you to take the path that is new and exciting and not just repeat history because you know how to do the dance.

2. Are you planning on watering the seeds that you planted last month?  If this is your intention, then you will use this month well.  Your patience will be required, as this is a slower influence, but very important for the growth of these seeds or new opportunities.  I would recommend that you try to find a Zen state of mind early and stay there if you want to get through this month smoothly.  If you are pushy or impatient it will back fire on you.  Diplomacy and co-operation are the words to remember for the entire month.  This is a “we” time and not a “me” time.  All of your relationships will need to be nurtured and watered, also.  Are there new relationships forming or perhaps, dissolving?  It is normal to be extra sensitive or overly emotional under this influence, so don’t be surprised if you feel like a big ball of nerves.  Find a health vent and you will be just fine.

3 Healing and creativity should be your main focus in September.  You may even consider this a time of “rebirth of self” after more than your share of life challenges.  The new you could be born this month, so do what you can to take care of the baby. Take a final lick of your wounds and once and for all let the pain of the last few years go.  This period would also be ideal for selling, writing or promoting yourself, your product or your ideas.  You could also just stop everything and have a bunch of fun, as this will aid in your healing journey and increase your inner vibrations and prepare you for the rebuilding cycle that is coming as of October.  You will require more discipline and focus as of next month and into the coming year., so charge up your battery now.

4.  I really hope that you had a bunch of fun in August, as September squeezes you into a period of heavy work and responsibility that requires much discipline, duty and dedication.  You must put your nose to the grindstone and get serious.  No slacking allowed.  If you do this now you will receive a nice pay off later.  This is a building cycle, so make sure that all of your foundations are rock solid.  The most important foundation is your health, of course, so no neglect in this area.  If there are cracks in your body or mind or you have neglected visiting your Doctor for regular appointments, be smart and do it now.  This is a demanding year and your must be prepared.

5.  Stay loose as you will experience a few twists and turns on your path in September.  This month brings a highly charged energy and a deep desire for freedom and change.  Does the idea of change and freedom appeal to you?  Then you should love this influence.  If not, you might find this month uncomfortable and unstable.  Take advantage of new opportunities that come your way or better yet take the initiative and look for them.  Nothing will stay the same in a 5 month, ever, so make friends with change.  It is amplified as you are also in a 5 year.  This is another perfect time for a session with me as you are being squeezed to make changes.  Travel or moving works well under this influence.

6.  Everyone needs a chunk of you in Sept. and you might feel that there is not enough “you” to go around.   This is a month where home and family responsibilities take center stage. Pace yourself this month, as the many obligations could become overwhelming.  Catch up on your house/garden work and renovations.  Try to focus on any family issues that need to finally be resolved.  Do what you can to clean up the home, family and relationship area of your life as I want you to have more time to take care of yourself in Oct.  You will have a need to rest, and take care of your own needs next month, but will find it hard to do this in September.

7.  What has been rolling around in your head this year?  Whatever it is, you cannot ignore it, now.  It is very normal according to the laws of numerology that your head be heavy with thoughts, doubts and worries.  Try to remain calm and get professional help if you are on the line.  Water the plant called “me”, hard and frequently and you will flow through this month.  You would be wise to plan a solitary trip, retreat or take a course in September, as it will afford you some much needed rest and relaxation.  I know that this has not been an easy year for you and you might feel that it is all coming to a head in September.  Do not make major decisions at this time.  This is a better month to gather information or conduct deep research and prepare to make major decisions as of October.  Rest, recuperate and mend.  Life picks up speed in next month. Prepare for this now.

8.  Are you being tested and evaluated this month?  The chance of recognition or advancement is emphasized, so watch your posture and be conscious of all you do and say.  Career and money issues are in your face and should be your focus. Have you been thinking about a new career or promotion?  This is the month to throw your hat in the ring and expect it to happen.  The next 3 months are very positive for business or monetary advancement, so invest, now.  Many will receive a new job in September but only official start it in November.  This month’s energy is all about prosperity and moving forward in a dynamic and focused way.  So get out there and make the most of it.  Get ready to work hard and move ahead.  Think harvest or rich, positive thoughts.  The wheel of fortune is spinning.  Where do you want it to stop?

9.  Try to put a big effort into finishing your “to do” list and focus on clearing your path so that you can suck up a powerful new energy that is aimed in your direction in October.  September should be used for finishing projects, excavating obstacles, and preparing your plan of attack for the immediate future..  The time is right for you to create an entirely different path so that you can transcend into a bigger, better and a more expanded world.  What will your new world look like?  It would be normal if there was an unexpected ending or perhaps a situation that caused you to panic.  This will be short lived so try to stay as calm as possible and know that not everything can stay the same and move with you into your next 9 year cycle. It is truly the month to put the past behind you once and for all.  Clear your path and let the past and pain go.  Get ready and get excited!!!





22 August 2017 - 7:59pm

WHAT WE BRING INTO AWARENESS, we bring into healing. To book a session, contact Cheryl Clark at 613-890-2178 or


22 August 2017 - 7:53pm

SIGNY FRIDRIKSSON COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY M.A. (Counselling and Spirituality). Feeling stuck? Improve relationships,clarify goals, manage stress, and increase well-being. I offer calm & non-judgmental listening, empathy and respect in a safe, supportive environment. Couples, families and individuals. 613-864-5222

Transformation of the Self: Friends of Jung Ottawa

19 August 2017 - 2:54pm

Friends of Jung Ottawa (FOJ) is preparing a new season for 2017 – 2018. FOJ members meet monthly to learn and talk about Carl Jung and his successors in a friendly informal atmosphere.

