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Soul Mind Body Medicine®

12 March 2017 - 8:23pm

By Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

Over the past few decades, various forms of mind-body medicine have become more and more popular, to the point of being widely accepted. These modalities emphasize the mind-body connection, which encompasses the effects of our psychological and emotional states on our physical well-being and the power of conscious intent, relaxation, meditation, belief, expectation, and mind over matter to affect our health.

As both a Western- and Eastern-trained medical practitioner, I think mind-body medicine is a step forward, but it is not enough. It neglects the most important factor, the soul. The soul has consciousness, intelligence, and creativity. It also has power to heal and bless.

Soul Mind Body Medicine’s healing techniques work on the soul and the consciousness of the body’s systems, organs, and cells. These techniques directly and instantaneously influence matter inside the cells and energy outside the cells. They also work on the emotional body to heal emotional imbalances like depression, anxiety, fear, anger, and grief. They work on the mental body to heal mental imbalances such as delusions and confusion. And, they work on the spiritual body, giving you techniques for clearing negative karma.

The techniques work by recognizing the effects of message or spiritual blockages. Matter and energy are carriers of message. Message is soul or spirit; it communicates with and influences matter and energy. If you apply Soul Mind Body Medicine healing, the interplay between matter inside the cells and energy outside the cells will be adjusted and balanced. This is how the soul or message works to offer healing. It is also why prayer works as a healing agent and why soul over matter is the heart of Soul Mind Body Medicine.

Soul Mind Body Medicine teaches ancient wisdom and practical techniques including chanting, meditation, movement practices, and more, that you can apply to optimize your health, boost the quality of your life, and help prolong your life. The techniques are simple and practical. You can learn them right away and apply them instantly. Soul Mind Body Medicine has already transformed many lives. It works.

Soul Mind Body Medicine: A Complete Soul Healing System for Optimum Health and Vitality. Zhi Gang Sha. Novato, California: New World Library, 2006.

Master Lynda Chaplin is a Certified Master Teacher of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Join Master Lynda on March 24-26 to learn more about Soul Mind Body Medicine to nourish your soul and enrich every aspect of your life—see ad below for details. For more information, contact Master Lynda at 647.654.7711 or

Eyes of a Child

12 March 2017 - 8:09pm

Written by Alexis Nicol

Experiencing your life by seeing and living as a child is refreshing.  Doing so affords one greater freedom.  For example, if you can, just imagine that you have been invited to a party and that you have never been to one before.  You wouldn’t know what to expect and you’d be excited, open to all the new things that you’d see and the people you will meet.  It would be an occasion to feel and sense for yourself, not one influenced or tainted by another’s past experiences.

Over the years we become conditioned to what is to be expected of us and that things should be done a certain way.  It has become so important for us to behave in a particular manner that if we deviate from the “norm” it can be perceived as affronting another’s personal beliefs.  They might react with embarrassment, anger or even feel betrayed and hurt.  They mightn’t realize that by marching to our own beat that we are indeed following the prodding from an Omnipotent Intelligence that lives within us all.

Isn’t it fun watching the antics of children when they try something new, observing them as they discover life on their own terms.  So why and when does it change to having to do things in the same way they have been done for generations?  Why are we so afraid to be different?  I do understand that sometimes it is for our own protection but I think we hold on too much to the fears our predecessors have passed down to us throughout the ages.  It is so heartening to see a child that doesn’t react with fear but with curiosity, instinctively following their inner guidance flowing within them.

As you listen to your own intuitive guidance life becomes invigorating and new.  We open ourselves up to discovering the joys we are meant to experience.

Alexis believes in a Wholistic approach to healing mind, body and soul.  She combines Reiki, Reflexology, Reconnective Healing®, the Reconnection® and A Course In Miracles in her practice.  


Question: What actually is death and why am I afraid?

12 March 2017 - 7:53pm

Sri Chinmoy Answers

SRI CHINMOY:  You have two rooms: a living room and a bedroom. In your living room you work and talk to people. This room is called life. In the other room, where you sleep, you need not talk to anybody, for there you go to rest—either for a long or a short period of time. This room is called death. Needless to say, that room is also yours.