This season focuses on Transformation of the Self, through a variety of Jungian and post-Jungian themes.

Meetings will take place on Friday evenings, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm, at the Richelieu-Vanier Community Centre, 300 avenue des Pères-Blancs. Suggested donation: $15.

Friday, September 15, 2017

The Alchemy of the Self

How does the ancient art of alchemy illuminate the changes we live through to become more fully ourselves? FOJ member Catherine Betz will lead the discussion using images and concepts from Jung and successors, such as Von Franz, Edinger, Grinnel, Harding and Hillman.

Friday, October 13, 2017

The Future of Identity

This talk asks: “Do we need new archetypes to guide and understand the transformation of self in a digital environment?” We are seeing unprecedented trends transforming both individual identity and our social fabric. FOJ member John Verdon will explore our past, present, and emerging future to provide insight into evolving archetypal challenges.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork™, developed by Stan and Christina Grof, is a powerful approach to self-exploration and healing that integrates insights from consciousness research, anthropology, depth psychologies, transpersonal psychology, Eastern spiritual practices, and other mystical traditions. Katherine Kimbell, an FOJ member and Holotropic Breathwork facilitation trainee, will present.

In December, there will be a Holiday wine and cheese gathering at a private home to explore the Gordon and Jessica Riddell library, with more than 400 books by Jung and Jungians. For members only, by pre-registration.

Upcoming for winter 2018: Astrology, the I Ching, and a talk by a local Jungian Analyst.


The Importance of Human Touch

18 August 2017 - 9:22pm

Tracy Montgomery CSB

When my kids were growing up, they would sing, “Four hugs a day, that’s the minimum, 4 hugs a day, not the maximum…*” I’m not sure about the number of hugs that are actually required, but there is plenty of research confirming that touch is fundamental to the human experience.

More than simple sensory input, touch is our first language. Positive, loving touch is vital to human development, bonding, and health, and recent studies show that non-sexual human touch promotes greater trust, decreased violence, stronger immune systems, greater learning engagement and overall wellbeing. A single touch can affect us profoundly in many ways, and the emotion and context that accompany the touch can change the actual physical experience.

Touch has a huge influence on our relationships. It impacts how we relate to others and how we feel about ourselves. Humans are communal creatures, and we feel closer and more connected to the people we share touch with – a hug from a friend, a pat on the back from a co-worker, holding hands with a lover.

Mindful, nurturing touch is vital for humans to thrive. If we are not getting enough touch, we can feel anxious, lonely, and depressed. With more and more social interactions happening online, it’s important to make sure we’re not missing out on opportunities to fill our touch quota. Here are some ways to ensure you’re getting your minimum dosage of vitamin ‘T’:

Ask for or offer a hug – but don’t limit yourself to your mother, your lover, or your kids. Chances are your best friend or your neighbour could use a hug too. Plus, whether you are asking to receive or to give, it’s a great opportunity for both of you to practice your boundary and communications skills.

Cuddle up with a furry friend. Not only do pets offer tactile stimulation and unconditional love, studies show that people with pets experience less stress. If you don’t have one, borrow the neighbour’s.

Stimulate your skin. Our need for touch is about pleasure and comfort. Use a loofah or facecloth in the shower. Pay attention to the texture of your clothes and choose the softest sheets and pillows. Give yourself a hand massage or walk barefoot in the grass. And when you self-pleasure, caress your whole body. Remember, your skin is your largest sex organ.

Get a massage. Massage practitioners love bodies, and the nurturing touch they provide relieves stress, encourages relaxation and promotes a feeling of wellbeing. Give yourself the gift of an hour of touch, just for you. If money is an issue, you can check out your local massage school. Senior students need bodies to practice on and their rates are low.

Join a group, sport or club where touch is part of the program. Dancing, especially salsa, tango, and circle dancing is a great way to build up your touch quota. Contact improv, partner yoga and Authentic Relating game nights offer opportunities for consensual touch, and don’t discount the camaraderie of the locker room- lots of back-slapping and partner stretching and high-fives to be had there.

Attend a Snuggle Salon. The Ottawa Snuggle Salon offers a relaxed space where you can experience nurturing, consensual, non-sexual touch with others in the way that feels right to you, moment to moment. People come to the Snuggle Salon to meet new people and enjoy amazing conversations, to touch and to be touched, to practice saying ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ and of course, to snuggle. Typically, people enjoy foot-rubs, back rubs, spooning, nuzzling, and just generally snuggling up together. You never have to do anything you don’t want to do at a Snuggle Salon event- you can join a group snuggle or simply hang out in your jammies and chill.  Learn more about the Ottawa Snuggle Salon at

©2017 Tracy Montgomery is a somatic sex educator who offers erotic learning to those who want to expand their capacity for pleasure, love and joy, heal sexual dysfunction or the wounds of sexual abuse, and explore the intersection of sex and spirit. She works privately with individuals and couples, facilitates the Ottawa Snuggle Salon and offers interactive workshops on healthy sexuality. Visit her online at * ©Charlotte Diamond 1985

Love, Love, Love Your Inner Child

18 August 2017 - 9:17pm

Rev. Sherry Harris, MSW, RSW, Psycho-spiritual counselor, coach, teacher, healer

Every one of us has parts of us that became wounded in childhood. No matter how wonderful the parenting we received was, it was not unconditional as the love we received in spirit before taking on this incarnation. We call these wounded parts our inner children and we can, from our adult self, present them with amazing healing. When this healing occurs the wounded parts of us mature into healthy, whole parts which then integrate back into our adult self giving us safety, trust, joy, awe, self love and confidence in ourselves.

The inner child work is simple. Basically you connect with your child inside around the age of 4-6 years. You create a relationship with that precious being inside and fill that child with love, acceptance, understanding and support. Our inner child is the emotional aspect of our self that has been hurt, repressed, and made to feel unlovable. When connection is made and this is not hard if you can trust your imagination), you can find out what kind of love and support your inner child needs and easily and consistently provide it.

I personally have been doing the inner child work on myself for 26 years. It has brought healing for me as no other therapy has. The clients I have taught it to who have embraced it seriously have discovered amazing healing in terms of self love and acceptance. They have learned through dialoguing with and supporting their inner child to release guilt, shame, anger, resentment, fear, anxiety and confusion. They have learned that their healed and healthy inner child (the one that came in initially) is full of love, enthusiasm and awe for life. This child is loving, confident, creative and full of joy at simply being.

If you would like to learn to heal your inner child we can do this in 5 sessions if you are committed. This will provide a life-long skill to heal your stuck emotions quickly and permanently.

Rev. Sherry Harris, MSW, RSW, OM   613-236-8852

The Frequency of Love

18 August 2017 - 9:14pm


A few months ago, I was talking with a client about a variety of issues that she was struggling with.  She was not happy and kept focusing on “negative” things that were all around her.  Although this was taking place during a phone conversation, I could feel my own energy level coming down slowly.

You see, over the past 11 years I have come to understand that energy is all around us and that it has a direct impact on our life.  I have also come to know that I must keep myself vibrating at a very high frequency if I want to enjoy the best possible “life” experience.  I therefore check in with myself to ensure that I’m vibrating at a 10 on a scale of 0 to 10.  This is not always possible but I can tell you that on a “bad” day, I only come down to a 7 and sometimes a 6.  This is important to know because when you are vibrating at a 10, you are actually vibrating at the frequency of love.  Abundance, health, healing, they all reside here.

The word Praxis is defined as being the alignment of your beliefs with your actions.  To know when things are in alignment just check into your emotions.  If you are happy, joyful, grateful, feeling positive, you know that you are vibrating at 10 or near a 10.  If you are feeling anger, resentment, fear, do know that you are vibrating at a low frequency which is not supportive of a positive outcome in your life.  We can all decide at which frequency to live our lives.  I have chosen to vibrate at a 10 which is the Frequency of Love.

Daniel Roy is the principal instructor of the Ottawa-based Praxis Wealth Institute.  He is a Certified Retirement Coach, Certified Financial Planner as well as public speaker.  He is the author of The Essential Guide to Retirement Readiness”.  He conducts workshops and courses on the subject of winning the game of wealth creation.

Bowen Therapy for Cancer Patients

18 August 2017 - 4:46pm

Bowen Therapy, also known as Bowenwork™, is the next generation of bodywork. The practitioner’s moves with fingers and thumbs are so gentle that people in wheelchairs, in severe pain, and bedridden can be treated.

Precise sets of moves over soft tissue and nerves stimulate the autonomic nervous system to rebalance and support the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

Results may include pain and symptom reduction, relaxed muscles, improved healing of injuries, decreased inflammation and swelling, improved circulation and lymph flow, reduction of high blood pressure, improved digestion, decreased cortisol production, hormone balancing, and more.


Symptoms Treated

Bowen Therapy may help reduce the severity of side effects and physical issues suffered by many oncology patients, without the need for additional medications. It addresses these and more:

Nausea; Constipation; Diarrhea; Mood issues; Stress; Headaches and migraines; Range of motion; Stiffness; Joint and muscle pain; Fatigue; Scarring, Swelling; Lymphedema (Search  for the research paper entitled Bowenwork for symptom management of women breast cancer survivors with lymphedema: A pilot study.)

The result of regular Bowen Therapy sessions is improved quality of life during chemotherapy and radiation treatments.



Judy Duciaume of Timmons, ON described how Bowen Therapy helped her during chemo:

“As the chemo accumulated in my system, the effects of them would very quickly make me weaker and more susceptible to its side effects.”

After the first Bowen session, followed by Round 3 of chemo:

“For the next two days I enjoyed life. I… felt energetic. I did not spend hours in the bathroom while my body rejected the drugs. That alone was so different from the last treatment.”

Read the full article at

A client of advanced practitioner Ann Musselman in Port Dover, ON described his improved quality of life during cancer treatments:

“I began weekly Bowen treatments and experienced energy and much relief from the pain that was in my lower abdomen and neck. I felt so much better and alive after the sessions.”

Read the full testimonial at


Bowen Therapy Empowers Caregivers

A key benefit of Bowen Therapy for cancer patients is that it takes the body out of the stressed “fear, fight, freeze or flight” modes and into a relaxed state that enables healing.