You are afraid of death because you feel that death is not yours, whereas life is. You think that life is home, certainty, whereas death is elsewhere and all uncertainty. But this is not true. Both life and death are in you. Right now death is required; it helps us in a sense. It allows us to take some rest. Then when we come back, we come back with new hope, new light and new aspiration. When the soul leaves the body, it carries with it the essence of the earthly experiences it acquired, and while taking rest, it assimilates the essence of its past. Then it starts to prepare itself for a new journey, choosing a new birth, a new environment, new circumstances, a new personality and a new mission. Then, with the approval of God, it descends into the physical world once again.

Right now you are afraid of death because you think of yourself as your body, your mind, your senses. But a day will come when, on the strength of your aspiration, prayer and meditation, you will think of yourself not as the body but as the soul. The physical body may leave the earth, but the soul, which is a conscious portion of God, will remain consciously in God and for God throughout Eternity. If you know that the soul is your real reality, you will not have any fear of death. The moment you feel that you need God and He needs you, the moment you feel God inside you, before you and around you, then death no longer exists for you.


for further writings

by Sri Chinmoy

Stress: A signpost to rehabilitation

12 March 2017 - 7:35pm

While all of us experience stress, some of us experience it chronically. Stress can be seen as a demon, which is bad for the health of our body and mind. However, we know that if we take care of the original cause of stress we can alleviate it greatly.

Realistically, there is a message inherent to the stress that we’re experiencing. To explore this further let’s practice the three syncs of body, emotion and mind — a method of sensing into our experience more directly, such as:

Feeling into my body, how does the stress feel? Do I experience tightness? Difficulty breathing? ;

If I feel into my emotions what do I sense — fear? Sadness?; and

If I feel into my mind what types of thoughts surround my anxiety? Perhaps thoughts like, “I can’t do this” and/or “I don’t want this!”?

Simply doing the three syncs opens door to the possibilities of change. It starts with a gentle “presencing” of our states. Looking away, or finding ways to bypass my body, emotions and mind will only provide a momentarily respite. Looking or sensing from a clear non-judgemental perspective is the way to not only alleviate our stress, but it’s also a path of compassion and awareness.

Through this method we are beginning to develop a natural resilience through the capacity to look from a compassionate perspective. This helps us to breathe more deeply, to relax our body, shift our mindset and lead a lifestyle that is regenerated, a life that is “related”. A life where I connect with my true self, where I’m living more and more within my life’s purpose. In my sessions with you we explore the levels of evolutionary stress and integration stress. The hypnosis part is tailored to your needs, in itself it is very suiting, relaxing and it empowers your objectives. I email you the recording for you to listen. It is worth it, we can help ourselves more then we know.

Lynne Cardinal  has offered Stress Management, Resilience and Burnout Prevention workshops in the government and private sectors for over 30 years. She is also a Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, holding additional certifications in Hypnosis Innovative Techniques and Weight Loss. She is certified by Dr. Weiss in Past-Life Regression and she has a PhD in Eastern Philosophy from India. She has studied extensively with Thomas Hübl on Transparent Communication and Principles of Transformation and Healing and Trauma work, and she also trained with Diane Hamilton in Conflict Resolution and with Diana Martinez on Family Constellation.

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12 March 2017 - 6:23pm

Channelled by Lisa Virtue

Into your heart, feel the presence of the Divine within.  Know that you are one with the eternal.  This comes oft times in waves, waves of peace, of balance, or of blessed joy.  Feel the waves wash through you… an internal, eternal voice, speaking to you in a manner felt by your essence, by your being.

Know that God communes with you daily, eternally.  You are not one without such a God.  For the God we speak of here is simply the Divine presence of us all, one being in divided awareness.

Let your own awareness reside for a time within the peaceful still between thoughts.  Recognize that while this may seem a fleeting place, it does exist.  There is existence when no thoughts are present.  What this peace, this stillness represents is the non-creational aspect of self, the part of self that is released to awareness.