Janet Riley, RN, teaches Bowen Therapy in Ottawa. Family members and caregivers who take Module 1 over a weekend will learn basic body balancing and relaxation procedures to support healing. The next Module 1 course in Ottawa will be held November 4-5, 2017. See for details.


There’s a Bowen Therapy Practitioner in the Ottawa-Gatineau region located near you! Refer to the business cards beside this article or visit our Facebook page at

The Purpose of Meditation

12 August 2017 - 9:04pm

By Rupa

The purpose of meditation is to purify and sharpen the mind to acquire a suitable place for consciousness to awaken and cultivate; not to let the mind be “blank”, or try to stop thoughts, because the function of the brain is to think. Instead, we train our mind to be an observer and then are able to awaken consciousness to know what is happening in the mind and the world around us.

Meditation is a rehearsal of life. During meditation everyone sees and experiences differently. This is because of being under the influence of the modes of nature. Some experience calm, peacefulness and tranquility. Some might feel stress, exhausted and not want to stay still. They prefer moving and acting. Some want to sleep.

Meditation gives us a chance to see the pattern of our mind and change the pattern if need be; also train our mind to face stress so when things happen in life we have some idea of how to deal with it. Meditation helps us develop the ability to distinguish illusion from reality and gain strength of mind. Like physical body strength training, we cannot expect it to be easy.

The flow of thoughts are like a river. Practicing meditation is like sitting on the bank of the river, observing the flow of the water that comes and goes, but not being affected by the water. Sometimes we see big waves, sometimes we see through the water, sometimes we see leaves floating on top of the water. No matter what we see, we just keep observing, not trying to change anything, not trying to stop anything. Gradually we will be able to not be pulled by the thoughts and not agitated by the change of the thoughts. The repetition of meditation helps to sharpen the mind so we can see more clearly. At the same time, meditation helps expand the capacity of the brain so we can receive more information without being overwhelmed. The process can be hard and long but the reward is extraordinary—we are able to stay calm in any situation in our life with the power of mind.

Welcome to attend Rupa’s (Ivy) meditation at Wishingtree Yoga. Rupa has been practicing Yoga since 1996 in China. Her Chinese background and training gives her a natural understanding of this ancient eastern wisdom. Her living, studying and teaching in Canada has provided her the opportunity to develop the practice in a modern western way.

Rupa also offers teacher training at Wishingtree Yoga. The experience will let you understand this amazing scientific knowledge and give you practical skills and techniques to use on and off the mat!

For more information, visit

Is Smoking Addictive?

12 August 2017 - 8:33pm

Physically, is it physically addictive? Think about it. Now, I know most of you out there will think, “Well, of course, it’s physically addictive otherwise, I’d just stop.” You’d be wrong and I’m now going to take a few minutes to explain why you’re wrong and why it’s not physically addictive to you.

See about 10 years the AMA, American and Medical Association, they got together the best doctors, the best neurosurgeons, the best addictions specialists, psychiatrists in the world. They threw tens of millions of dollars at this project and it was simply to find if nicotine was physically addictive onto your system. And after 10 years of research, a big, heavy paper that you can probably find online somewhere, it’s about 657 pages if you wanna read it. Best minds in the world researching it, you know what they concluded? That nicotine is not physically addictive.

Now, interesting when you say, to yourself, “Well, why do I keep smoking?” Well, keep watching the video. See, a cigarette has about 2,500 ingredients in it, about 67 of those are proven to cause cancer. Now, with an addictive substance that somebody uses in their life, you need to keep upping the dosage to get the same effect. Hence, the alcoholic is drinking far more beverages, far more units of alcohol now than when he first started or when she started, the same with the heroin addict, the heroin addict isn’t on the same level of heroin now as they were when they first started because they had to keep up and upping, and upping the dosages.

Now, what tends to happen with smokers is, a smoker doesn’t tend to go from one packet a day to two packets a day to four packets a day to eight packets a day. They generally find their level and they level out that might be one that might be two-packet but then they pretty much have a holding pattern of smoking that same amount throughout their smoking career, but they don’t have to smoke more and more and more once they’ve leveled out to get that same high, it’s another reason why smoking isn’t physically addictive.

Now, basically, if smoking was physically addictive then people who work in areas that are filled with smoke like in Las Vegas, like I recently came back to, people who work in bars, people who work in clubs, the casinos, these types of environment where smoke is present. For some of these people who don’t smoke, what would happen is and what does happen oftentimes with them, is they get lung cancer, they actually get cancer through working in these areas, and passively smoking through, years and years and years of this. They die but they still don’t smoke. The passive smokers still doesn’t smoke but they catch lung cancer before they smoke, doesn’t that seem ridiculous? Because it was addicted…if it was addictive they’ve actually got 10, 20 years working in this casino-like or bar environment, they’d be smelling those Marlboro Lights and if it was physically addictive, they’d just come over to you and be like, “What is that? Is that Marlboro Lights? Can I score some of those off you?” No, they don’t smoke. In fact, their system would rather give them cancer or make them die, it does that before they become physically addictive.

And I ask you as a smoker, when was the last time that you woke up at 2:37 a.m. and your body is shaking uncontrollably and you are foaming at your mouth, and you’re willing to kill your most beloved person next to you in order to get a hit of your drug, to get a hit of that cigarette? Now, you might wake up and you might go to a washroom, and you might say to yourself, “You know what, think I like a little cigarette to go with this,” you might do that but you don’t have an uncontrollable urge in your body where you foam and there’s a chemical reaction in your body that you have to have it. It doesn’t happen.

If it was physically addictive, you wouldn’t be able to go eight hours when you sleep without smoking. Yeah, when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you might choose to do is have a smoke and it might make you feel better emotionally but if you were really physically addicted, you’d have to get up every couple of hours to smoke a cigarette not because you’re already up.

Now, when was the last time you went two, three, four, eight hours when you were awake and you didn’t have a cigarette? Now, yeah, you might say, “Well, yeah, I got really angry, I got really annoyed,” yeah, you got emotionally annoyed, you got emotionally angry, you got frustrated perhaps because you used to do that and you used it to help you to control your emotions on some level. I get that but is it physically addictive? Are you going to go into spasms? No.

I get alcoholics who’d come and see me. Alcoholics are to a level where their actual medical doctor says to them, “If you stop drinking alcohol cold turkey, you could die,” so they have to be weaned off alcohol. You can stop smoking cigarettes like that. I’ve seen thousands of people do it. In fact, I’ve have helped thousands of people doing it for over 20 years now.

I’m not saying it’s necessarily easy to quit smoking but what I’m saying is completely emotional, “Am I discounting what you go through with all those emotions when you stop?” No, it can still be, really, really hard, I get it, I really get it because I’ve seen so many smokers doing this but is it physically addictive in your system/ No, not at all.

So we’re going to use hypnosis and turn it around. In fact, I’m going to help you de-hypnotize you so you would just won’t want to do it anymore. It’s almost like if you watch the other video, instead of attracting it into your life like that, what actually starts to happen is after I work to get it starts to repel, so as hard as you try, they just won’t come together, you can’t do that habit anymore. So that’s what we’re going to do when it comes to your smoking addiction, at least mental addiction, let’s clear that up. Mental addiction, sure, still tough. I’m going to help you deal with it. Physical addiction, no, it’s not!

Always Believe,

Luke Michael Howard Ph.D.

Clinical Hypnotist


Awakening Ottawa

10 August 2017 - 11:26pm

Introducing Ottawa’s New Integrated Web Portal for Healers, Peace Builders & Spiritual Entrepreneurs:

by Daniel Mauro is an exciting new integrated web portal for all things holistic, spiritual, healing, and peace related in Ottawa-Gatineau. The area of land spanning the National Capital Region is sitting on sacred ground. Just as there are planetary chakras located around the world, Ottawa is transforming into a planetary energy centre with its own unique energy signature, vibration, and spiritual mission. In awakening towards its future destiny, our Nation’s Capital has the potential to serve as a spiritual hub for Canada, and potentially, a consciousness leader for the world.

On Thursday, June 1, we did our first official launch for on CKCU’s I Am Alive Radio Show (see Home page or Blog for interview replay). Awakening Ottawa is a collective of individuals, events, and projects that aims to support Ottawa’s ongoing spiritual emergence, as part of a larger Enlightened Canada initiative I articulated during 2 live presentations in 2016.

Whether you are an energy healer, holistic nutritionist, yoga instructor, naturopath, vegan-vegetarian restaurant owner, homeopath, Theta healer, Bowen therapy practitioner, chiropractor, EFT guide, brain optimizing specialist, or spiritual teacher – you have chosen to be on a heart centered path of healing and you need to let others know about your unique services. As of June 2017, is the newest web portal to promote what you do and highlight what’s hot in Ottawa. Aside from a convenient Holistic Directory, the site features a Mandate, Initiatives, Events, and Blog page.

The MANDATE page describes 6 primary pillars – gentle guiding principles with which the site is structured and continues to evolve. Community integration, spiritual initiatives, and an events calendar are examples of essential pillars that drive the spiritual movement and help organize dynamic activities within the site itself.

Next is the INITIATIVES page, which features larger-in-scope spiritual happenings. Of the multitude of Ottawa events taking place on a monthly basis, the initiatives page would primarily highlight conferences, festivals, or movements that impact Ottawa-Gatineau’s spiritual communities as a whole; for example, a HayHouse style event with Gregg Braden, the annual Ottawa Peace Festival, and William Commanda’s vision for the Chaudiere Islands.

Then we’ve got the HOLISTIC DIRECTORY: It gives healers, spiritual entrepreneurs, centres and holistic clinics the opportunity to promote their businesses in an easy-to-find, high visibility web location. This directory is categorized into subdirectories that feature everything from solo practitioners and nonprofits, to spiritual trainings & holistic nutrition schools, integrative clinics, yoga centres, wellness shops, and vegetarian restaurants.

The directory is also great for web visitors looking for a particular healing modality, holistic service, or training centre. For example, you may be considering a Yoga Teacher Training and want to scope out the different offerings available in the Ottawa yoga space. Or perhaps you want to attend an impromptu yoga class at a centre closest you. In either case, the search process is made easy with a Yoga Centre subdirectory.

Last but not least…the BLOG page. Blog posts will consist of concise pieces written by local entrepreneurs on a variety of cutting-edge topics. There are 3 criteria to be eligible to contribute a blog piece to You are: 1) Subscribed to one of the holistic directory pages; 2) An expert on a relevant topic; 3) Published in your area of expertise.