Find this place and you reach the eternity of self, of all.  In the still you find release of attachment, of will, of dominance in you world.  Equanimity.  You find your grace.  It is here where our natural self is best perceived.  It is here you are no longer bound by the frenetic, chaotic, dream world in which you have found your attention most of the time.  From here, expansion is possible.  From here you grow.  Grow in awareness of self, of creation, of what is and yet, what truly is not.

Life is a mystery to many… the purpose of each soul, the striving for truth, for rightness, for balance, to become whole.  Yet what if you were revealed as the creator of all?  How your limited awareness stems from the desire of the Whole for diversity?  For knowledge, understanding and collective experiencing of what is possible, what can be?

Have you imagined yourself as the inventor of all things?  Yet in a sense it is so.  Allow your awareness now to rest on an idea, the idea of all being aware and then choosing bliss.  Choosing sentience of form.  Meaning the thought creations project no longer a sense of discontinuity, but an awareness of conscious, sentient, Divine intelligence.  Yet more than intelligence, heart.  Love.  Peacefulness.  What if awareness was only the mechanism by which you revealed yourself, your true nature, to you?  Could you fathom the depths that this cosmic, Divine intelligence could go to show you the vastness of your own being, magnificence and pure divinity?

You are nothing less than “a child of God”, for it is only a separation of focus that brings you into a sense of being different than “The One”.

Trust now in the instinct, the Divine within you that leads you into your stillness, into your peace, and hold not the thought of separateness as prominent.  It is not.   Wholeness is what is.  Allow your interludes of stillness between thoughts to anchor you in the knowing of your essence.  Be at one in your stillness dear Ones.  For we are all experiencing together, as one, through eternity.

With all the love that exists, as part of you, delivered to you, that you many know and feel You,


Lisa Virtue is a channel and healer who aids the transformation of souls into their own Divine-self awareness.  Accomplished through channellings, energy work and deep inner revealing, she facilitates your own self-awareness beyond the scope of day-to-day illusory challenges.

For her guidance or facilitation, please call

613-296-4271 or email

Energize Your Life with Positive Thinking

11 March 2017 - 12:10am

When you develop a truly positive mindset, you set yourself up for a happier and more fulfilling life. Living at a stressful and hectic pace tends to block joy and happiness, a more joyful existence is certain to be a welcome change!

It might take a wee bit of practice to change your negative thought patterns into positive ideas that serve you better, but you CAN do it!

Here are some strategies to invigorate your life:

Tell yourself you can do it. Sometimes, a simple thought that you repeat over and over again can get you through a tough or challenging experience. “I can do it, I can do it, I can do it” is a great mantra to keep you striving for the excellence you desire.

Write what’s good about you. Even though it may feel a bit strange to do it, get a pen and paper and start listing your positive attributes. Do some bragging about yourself.

Acknowledge that you will do something. Rather than being disappointed about something you didn’t do well, vow you’ll work to achieve it in the future. Use the words, “I am.”

Notice that you’re not saying, “I’m going to try” or “I might give it a go.” You’re stating, “I am” following through. It’s positive and affirmative. Practice thinking and speaking in these terms. The more definitive you can be, the more likely your life will advance in positive ways.

Have a sense of humour. If you ordered a new bed and it doesn’t fit in the room when the delivery guys bring it, try to laugh about it. Recognize it’s not an unsolvable issue—you can return the bed and shop for another one. Smile and say that tomorrow is another day to get it right.

Tell yourself you can handle it if something doesn’t work out. Being positive means you’ll land on your feet, regardless of what happens. You’ll get through it. When you truly know this and live life like you believe it, you’ll be one of the most positive people alive.

When you begin to re-focus your life toward positivity, you’ll discover a passion for life you’ve never before experienced. You’ll bring vim and vigor to your life each day through practicing these positive methods and mantras.