For phase 2 of (planned for fall 2017) we’ll be introducing a Dynamic Events Calendar. The events calendar is meant to be a one-stop shop for all of the exciting activities taking place in Ottawa that align with the overall theme of the site. It’ll be searchable by topic (e.g., sound healing, speaker-author events, vegetarian festivals, brain health shows, meditation retreats). Also in phase 2, we’ll be adding the “Ottawa Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast,” featuring regular audio interviews with local health & wellness practitioners, visionary creators, spiritual event planners and heart centered entrepreneurs. is positioned to become a premiere spiritual web location for Ottawa’s evolving healing-spiritual-peace building communities. We’ll continue to drive traffic to the site using a variety of digital avenues, social media, videos, and newsletter send outs. But the fastest way to make this thing go viral is through participation and word of mouth. If you feel inspired about what you find on the site and you’d like to support the overall Awakening Ottawa initiative, kindly share the link with kindred spirits and sign up for the Awakening Ottawa Newsletter (at the home page). For more info contact:

Namaste, Daniel G

BodyTalk: Quantum Fascial Balancing

10 August 2017 - 4:28pm

Watching fascia, muscle, bones, and joints release, change position, lengthen, and reshape, by moving them from particle to waveform, introducing energetic changes, and integrating these into the body, is a phenomenal way to facilitate healing. It creates endless possibilities to transform physical structures, e.g. realign posture, increase range of motion, release tension, enhance circulation of blood, nerve, lymph and energy, while strengthening our 3 brains and organs, and addressing related mental/emotional patterns.

The BodyTalk System can be used to alter the body’s waveform patterns by observing and suggesting modifications to them, from the perspective of consciousness, so that the greatest health outcomes can occur. While probabilities are different for each person and/or disease, e.g. Cystic Fibrosis may have fewer probabilities to change than a backache, improvements to quality of life and the reduced effects of stressors on all levels can always be facilitated.

BodyTalk uses muscle checking to find out what changes the body (via its consciousness) is ready to undertake. The changes requested create a formula that represent the preferred alternate probabilities for that unique body’s parts and systems. The formula is then suggested to the body’s energetic field, followed by implementing a standing wave (catalyst) via tapping over the head, heart and gut brains, which collapses the existing waveform patterns and superimposes the new preferred ones. The energy field then integrates these changes to its patterns, which the body’s structure begins to reflect back through its ameliorated function.

During my BodyTalk session, I felt energy circulating throughout my body, from head to heart, and heart to solar plexus. I became aware of various mental and emotional patterns that related to the energy in these places and could feel its physical blockages. As Jaya observed these patterns, I began to feel the energy in my solar plexus transform and the organs within it come back to life! It was so powerful. I realized once again, the amazing innate capacity our body and mind has for self-healing when we have the courage to observe, listen to and integrate its wisdom.

~Julie, Ottawa

For more information and/or to book a BodyTalk session, please visit Jaya’s website at: and/or, or email her at:

Jaya Hollohan MA is a Certified Advanced Parama BodyTalk Practitioner, Cranial Sacral, Lymphatic Drainage, Mindfulness Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Hatha Yoga Teacher and is currently undertaking Peter Levine PhD’s 3 year Somatic Experiencing Professional Training, which assists in trauma resolution. She is Author of the book: “Who We Are When We Thrive: Remembering Happiness and Rediscovering Health”, as well as other conscious media. Jaya is able to provide insurance receipts for her clients accepted by most insurance companies.

Summer – The Perfect Time

10 August 2017 - 4:09pm

Written by Alexis Nicol

What better time than summertime to get in touch with your True Self.  It is the part of you that lives and breathes as One with all of Nature, seen and unseen.

When we take a walk or sit quietly amongst the beautiful surroundings of nature we are knowingly or unknowingly receiving subtle nudges from the Energy of Creation as it speaks to us.  Our hearts take on the natural rhythm of life, beating steadily synchronizing with the vibrations of earth, we become more grounded and in tune.  Being in nature we get away from all the busyness of daily life.  It is easier for us to still our minds, thus allowing us to become more receptive to the energies of the Universal Life Force.  Nature speaks continually to us through our environment.  With practice we can see and appreciate the many treasures and gifts She has to offer, receiving and sensing the stories She is whispering to our Soul.

I can’t emphasize enough how being out in nature is one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves.  It improves our overall health – spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.  It cleanses and heals.  With every breath taken our lungs are filled with life giving oxygen thus enabling the energy of Creation to flow into and through our body (blood, bones, organs and brain).  Nature is a beautiful and natural medicine for our Soul.

Nature is Life, without it we wouldn’t exist.  Nature’s energy is in absolutely everything vibrating in the air, water, stones, trees and animals all together, flowing and charging life.  It is this Energy that provides us with the ability to live a full life; a life with palpable physical energy, creativity, compassion, etc., constantly moving through space and time.

May you enjoy your summer absorbing Nature’s incredible offerings.  Breathe, Love, feel and take in the Energy of Life.

Alexis believes in a Wholistic approach to healing mind, body and soul.  She incorporates Reiki, Reflexology, Reconnective Healing®, the Reconnection® and A Course In Miracles in her practice.   613-263-7925

Honour Your Body

8 August 2017 - 4:42pm

Time and time again I am reminded by the wisdom of my body… both when I am working with clients and when I am working through my own ‘stuff’.

No matter how hard you might try and change the body you were born with – the fact of the matter is that you were born with one body in this lifetime… it might be tall, short, fat, thin, large, toned or flabby.  Whatever shape, colour or size – you only get one!  It’s yours forever (for the duration of this lifetime!), so accept and embrace it and most importantly – honour it!

You see, this precious vehicle we refer to as our body is the expression of your soul and allows your soul to get from place to place, experience to experience here on this physical plane.

There has been much research done which shows that most people are less that satisfied with the body they were born with.  Some people spend their entire lifetime trying to perfect if with exercise and a good healthy lifestyle; while others opt to surgically change it.  If only we could see through the eyes of the Divine how perfect we are, we would know and recognize our own body for what it is – a wondrous temple, a sacred vessel for the soul.

As a Mindfulness Coach, it is important to me to look after the physical body with good nutrition, regular exercise as well as meditation and connection to the Divine.  Having said this – it is equally important to provide tools, education and support to allow the development of your connection with your own inner wisdom.

I came across the following quote recently which I would like to share in closing “The same materials that makes up the universe is inside you.  You need not look beyond your own body for Heaven for, in a sense, it’s a state of being and not necessary a location somewhere out in the cosmos”.

Honour and take care of your temple and welcome to Heaven!!

Moira Hutchison

Mindfulness Coach, Tarot Card Reader & Energy Healer


Have you ever noticed that when we feel stuck – we become the expert of everything that does NOT work… The truth is that in order for a problem to exist – the solution must also exist!  To get started feeling *unstuck* hop on over to and sign up for Step One of “The Letting Go Process” – it’s free!!

TRUE NORTH: Essential Oils from Canada

8 August 2017 - 4:17pm

Essential oils can come from many places on the globe, depending on where the plants they come from are grown. Here in Canada, we have the great good fortune of having many coniferous trees from which to obtain the essential oil.

Black spruce is one of my favourite oils. It has a complex scent that blends well with citrus (as do all the coniferous oils) and/or lavender. Black spruce clears the lungs of any congestion, bringing a heady scent to any steam inhalation. It also helps with emotional congestion, helping one ground and find one’s centre. First Nations have used it to help ease muscular pain and to heal wounds.

Juniper is another great healer to help heal injuries while guarding against infection. It is great as part of a detox treatment and as a diuretic.

Cedarwood’s claim to fame may be as a deterrent to insects such as moths, mosquitos and fleas, but it is also great in a detox, as a hair tonic, spasms and inflammation. Spiritually, cedarwood is a calming oil which allows one to access ones’ inner wisdom.

Fir balsam may make you think of Christmas, but don’t restrict its use to wintertime, although like all these oils, it is great for congested lungs. Fir balsam’s clean, fresh scent is indicative of its power to disinfect.

Spruce hemlock is a happy-inducing little oil that also has the ability to clear out congestion. You can use any of these oils separately, or in a blend, but always remember to dilute with a carrier oil (not water) if applying to the skin.

©2017 Heather Garrod is a Certified Aromatherapist and owner of Planet Botanix at 301 Bank St in Centretown. She gives how-to workshops on making natural products for the body and has been creating natural bodycare for over eighteen years. The shop offers natural alternatives to commercial products and features a holistic therapy clinic.


4 August 2017 - 12:02pm

Channeled by Lisa Virtue

We are here with you at this time to celebrate all of humanity. You each have a special role to play in the Great Unfolding.

Be aware that time and space have no bounds for you. We mean this in the literal sense as your scientists and technology inventors shall surly overcome your limitations. We mean this in the sense of time- and substance-lessness that exists for your true, inner being. It is hard to imagine the capacity to which you are able to affect your perceived universe. You have entrenched deeply in the matter stream. Yet as real and tangible as it may appear, you have the capacity to create it in whatever way you will.

You may be wondering how you come to such special powers? Doesn’t it take the powers of God to do such things? Indeed, that is partially true. It does take being a Divine Creator. The secret is…. you already are.

Take a moment now to daydream. Imagine an interesting life. What types of challenges would fulfill the adventurer’s soul in this daydream? What loves, interests and friendships would not only be pleasing but advance who you are, and the understanding of that, to new levels?  Now finish off the daydream with some flare.

Okay. How does it feel then to create? Your daydream experience is analogous to life creation. What did you, the Creator Of All Things (for that is who you and all else are) decide this life stream was for? Did it satisfy a requirement or need or desire even? Why on Earth has this path been put into expression?

You know deep within you. Allow that to find its way to your consciousness here, now. Decide what you choose to do with this new understanding.

You can create a life through your conscious decisions. Operating within the physical expression, or tuned into the Divine vibration more directly.

Decide for yourselves, Dear Ones, what you will choose to celebrate in and of this life. What are you making of it and does it serve your spirit self? Investigate, if you wish, the way to Divine communion, and/or create that within yourself as a chosen decision to act as the God you are here in Earth time. Enlighten yourself each day with the hopes and passions of a life well lived. Listen to and feel your soul’s response to why you’re here. Go with that Dear Loves.

In peace and great blessings,

Your true helpers from the beyond.

Canada is celebrating….   

Celebrate your life, here, with us.

In collaboration, Mark Daniel and I have wonderful new offerings for you to discover.

Immerse yourself in a CRYSTALS & SOUND BATH.

Relax, go deep and beyond as you are held in healing vibrations.

Enjoy two skilled practitioners offering powerful transformative energies together.

Discover the handbook you actually came with when you join Mark’s ASTROLOGY course.

Discourse with the Angels as Lisa channels them for you during a SPIRIT SPEAKS event.

All offerings are available as private sessions, as well as our group events. Visit our websites for details and event dates.;

Lisa (613) 296-4271; Mark (613) 296-6321

Experience the change with Suzanne Powell

4 August 2017 - 11:57am

Consciousness educator and author returns to Canada! Her life passion spread through the world with the “Zen Touch” technique.

Suzanne, author of various books and Zen Touch educator, dedicates her life to spreading the techniques of self-healing system focused on controlling the nervous system through “Conscious breathing”, meditation, and a simple technique called ‘Zen Touch”. Last year those who attended the two levels of the ‘Zen Course’ (not to be confused with the Buddhist tradition) had the chance to learn these simple tools with which energetic points or chakras are stimulated in order to eliminate blocks. Eliminating blocks allows energy to flow freely, returning the body, the nervous system thus the emotions to a state of primordial equilibrium.

Last year (June 2016), after a long trip; Suzanne walked straight up on stage, no frills, showing no sign of fatigue or jet-lag. She stood quietly for three hours in one spot with a calm and assertive body, giving an engaging, uplifting speech in a crystallized, precise and concise, peaceful language, basically walking the talk of her “ If I can do it, so can you” inner strength fostering.

The 2016 Zen Course attracted 500+ participants from all over the globe. Souls flew in from Peru, Los Angeles, El Salvador or drove up from Mexico City to be part of Suzanne’s course. There was great magic when more than five hundred people were breathing consciously together as one to the same rhythm. So much magic that the fire alarm at the Bronson Centre theatre went off!

This Northern Irish woman living in Madrid, Spain has steadily become a spiritual phenomenon over the years in the Spanish-speaking world. Her teachings aiming to awaken our unconditional love are deceivingly simple and practical yet transcendentally wise, thus, maybe, her wide success: she has 80.000 Facebook followers and has 10 million visits on her blog

Founder and president of the La Fundación Zen, Servicio con Amor, Suzanne has also written six books on diverse subjects such as conscious eating, on what is a “Reset” and on cancer, based on her experience of overcoming cancer as a young woman. Right now only “Dare to be your master” has been translated to English.

This amazing course is totally FREE and open to everyone. The capacity is limited to 850 people.  Please go to this link to book your space:

Zen Course Ottawa, Canada- August 2017

The Bronson Centre, Ottawa

Level 1 Zen: August 14, 15, 16, 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Level 2 Zen: August 18, 19, 6:30pm – 9:30pm and

                          August 20, 11am – 2:30pm

Also, August 13th 2017 there will be a conference on the subject: The Root of disease: a holistic approach. Please send us an email at

Looking forward to see you in this amazing Zen Course!

Written by Zsuzsi Karpati with the collaboration of Gaby Saucedo

Opening To Love Weekend Retreat

4 August 2017 - 10:47am

Chipo Introducing Patricia & Bill Clum founders of “Evolution of The Heart” coming to Ottawa to lead 2 1/2 days Retreat August 4, 5 & 6, 2017

Are you ready to say YES to the call of your heart?

Here is what they have to say.

Many are witnessing the world ready for more love. We look for love outside of self. We support those that feel a call to love, whisper or cry & are willing to deepen their journey into love. In Ottawa, Patricia met some devotional men & woman. feeling the “calling” with an invitation to open “in love” even more. What is Evolution of the Heart? We support all, as healing & opening takes place in the heart. As you embrace your heart, life opens to your full expression. We offer space that creates opportunity for you to open fully & live a life from the inside out, embrace who you truly are. For 10 years, we have witnessed & supported many people in their healing journey. What we know for certain is that each heart opens uniquely. No two hearts are the same. We know each heart has divine timing with self.  All are being invited from a life lead from the mind, into a life lead by heart/mind/body. A full communication of self, within & with the world around us.  The willingness at the core of your being, is to hear your own hearts call to love.  This will give momentum & courage, especially during the most revealing moments.

The receiving for your direct communication with your heart and God/ Divine, happens during these vulnerable moments. As you listen and your heart awakens, ask yourself, are you ready for love and life to reveal itself to you differently? To embrace all that is alive in your heart? Are you a Yes?

The open heart and mind is curious, gentle with self and others. As the ego (mind) begins to surrender, relax and allow, Divine Presence creates the space for all your feelings to come up.

Feelings such as frustration, anger, disappointment, sadness may appear.  As you let go, softness happens and judgments, opinions, preferences begin to dissolve, and the wounds begin to heal.

Moving beyond the resistance you will discover the love, intimacy, peace and the life you have always wanted to live. The deeper knowing and connecting with the Higher self, God self, embracing all that is begins to open you. There is the willingness at the core of your being, to hear your own hearts call of love, that will give momentum and courage, especially during the most revealing moments. Your inner listening and your awakening heart will guide you.

Interested register at contact Chipo at or call 613-741-5435