Moira Hutchison

Mindfulness Coach, Tarot Card Reader & Energy Healer


Have you ever noticed that when we feel stuck – we become the expert of everything that does NOT work… The truth is that in order for a problem to exist – the solution must also exist!  To get started feeling *unstuck* hop on over to and sign up for Step One of “The Letting Go Process” – it’s free!!

Permission to Love

10 March 2017 - 11:45pm

by Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR)
Healing with Divine heart to awaken the deep truth within.

The heart of our being is rooted in love. Without love we have no genuine interaction, no commitment to each other, and no reference to our Spirit. Without love of self and others we do not evolve. This is how much it matters to every organism on Earth right now.

We often hear people misuse “love” when they mean conditional acceptance, expectation, lust, neediness, control, or abuse. True love never diminishes us.

True love is a purity of consciousness. It embraces the totality of understanding of what it means to be Divine. It holds us steady in our inner knowing, awakens us to our vastness, and welcomes our unity.

To be love: Building a loving relationship with ourselves is our first healing priority. In self-love we permit ourselves to flow with peace no matter what is transpiring. There is no condition that can deny this: nothing that was done by us or done to us can change this. Our ego cannot keep us in our pain when we love ourselves through it.

To be loved: To accept true love from others is also self-love. We don’t have to minimize or explain ourselves, nor accomplish or do anything in order to receive it. We do not have to prove ourselves – we are already valuable.

To love: When a full heart for ourselves overflows then we love others. We carry the blessings of the Spirits of Christ to others as an effortless extension of our Highest Self. Freely sharing love sustains us.

Loving in 2017: Love is our highest expression of God. Nobody needs to give us permission to love. Yet, because so much of our collective history has dampened and darkened our hearts, I do suggest that we consciously give this permission to ourselves now – declare it, so that we can all truly live in love!

Copyright 2017 Amâeil (Melinda Urban) All Rights Reserved.

For the full article visit 17 years of intuitive healing experience to help you love. Appointments in person or by phone 613-253-2888. FREE newsletter.

PATHWORK: Transitioning from Isolation to Union

10 March 2017 - 11:42pm

In these challenging and chaotic times, it is easy to find ourselves struggling with feelings of confusion, fear, helplessness and even despair, as we observe world events from a predominantly dualistic perspective.  But the Pathwork lectures remind us of a bigger vision of our purpose in these transformational times.  Lecture 75: The Great Transition in Human Development tells us that there are two basic currents in the universe, the love force (unity) and the egocentric principle (dualistic) by which most human beings still live and that the transition from self-centered isolation to the state of union with “all that is” is the most essential step on our spiritual path. However, we tend to harbour a belief that only as a separate, unique individual can we have dignity and a chance for happiness.  In our separateness, we build walls made up of fear-based misconceptions, about others and ourselves, in an effort to protect ourselves.

As we move along the path to psychological and spiritual maturity, examining our basic faults of self-will, pride, and fear and how these manifest in false beliefs and misconceptions, we gain understanding and strength about our own lives and life in general. At some point, we reach a time for a new evaluation from an ethical and spiritual viewpoint.

Recognizing that we are one with all of creation frees us from the inner prisons we build, opening the door to true happiness and dignity.  The first tentative steps in the transition from separateness to a state of love are the cultivation of self-knowledge and self-acceptance.  Through exploration, meditation and mutual support, we can experience moving from isolation to union within ourselves and between one another, communities, and countries.

At the next monthly Pathwork Open Lecture on Wednesday March 8, we will dive into this rich topic and discover practical ways to shift from isolation to union.

When: Wednesday, March 8, 2017

7-9 pm

Where: Saint Paul University

233 Main Street

(follow the signs to the room). 

All are welcome.

There is a suggested donation of

$15 for non-members; $5 for members.

The Pathwork Lectures are available

for free download from

For more information, contact Pathwork Helper Jean: or


The presenters, Mary Gordon and Beverly Chen, are long time Pathworkers.

The Merchant and the Diamond

10 March 2017 - 11:37pm

Ian Prattis

There was a merchant who lived in a far-away land. He was very wealthy and built a trading empire that brought him great riches, yet in the midst of all his wealth and fame he felt a lack, that there was something he did not have. One night he had a dream and remembered it very clearly. He dreamed there was a monk sitting under a tree at the forest’s edge, and that this monk had something special to give to him. He was not accustomed to dreaming, so he felt this dream held a special portent. At sunrise the next day he left his house and walked to the edge of the town where he lived. He saw the monk, just as in his dream, wearing a saffron robe, sitting quietly under the shade of a tree at the edge of the forest. He looked so peaceful. As the merchant approached, the monk opened his eyes and smiled gently to him. The merchant stopped, bowing respectfully, and said:

“Dear monk, I had a dream about you last night, that you would be sitting here on the edge of the forest and that you had something for me. What is it that you have for me?” The monk paused for a moment then slowly reached into his canvas bag. He brought out a huge diamond as big as a man’s fist. It sparkled and shone in the sunlight, dazzling the eyes and senses of the merchant. It was the most beautiful and valuable diamond the merchant had ever seen. The monk said, “Have you come for this?”

The merchant without hesitating replied, “Oh yes, thank you so much, this is wonderful. I have always wanted to possess such a magnificent diamond.” He wrapped the diamond inside his jacket and returned home. Once there he placed the diamond in his front room. He closed the shutters and locked the doors to his house and stayed with the diamond, totally mesmerized and entranced by its beauty and purity. He did not go to work that day, nor did he eat or drink. He thought that this gift was the missing piece of his life and he wanted to bask in the glory of it. When he went to sleep that night, he placed the diamond on a small pedestal by his bedside, so that he could have it close by. Yet he could not sleep. He felt a strange disturbance within himself that he did not understand. He tossed and turned, not knowing what to do about the growing restlessness. Just before sunrise he rose, got dressed and carefully wrapped the diamond in a cloth, before setting off once more for the edge of the forest.

The monk was sitting in the same place, deep in meditation. The peace that emanated from him calmed the restlessness that so disturbed the merchant. On hearing the merchant’s footsteps come closer and then stop before him, the monk opened his eyes and once more smiled very gently to the merchant. “Good morning my friend,” he said. “Are you not happy with the diamond?”

The merchant bowed and placed the diamond at the feet of the monk and said, “Good monk, it is not the diamond that I want. I would like to have the heart that can give away such a diamond.”

The monk very quietly stood up and bowed to the merchant, “Good sir, as that is your wish, I will teach you to meditate.”

Ian Prattis is Zen teacher at Pine Gate Mindfulness Community in the west end of Ottawa. Silent meditation every Thursday 7.00pm – 8.00pm, Mindfulness Gathering every First Saturday of the month. Latest book

Horoscope for March 2017

10 March 2017 - 10:37pm


Tip of the MonthMoon, Mars, Venus and Uranus in Aries now are together activating a pioneering impulse. Venus Retrograde adds complexity to the mix. Sun enters Aries on March 20th marking the first day of spring. As each planet in Aries approaches Uranus, they will contribute to activating the already charged T-Square with Pluto at the apex, signifying big changes at governmental and other major societal levels. Saturn hovering at the Galactic Center throughout March and April is a call for unity and ethical principles and conduct.


Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 19): Many activations of your pioneering spirit suggest spring’s early arrival. The impact will be measurable and others will see the changes in you too. Relationship opportunities will abound. Your focus will become increasingly practical.

Taurus (Apr. 20-May 20): Discerning between dreams and fantasies, needs and wants, is a lingering theme. Something of a soul-searching process is implied, continuing all spring. Still, you will be happy to get your hands dirty in practical projects, soon.

Gemini (May 21-June 20): A rebellious impulse that began in February will escalate in March. It could manifest as an early spring cleaning purge. Making way for more practical projects is a core motivation. You also yearn to learn a few new tricks.

Cancer (June 21-July 22):  Your sights are set on the bigger picture. A long-term vision beckons. Drawing on existing skills and past experiences feels necessary. Yet you are ready to try something new. Expect a push for reform by mid-March.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22): Seeing through illusions and identifying what is real and reliable is underway. You want to feel freer. Financial interests and concerns are featured. Many creative expressions are budding. This trend will increase. Anticipate a definite learning curve.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22): Taking initiatives to increase your social outreach, continues. You yearn for more intimate and/or responsive connections. Seeing through blind spots is the sober side. Aim for a blend of creativity and practicality.

Libra (Sep. 23-Oct. 22): Your focus has turned to matters of health. The categories could range from lifestyle rhythms to eating habits to business practices…. Social interactions are sparking, for better or worse. You want to feel accepted and embraced.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Waves of creative inspiration are flowing your way. You would like to make a difference and have a positive impact. Making extra efforts feels necessary and circumstances are pushing. You are open to suggestions, but reserve considerable creative license.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Although you are happy to continue to cozy in close to home, you are excited by the early scent of spring. Your mood is playful and punchy. You could probably use a boost of confidence, however, which may take a little longer to manifest.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Much is stirring within. This could refer to your home environment. Renovations and overhauls of some kind are likely. Your imagination wheels are turning. You need new leads and inspiration too. Take the economical route.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Change is in the air and on the ground. You are hearing spring’s early call. Ideas are beginning to flow. The momentum will build steadily. You may have to contend with feeling scattered or spread too thin. Avoid over analysis, stay busy, be productive.

Pisces (Feb. 19-Mar. 20): Inspirations to take new initiatives are increasing daily. Your ambitions are certain, but your drive, motivation, and focus could be wavering. The momentum should steady by mid-March. Be open to extra support early on.

EMOTIONAL GENIUS: The Greening of Consciousness

8 March 2017 - 2:14pm

Many cultures and persons extol the importance of a high intelligence quotient (IQ).  Very little focus or attention is directed to the equally important quality of emotional quotient (EQ).  A person who has a very high ability to access, “juggle”, and appropriately articulate the array of emotions that present themselves continuously is truly an “emotional genius”.  This person has a very high EQ.  “E-motions” are the GPS of our Psyche.  They are the navigating compass that guides us in how to motivate ourselves and move forward.  After much trial and error and with increasing wisdom, we learn how to interpret our emotions in order to direct our path towards our true Self.

There are eight basic emotions.  Four of them are the so-called “good” emotions and they are: love, joy, curiosity and surprise.  The other four are the so-called “bad” emotions and they are: anger, fear, sadness and disgust.  They are neither “positive” nor “negative”.  They are all necessary for a balanced, whole life. Almost all of the other emotions are a blend of these basic building blocks.  For example, melancholy is a mixture of joy and sadness.

According to Greek mythology, Dionysus had three births: his first was to his earth mother, Semele; his second to his father, the god, Zeus; and his third to his maternal grandmother, Urea.  Urea was the daughter of Gaia, the Earth Mother.  This third birth was meant to depict that Dionysus was connected to the whole cosmos, as well as to the physical and mental realms.  His emotional interactions were not merely limited to his daily thoughts, feelings and achievements.  He had a “green consciousness” because he was “environ-mentally” connected to the whole Greek cosmic Psyche via his maternal ancestry.    

René Descartes famously said that we are a thinking animal. He was correct as far as he went.  It is also true that we can do what I call, “clearing thinking”.  In my hypnotherapy practice, I teach people how to temporarily clear their minds of all thoughts in a safe surrounding. Basically, we turn off the sympathetic nervous system.  We rely only on the “vagus” nervous system (the parasympathetic nervous system).  In this totally open and fully alert state, thinking is totally unnecessary!  A person in this state is completely open to suggestion and/or auto-suggestion.   

This article was written by:Richard M. Haney, M.Ed., Ph.D. (Counselling and Mediation). Richard has been practising Wholistic Counselling, Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Mediation for the past 25 years in Ottawa. Richard: (613) 234-5678. E-mail: