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From the Kitchen to the Cosmetic Counter

21 January 2017 - 9:16pm

Yogurt (unflavoured) is considered very healthy for the body as it is an excellent source of protein, calcium and potassium along with numerous vitamins and minerals while being low in calories.It also has a lot of skin benefits! Because it contains live culture along with lactic acid (helps hydrate the skin), zinc and other minerals and enzymes in it, your skin will be glowing after use.

To make a natural scrub at home with yogurt, mix two tbsp. of yogurt with 1 tbsp. of oats. Exfoliate your skin with this mixture in small circular motion rinse and pat dry.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is amazing both inside the body and out. When used as a hair rinse, it will balance the acid mantle on the scalp (the acid mantle helps protect the scalp against infection), which can help with itchiness and dandruff. It also balances your hair’s pH.

On the skin, ACV helps with any sort of bacterial infection (include pimples). You can use it as an astringent, by soaking a washcloth/cotton pad in diluted ACV and applying it to your face. Or, you can simply dab it right onto blemishes to dry them out and heal them.

It even reduces the pain of a sunburn!

Everyone seems to be using coconut oil to cook with, but did you know its antibacterial properties make it great for skin care? It also is an excellent moisturizer for the skin, as it has a high capacity for retaining moisture. You’ll also smell like you’ve been on a tropical holiday!

As a natural treatment for blemishes, coconut oil can be used as a mask. Simply steam the face (you can do this by putting your face above a bowl of steaming water with a towel over top to make a tent and retain the steam/heat) for a couple of minutes, then apply a thin layer of coconut oil, leave for a couple of minutes, and then wipe off.

Coffee! Did you know that the caffeine in coffee can benefit your skin?! Caffeine actually has anti-inflammatory properties which can help with redness and inflammation of the skin. It may also help with dark circles under the eyes by reducing inflammation and puffiness, while making your eyes feel more awake. Caffeine also occurs in some teas, so a nice eye compress with some wet, cool tea bags may help your appearance and energy.

Of course, if you are cooking with good quality oils, they can also be used ont eh skin. Vegetable oils contain a number of vitamins and minerals which can help your dry skin during these winter month. Apply olive oil, for example, on your skin as soon as you have lightly towelled off from the shower. You can even use it to remove makeup.

There are a lot of other ingredients you may find in your kitchen cupboards which can have beneficial effects on the body- these are just a few suggestions.

©2017 Heather Garrod is a Certified Aromatherapist and owner of Planet Botanix at 301 Bank St in Centretown. The store also contains a wellness clinic and workshop where she leads DIY bodycare courses monthly. 613.567.4444

BodyTalk: What Stops You?

21 January 2017 - 1:36pm

Now is your time. The time to create what you want in your life; to express the fullness of who you are; to let the world benefit from all that is you. Now is the time to rise up and to live your soul’s desires; to release the limiting physical symptoms, pain and mental/emotional beliefs that have compromised your life’s expression until now.

BodyTalk energy therapy can help us to facilitate this process by bringing mental/emotional/physical patterns into awareness, suggesting changes to the way that your body and mind organizes its information and then, creating enhanced lines of communication between all parts and systems so that they can heal themselves.

BodyTalk efficiently and effectively addresses a wide variety of symptoms, including: trauma, gut-brain communication issues, structural misalignments, poor circulation, immunocompromised conditions, endocrine and digestive disorders, headaches, genetic diseases, learning difficulties, depression, anxiety, loss of purpose/direction, spiritual disconnect, etc.

Welcome to your symptom-free, empowered and liberated life. Now is your time.

Jaya’s BodyTalk sessions have quickly become a cornerstone on my healing journey. I am continuously amazed at the depth of transformation that occurs within each and every session. Never before have I experienced the benefits of therapy so immediately, nor so efficiently as I do during and after BodyTalk sessions. My health is improving tremendously and I am experiencing more joy and well-being in my life now than ever before. Jaya has a warm and joyful energy that has made me feel completely comfortable and able to receive the gift of this powerful medicine. BodyTalk has revolutionized my life. THANK YOU, Jaya!!

~ Heather, Artist, Ottawa

For more information and/or to book a BodyTalk session, please visit Jaya’s website at: and/or, or email her at:

Jaya Hollohan MA is a Certified Advanced Parama BodyTalk Practitioner, Cranial Sacral, Lymphatic Drainage, Mindfulness Life Coach, Reiki II Practitioner, a Hatha Yoga Teacher and is currently studying Peter Levine PhD’s Somatic Experiencing Professional Training. She is Author of the book: “Who We Are When We Thrive: Remembering Happiness and Rediscovering Health”, as well as other conscious media. Jaya is able to provide insurance receipts for her clients accepted by most insurance companies.

Creating Abundance: Spiritual Secrets for a Successful New Year

20 January 2017 - 11:24pm

What do you think of when you hear the word “abundance”? Money? Love? A large circle of friends and family? While you can apply the concept of abundance to all of those aspects of your life, the essential meaning of abundance is that you are happy with who you are and no external event or situation—whether good or bad—can add or subtract from that happiness.

Abundance is a way of thinking and living, even when you have less money, love, or support than you would like. Life delivers a continually changing set of circumstances. Living in abundance can give you a constant source of stability that isn’t based on external things, but you must change your perspective and believe in all the potential that lies within your reach. Abundance is a state of mind. It can’t be lost, taken, or bestowed on you. It is about what brings you joy and fulfillment, not about what you have.

The key essence of true abundance is happiness.

The beginning of a new year is a time of great opportunity; a most important time to plant seeds for the future and to let go of the past and be inspired about the possibilities of the future.

True abundance is much more than financial wealth and physical comforts. True abundance includes your health, your relationships, your emotions, your intelligence, your spiritual journey, and every aspect of your life.

Financial abundance can be lost, but true abundance can never be taken from you. True abundance brings happiness and joy. If you suffer from lack in any area of your life, you do not enjoy true abundance. You will not have true happiness and lasting joy.

Learn the spiritual secrets behind true abundance. Align your thoughts, speech, activities, behaviours, attitudes, and beliefs with true abundance. Release lack in your life and maintain the greatest flourishing and success with true abundance.

True flourishing and abundance begins with love, joy, and inner peace. Bring profound healing and transformation to release past pain and bring Divine light into your heart and soul to bless the New Year.

Master Lynda Chaplin is a Divine Channel and Worldwide Representative of Dr. and Master Sha. Join Master Lynda to learn the spiritual secrets behind true abundance—see ad below for details. For more information, contact Master Lynda at 647.654.7711 or


20 January 2017 - 2:58pm

— SPIRIT WELL HOLISTICS Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Emotional Freedom Technique, SET, Bach Remedies, Meridians/Qigong. Assisting your journey toward an energy-filled life. Daytime – Downtown. – 613-295-9987


20 January 2017 - 2:56pm

SPIRIT WELL HOLISTICS – Body-centered process work: Reiki & Classes, Craniosacral, SET, EFT, and more. Assisting your journey toward an energy-filled life. Daytime. Downtown area. 613-295-9987

Do You Want a Balanced 2017?

19 January 2017 - 1:29pm

We are being blasted with more and more EMF Pollution (Electrical Magnetic Frequencies). To name a few: smart meters on our homes, Wi-Fi in our schools, antennas on top of all our apartments, cellphone towers in our city’s and parks, power towers in public school parking lot (1300 Kitchener Ave.), everybody on their iPhones in the buses on the way to and from work.

Check out TAKE BACK YOUR POWER by Josh De Sol to find out how smart meters are slowly killing us.

Peter Webb from Kemptville has developed over 30 years, a Electro Magnetic System that has balanced homes, farms and businesses all over North America with great success.

Magnetic fields flow across the surface of the earth and attach themselves to electrical wiring, water pipes and steel beams in our living and working spaces.

These fields act as carriers for electrical, chemical, and other toxins stored in our environment. These pollutants are carried to the cellular level therefore causing fatigue.

The 60 cycles of electricity inhibit the pituitary gland affecting the bodies ability to release hormones such as Melatonin that helps us to sleep more deeply without the release of melatonin, out sleep patterns are interrupted.

How does the balancing system work?

The clay in the bottom and on the top and the crystals in the middle draw in magnetic fields and send them out of a balanced state that benefits the immune system, therefore improving sleep and energy systems.

Two units are required to balance a living or working quarters. One unit must be placed on or near the electrical panel, the second unit at the other end of your location. More balancers are required for a larger location (school, car dealerships, farms).

Check out Revitalizer (Black Box) at  CLONING NATURE

Special Water Treatment System for homes with energy balls and one filter $1700, installed

Our EMF Balance Package: 2 home balancers, 1 car balancer, 1 Gold Energy Card with Zero Point Energy with Heart Reg. $575, now $450.  ~


Energy Exchange Presentation first Friday of every month at the Ottawa Citizen Bldg. behind Ikea, 7:00 pm (by donation). Hall is balanced for the evening come out and feel the difference.


PATHWORK: The spiritual and practical meaning of ‘Let go, let God’

19 January 2017 - 1:09pm

by Natalie Morisset

My kitty wasn’t well.

He of the usually voracious appetite had been eating less and less. I felt concerned, so I took him to the vet. An examination didn’t turn up anything obvious, and neither did lab tests. We could only guess at what was ailing him.

I was frustrated and despondent. I felt I should be ‘doing’ more, but I didn’t know what. After a few days, I realized that because I felt this way, I just wanted the situation to go away. Yes, I knew that my cat was old; yes, I knew that eventually he would decline and die, and I realized that this decline might be happening right now. But beyond this intellectual acceptance of what must eventually happen and might even already be happening, I didn’t truly accept the current situation in my heart. I didn’t want to be at a loss for what to do. So I secretly resented the whole situation and wished it would go away. I was afraid of what it might ask of me.

I felt stuck.

Fortunately, I was in the process of reading Pathwork Guide Lecture 213, “The Spiritual and Practical Meaning of ‘Let Go, Let God’ ”, which reminded me that I was keeping myself stuck by insisting that the situation unfold differently from what was actually happening. Once I realized this, I had the opportunity to choose how I really wanted to be with this situation.

I decided to let go of holding on to how things ‘should’ unfold, and I surrendered into how they actually were and whatever might come next.

Immediately, I stopped feeling frustrated, and soon some ideas for next steps came to me. And I stopped seeing my beloved cat as the symbol of my frustration, and was able to truly see and love him, just as he was.

This story may not seem like it is of great spiritual significance. But Lecture 213 tells us that “it is exactly in this ‘insignificant’ area that the key can be found to the confusions and conflicts which make it impossible to actually apply the great spiritual truths to your daily life.”

The way in which I felt stuck around my cat’s illness is a beautiful illustration of the attitude that says, in the words of the lecture, “I can only be happy if so and so does thus and thus or if life responds in no other way than I determine.” According to this attitude, letting go of this insistence would mean to “have to settle for unhappiness and unfulfillment.” Why? Because this attitude implies a mistrust of God, of life. The ‘little ego’ is trusted instead, and used as a weapon against a negative vision of the universe.

I had to explore and understand the attitude I rigidly was holding on to so that I could let it go and replace it with faith that things would somehow work out even if I relinquished control. That leap of faith enabled me to be fully present with myself and with a companion that I loved and wanted to support. It allowed me to be receptive to what was truly happening in the moment, and to my inner guidance.

Such a leap of faith can be very difficult to even contemplate.

The Pathwork Lectures are available for free download from

For more information, contact Jean: or 613-829-1254.

Mary Anne Bourque is a Pathwork Helper in Ottawa.

A New Year…Resolve to Love

18 January 2017 - 4:34pm

By Barbara Simpson

As we turn the calendar and look to a new year, we mentally review the past year’s accomplishments, the things we pushed aside that didn’t get done, our new relationships and those that were lost.  We perform an analysis of what was, what served us and usually how we can improve on the many aspects of our lives where we believe there to be weakness. For many, this self-analysis can be a critical one, and it invokes a determination to ‘do better’ and ‘be better’.  The New Year Resolutions lists are created…

How many of us do you think actually look back over the year and are at peace with their accomplishments?  How many are content in their relationships, are pleased with their bodies, their jobs, and where they are right here and now?  I doubt very few are actually content, and love themselves exactly as they are.  Very few have not created ‘lists’ to do better, do be better, and in doing so feel the need to strive towards a higher level of accomplishment in order to be pleased with themselves.  Our human conditioning constantly pushes us towards higher levels of personal achievement, of establishing ourselves in this ever-changing world in which we live, and in striving to find or create the perfect relationships with our friends, co-workers  and family.

When we complete our review from the place of our human conditioning, we tend to look through critical eyes, through the eyes of self-judgement, and feel the need to ‘improve’ somehow.  We forget that life is a journey to be relished and enjoyed every step along the way.  We forget that we are so much more than our accomplishments or acquisitions.  We are, after-all, pure spirit living a human experience, not human living a spiritual existence.  Every single moment of our life has meaning and purpose.  We are after-all, eternal beings experiencing the human condition in physical form.  We are a Divine spark, a Divine child of GOD.  We are of source, of the light.  Our humanness is only a small part of who we fully are.  What we do with our time here on earth, is as we choose every step of the way.  It is up to us to remember our perfection and embrace every aspect of ourselves, learning and growing in light and LOVE throughout our time here.  Only by choosing to ‘un-plug’ from our human condition, and by truly loving ourselves here and now, exactly as we are, and by recognizing our uniqueness and strengths, can we find Peace throughout the year(s) ahead.

When we truly love ourselves, we are no longer critical (of ourselves or others), and are content with what is at any given moment.  We recognize the blessings in our lives.  The self-imposed pressure of being ‘better’ dissolves.  The JOY seeps in, and we shift into a higher vibration.  We begin to see the miracles around us.  This shift in vibrational reality attracts more loving relationships into our lives, and more of what we are and project.

So, instead of a ‘critical’ review, why not simply resolve to fall in LOVE with yourself this New Year?  Why not turn your list of resolutions into a list of what aspects of yourself and of your life you love most and are most Grateful for?  You may just find yourself inclined to eat better and get outdoors more, find the job that is more satisfying, and treat others the way you now treat yourself, thereby naturally attracting more harmonious relationships.  And…you may find yourself letting go of people and situations that no longer feel right, that no longer serve the new ‘you’.  Resolve to simply LOVE, and see what happens.

What I Will Do

18 January 2017 - 4:19pm

By Rupa

This passing month I am in the hospital seeing my father suffering.  At his old age he cannot speak. The functions of his lungs, heart, liver, kidneys and brain are all in decline. Without the nasogastric intubation and intravenous fluids he won’t be able to survive as he cannot eat or drink normally. Obviously he is suffering. Looking at him, I am not sure if I should thank modern medical treatments that keep his life going or blame this care that prevents him from a natural death.

Everyone has to face death by oneself. But in the name of taking care of life, with proud science, we use science to play the role of life savior. Human being’s natural death becomes an extravagant hope, becomes inhuman. We believe that use of all the machines, all the tubes and medicines to keep patients alive is a nice way to treat a life. We forget that old age and death cannot be avoided. When no treatments are requested it will be regarded as discouraging and negative.

What will I do if I am the person lying in bed waiting to die? Will I accept all these modern treatments? Will I have strength to accept death instead?

I am not my father. I cannot tell if he wants to continue to suffer with treatments or to face death soon. I really hope that he can tell us clearly. But we never prepare for this situation until it’s too late. To know what to do when a fire happens, we will have a fire drill; to have a basic reaction to an emergency, we learn First Aid. To know how to face death, we need to study spiritual knowledge. Even if there are a lot of people who love me, are around me when I die, it is ME that has to leave everything I like to do and face death ALONE. It is ME who has to leave the people I love and face the unknown world ALONE. Am I ready? A fire might not happen, but death will happen to everyone for sure. How can I have a peaceful death and a happy life?

Rupa Manjari Devi Das (Ivy) has been practicing Yoga since 1996 in China. Her Chinese background and training gives her a natural understanding of this ancient eastern wisdom. Her living, studying and teaching in Canada has provided her the opportunity to develop the practice in a modern western way. The experience will let you understand this amazing scientific knowledge and give you practical skills and techniques to use on and off the mat!

Welcome to join Rupa’s 200h Traditional Hatha Yoga / 50h Yin Yoga Teacher Training. For more information, visit

What Would You Do If Nothing Stood In Your Way?

17 January 2017 - 1:49pm

It is a new year, and with that, a great opportunity to reflect on where we are at, and where we would like to go.  What are your goals, your dreams, your deepest desires? What are you really happy with in your life? What do you want to change? And what would you do if nothing stood in your way?

Well guess what? Nothing is standing in your way. If you think there is something in your way between you and getting, doing, or being what you want, then the limitation is only there because you put it there. Money, circumstances, timing, etc. are all excuses so we can stay in our comfort zone and continue to keep our fear at bay. Because, you know what? That fear business is scary stuff. Who in their right mind would want to leave their comfort zone? Well, for starters, I want to.

When we stay in our comfort zone we feel safe, protected and, obviously, comfortable. But when we remain in our comfort zone, we are never challenged to grow, or to do more, be more and have more fulfillment in our lives.

So I’m asking you to take a step out of your comfort zone to think about what you really want for yourself, your business, your career, your life, your family, and everything in between.

What are your aspirations? What fires you right up? What have you wanted to do since you were a child, but were always too scared to try? Or maybe you were even too scared to tell anyone that you wanted to do that. What is it? What lights that fire in your soul?

I invite you to write it down, hang that paper up on the fridge, tell someone.

Does that sound kind of scary? Maybe a little uncomfortable? GOOD! That’s how you know you’re challenging your belief systems. And by challenging those belief systems, you can set the wheel of change in motion.

Who told you that you couldn’t be anything you wanted to be? Who told you that you can’t achieve anything you set your mind to? Who told you it’s better to have a job that pays well than to do something you’re passionate about? Who told you that work has to be hard? Which of your beliefs do you actually believe?

It’s time to stop limiting your dreams, and step out of your own way!

In a MindScape Workshop, you will learn how to lead yourself into a relaxed state of mind where you build a mental “Workshop”, which then allows you to employ a variety of useful techniques.  When we are in the alpha brain wave state, which is what we use in MindScape, we have a direct link to our subconscious mind. By using MindScape, you will awaken your awareness and gain insight into your limiting belief systems and fears that are holding you back.

When you continue to work with the things that surface from your subconscious mind, you are able to become aware of them, so they no longer unconsciously rule your thoughts and decisions. By ridding belief systems from your subconscious mind, you begin to rewire the neuropathways in your brain so you can make new decisions that you were once too afraid to make, or that you once told yourself you weren’t good enough to have, do or be.

Your life will begin to transform before your eyes as opportunities open up and you feel brave enough to take the fork in the road.  Your external world is a reflection of your mind. When you can bring bits from the subconscious to the surface, you are changing your mind, which will change your reality.

What are you waiting for?

Kristin Pierce is the owner & operator of Inner Compass Academy (formerly The Serenity Studio) in Warman, SK. She is a MindScape Instructor, Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, & RMT, who is very passionate about Igniting Intuitions and teaching students to learn how to follow their inner compass.

Keep the Humour in Healing!

17 January 2017 - 1:32pm

An eight week Course

Tuesday, February 7 to Tuesday, March 28

7:00 to 9:00pm

By Karen Munro-Caple, RMT

When we think of healing most people take it very seriously, which of course makes sense when it is our health we are talking about, right?

Sometimes it is that very seriousness that can hold us in our pattern of dis-ease. As a way to alter this pattern I like to incorporate humour in my massage therapy and coaching work as a way to assist in healing and to ease stressful situations.

I have been a Registered Massage Therapist for 15 years and a body worker for 10 years before that. I have seen plenty of ailing bodies over that time and there was not one of them who did not benefit from a good laugh, especially if they were feeling anxious and in pain.

Before I became a RMT I was in the film animation business for 20 years drawing and directing on animated shows that you may have grown up with like, “Scooby Doo”, “Inspector Gadget”, and “The Raccoons Series with Bert Raccoon and Cyril Sneer”. That background put me in good stead to be silly and see the world in a particularly funny way.

I am interested in combining those elements into an 8 session course called,   “Keep the Humour in Healing”.

The course would be focused on two aspects at the same time. First, we would explore a variety of complimentary healing methods and secondly, to find ways to see the lighter side of the healing.

Some of the topics will be:

What kinds of body-work/massage are there out there?

What is meditation and how can I use it to heal myself?

What is energy work?

Can these healing methods fit with the medical model?

What are some ways to find joy in my life?

How can I tap into my natural creativity?

The two hour evening course will include; a check-in, Laughter Yoga, demonstrations and discussions of healing methods, a mid session break with tea and snacks supplied by me, exploration of energy, sharing stories of our own intuitive experiences in a safe, non judgmental environment and possibly some meditation  if the group is interested. I am facilitating the course, but I am interested to hear other people’s experiences. Add to all this lots of laughing and that will fill up the two hours nicely!

I often hear people say they do not think they are creative. I strongly disagree with this statement. I think everyone is creative, but we have been taught that creativity only looks a certain way. This course will help you tap into your natural born creativity and it will be fun to see what that looks like.

There is so much information, so many forms of healing it is hard to know where to begin. “Keep the Humour in Healing” is an opportunity to explore various healing forms, treatments, modalities and acquire an overview of what’s out there.  I will be using my expertise as a RMT, Ortho-Bionomy practitioner and Integral Master Coach™ to help shed light on other forms of healing.

It will be a fun opportunity to get together with other like minded seekers to investigate new ideas and have a few laughs as we go.

The schedule is:

8 weeks, $80.00 per person to be paid at first class.

Tuesday, February 7 to Tuesday, March 28, 2016

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Tea and light snacks served

Location is in the Meadowlands and Merivale area.

Give me a call and book your space at 613-274-7342.

If you would like to learn about my about Life Coaching practice click on my Integral Master Coach™ link.

Take a look at my RMT website to get a feel of how I work with healing.

Plus, check out my cartoon website so see “Adventures from Karen’s Clinic”, an amusing cartoon look at funny things that happen in a massage clinic.

Karen Munro Caple, RMT


Thank Goodness for a New Year

17 January 2017 - 1:25pm

Sherry Harris, MSW, RSW, OM, Psycho-spiritual counsellor, coach, teacher, healer

As this year comes to an end I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief. 2016, being a 9 year, was, indeed, a wrap up year. It seemed like everything that could happen, did happen. Instability and chaos rocked the world from continent to continent, yet here we are still standing trying to make sense of it all and wondering what to brace for next.

We have two choices as I see it. We can become a victim of the apparent chaos in the outside world thinking it has nothing to do with us and we are just the unfortunate recipients of bad fortune or we can claim our mastery and take control. When we do the later, when we proclaim our co-creatorship with God, we look at the world with different eyes. We no longer see a fear based, doom and gloom reality. Instead we see the beauty of life unfolding and we see the infinite possibilities open to us to create what we want.

No question, our planet, as beautiful as she is, is in a dire need of cleansing– just as each one of us is. Not only does our physical body need cleansing and revitalizing, but also do our thoughts, for it is with our thoughts we create. If we want to bring forth a new world of love, harmony, and balance we must create that within ourselves. This requires vigilant monitoring of our thoughts, checking constantly to assure we are not falling into the same old patterns of thinking we are victims and powerless to bring change. We are the most magnificent beings and we are here to usher in the upcoming 1000 years of peace, love and harmony that will follow the dissolution of all that is old, stuck and not working in our own life, in our families, our community, our world. We came in to do this and do it we shall.

We are so blessed we made the cut to be here at this incredible time of growth and expansion. Our job is to constantly look forward to the new, not looking back, not staying stuck in the old ways of control, illusion and conflict. We came into this creation to clear karma, clean up our act and step into the grandness of divine human self.

Two approaches I think facilitate that happening for each one of us is the inner child work I offer as a counsellor to heal your emotional self from the self-perpetuating wounds of childhood and secondly to use the wonderful balancing, restoring, rejuvenating and spiritual expanding tool I have— called the TrinFinity8. Please Google it, watch the youtubes of Kathy Forti, the creator or read her book, Fractals of God. This system raises consciousness and balances the body to the place where it can do its own healing as it was designed by creator to do. Please call or email me for a free demo. You’ll be grateful you did.

Rev. Sherry Harris,

counsellor, coach, teacher, healer


Healing at a Time of Uncertainty

16 January 2017 - 8:54am

It is a time of uncertainty and we need a strong foundation and a calm presence that is grounded to face this uncertainty. The world events (especially the recent elections by our southern neighbours) have triggered a lot of restlessness. I see this discomfort in my family, friends and clients. In a way, this global reactivity is the manifestation of bigger, deeper symptoms – on a bigger scale – from the ones we feel individually. We each carry a story and it can generate stressful physical or mental reactions. The solution, whether globally or individually, starts by people who take the time to see, be present, and acknowledge what they feel. We can truly help ourselves by recognizing our own history, our path and current situation as a first step. In this way we are participating in our own process.

The essence of this process is to first start developing inner strength – to heal our past and recognize that much of it may not even belong to us. This past could be the effect of pain experienced by our ancestors, or something that is passed on, and that we can let go of.

Healing and transformation starts by staying present with our symptoms and feelings. Bypassing them may be temporarily comfortable, but it does not lead to lasting changes. First notice your feelings for they carry messages and are the doorway to healing. Then gently acknowledge your feelings or even lack of, as it may start with a sense of feeling simply disconnected or numb. This enables us to be present in our state, and develop a stronger base, an ability to stay calm and grounded. The ability to accept is the first step to transformation. Then the journey to heal and transform thoroughly begins. In my sessions with you after this healing conversation we get to the hypnosis part. At the end of each session I record the hypnosis part, which is based on your needs and objectives. It is wonderful, positive and helps empower the process. I email it to you afterwards as I believe that it is helpful to listen to at home, if one wishes to do so. We can help ourselves, more than we know.

For more details or to book a session, contact me at 613.721.7888 or

Lynne cardinal

Lynne Cardinal has offered Stress Management, Resilience and Burnout Prevention workshops in the government and private sectors for over 30 years. She is also a Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, holding additional certifications in Hypnosis Innovative Techniques and Weight Loss. She is certified by Dr. Weiss in Past-Life Regression and she has a PhD in Eastern Philosophy from India. She has studied extensively with Thomas Hübl on Transparent Communication and Principles of Transformation and Healing and Trauma work, and she also trained with Diane Hamilton in Conflict Resolution. For more information call 613.721.7888 or

The Abundance Frequency

16 January 2017 - 8:45am


One of the great discoveries made by humans in modern times has been how to transform electricity into radio waves.  This has been a game changer in how humans communicate with one another either by sending voice, videos and now data via this invisible thing called “frequencies”.  At a push of a button, we can interact with people in all parts of the world and even in space.

Frequencies are all around us.  The Universe is constantly “transmitting” to us all the things that we desire and ask for.  It is always saying “yes” to your requests as outlined in the article that I wrote last year about the 6-inch-long black feather that I had asked for.  Within a week of asking for it, the feather showed up in my life…much to my amazement.  Although I had a deep knowing that it was going to show up I was amazed as to how it manifested itself into my life.

As this new year unfolds in front of us, I would urge all of you to pay attention to what you are asking for.  If you are constantly complaining about the missing things in your life, the lack of joy, money, friendships, the ideal job, etc., you are actually “transmitting” a negative thought to the Universe and it is responding by sending you more/less of these things.  Tune into the Frequency of Abundance.  Start living in a world of abundance by saying this powerful phrase: I am so happy and grateful now that (fill in the blank).  This will activate the abundance frequency within you and will bring you a step closer to achieving your goals and desires.  Dare to Dream and have a great year!

Daniel Roy is the principal instructor of the Ottawa-based Praxis Wealth Institute.  He is a Certified Retirement Coach, Certified Financial Planner as well as public speaker.  He is the author of “The Essential Guide to Retirement Readiness”.  He conducts workshops and courses on the subject of winning the game of wealth creation.

New Knowledge For A New Year

16 January 2017 - 8:34am

It’s traditional to make New Year resolutions, usually resolving to do something like lose weight or stop smoking. This year, why not decide once and for all to learn something about family law, especially the law around separation and divorce?

Even after working as a mediator in the family law field for almost 38 years I am still surprised at the amount of false family law information out there. Whether this is due to watching American TV shows, or simply listening to a friend describe (inaccurately) what happened to someone they know who separated, there seems to be an abundance of inaccurate information floating around. If knowledge is power, then there are a lot of powerless people dealing with separation and divorce in Ottawa.

In the spirit of the season, I will be hosting a FREE two-and-a-half-hour family law seminar at the end of January when I will be talking about the law of Ontario as it relates to separation and divorce. Some of the topics I will be covering include:

– parenting issues after separation

– is joint custody always best for children?

– dividing up assets and debts

– special treatment of the matrimonial home

– how pensions get divided upon separation

– the effect of gifts and inheritances

– spousal support (how much? and how long?)

– is the law different for common – law couples?

– child support

– separation agreements

– marriage contracts

– cohabitation agreements

– getting a divorce

– mediation as a process

This seminar is for anyone interested in knowing more about family law, but it may be of particular interest to two groups of people:

1. Couples who are thinking of separating. This is a time when many couples feel most vulnerable to fears and anxieties around their children and their financial arrangements. I have found that even a little accurate knowledge goes a long way towards easing these fears.

2. Mental health professionals who work with separating individuals. Knowledge of the basics of the laws that deal with separation and divorce may be useful in understanding patients’ concerns.

I will provide useful handouts to all registrants. I will also leave ample time for a Q & A session at the end, and I won’t leave until everyone has had their questions answered!

The seminar will be held on Saturday, January 28, 9:30 am – 12 noon. If you are interested in attending, please send me an email ( and I will reply with the location of the seminar in downtown Ottawa.

Better knowledge of family law? Now that’s a resolution to keep!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Evita Roche was Canada’s first full-time lawyer-mediator. Since 1979, she has helped over 5,000 couples mediate the issues arising from their separation. In the 1990’s Evita was a Professor of family law and mediation at the University of Ottawa law school, where she received the first Excellence in Teaching Award. Her private practice is restricted to separation and divorce mediation, and she frequently delivers seminars on subjects related to family law.

New Year’s Resolution

16 January 2017 - 8:32am

Written by Alexis Nicol

Happy New Year!

Today I’d like to share my New Year’s Resolution with you.  Normally, I’m not the type of person to make and/or keep a New Year’s Resolution, but this year I’ve made one that scares me to my core and that I pray to fail.  Yep, I really want to fail.  Usually a resolution is one that you hope you will be successful at accomplishing; like losing weight, getting a new job, etc.  Thinking about this I realize I feel so guilty when I fail to succeed and it certainly hasn’t done anything towards building my self-esteem or confidence.  So, this year I am making a list of things I’d like to do but that I’ve been too afraid of doing because I might fail.  I may not do them perfectly and I’ll probably do them wrong, whatever!  If I don’t succeed the first time I will give myself a huge pat on the back – because I tried, I actually will be taking a step at conquering my fear of failing.  By trying and not being afraid to be humbled or look ridiculous I will have at the very least learned something; grown in wisdom, humility perhaps, maybe spiritually or just learned what is possible and how I can improve. Then I’ll try again.

I will attempt (maybe even fail a couple of times) to be kinder and more gentle with myself.  I’ve decided that it’s OK if it doesn’t turn out the way I thought it should.  I’m pretty sure that no matter what the outcome, I’ll be imparted with valuable insight.

This year I resolve to fail, at least I’ll have something I’m 99.9% sure I can attain.  I’m looking forward to having a great year with many steps towards being a better person one new failure at a time!

May 2017 be gratifying and insightful to all!

Alexis believes in a Wholistic approach to healing mind, body and soul.  She combines Reiki, Reflexology, Reconnective Healing®, the Reconnection® and A Course In Miracles in her practice.   613-263-7925

Bowen Therapy For Concussion

13 January 2017 - 10:45pm

Winter is the time of year when concussions often result from skiing, hockey, and falls on ice. Bowenwork/the Bowen Technique is safe and effective, and can get you or your child back to work or school more quickly.  Every practitioner listed on this page has been trained by the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia in the Concussion Protocol. For best results, it’s vitally important to address a concussion early, in the first week after the concussion, if possible.

There are three reasons this gentle therapy gets results:

It releases muscle tension in the neck/shoulders that contributes to pressure on nerves and symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and tinnitus.

It addresses the entire body, including skeletal alignment and rotations in the neck and pelvis.

It works through the nervous system, stimulating the brain to heal.

Adults with Concussions

In the spring of 2016, Madeline McBride, Certified Bowenwork Practitioner, did a case-series study of six adults with long term post-concussion syndrome (PCS). That is, at the start of the study each adult still experienced symptoms two years or more after a concussion resulting from a car accident, fall, or blow to the head. Only one participant was able to work. The study found that every participant with long term PCS had muscle tension and skeletal misalignment which likely contributed to ongoing symptoms.

Each participant received eight sessions of Bowen Therapy. Third party assessment by a nurse confirmed that Bowen Therapy significantly reduced symptom severity (up to 70%) in five of the six adults with long term PCS.

After four weekly Bowenwork sessions, one participant stated: “I started being able to take the bus to and from a few appointments, and do my own groceries a few times. My energy improved as well as my ability to think more clearly, remember conversations, and navigate bus schedules/maps.” After eight sessions, the same participant stated: “Planning to reduce medication. Look and feel much better.”

Students/Athletes with Concussions

Between 1996 and 2003, Craig Mattimoe, a Bowenwork practitioner in Menlo Park, California, USA conducted a study on athletes aged 15-29 diagnosed with concussion, and applied the Concussion Resolution Protocol. Out of 33 players treated, 90% of athletes were declared fit to return to play within 72 hours. All 33 players returned to play within the following week.

In a similar practitioner study in British Columbia by Bowenwork practitioner Jenna Howe (, athletes in their teens and twenties fully recovered in four to nine Bowen sessions.

Ottawa Testimonials

“In January 2016, my 13-year-old son suffered a concussion. He had to limit his school and physical activities. This resulted in him experiencing symptoms of depression, lack of motivation, low self esteem and ability to cope with everyday life, even suicidal thoughts. He almost failed Grade 8. In September we started Bowen Therapy and within 3 weeks there was such an amazing improvement in his spirit. His sparkle had returned. He’s also doing amazing in Grade 9. He has brought up his marks and his teacher has commented on his positive attitude. Thank you!”

KR, Dec 2016

“I fell and suffered from a concussion in January 2015. For the first five months following I tried a number of therapies, including pharmaceuticals, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and physio. As time passed, I got more and more discouraged—my intestinal system didn’t like the pharmaceuticals and my central nervous system was just not able to deal with the stimulation that the bodywork therapies triggered, and I was not progressing. I was then introduced to a Bowen Technique professional by my massage therapist. The result was a calmer nervous system and slowly I made progress. It’s been two years now and I am almost full time back at work and able to get back to some of my social activities. I continue to see the Bowen practitioner as Rome wasn’t rebuilt in a day… but I am definitely progressing as a result of the Bowen—it’s now my go-to therapy when I have put myself in an environment that is over stimulating and triggers my concussion symptoms.”

AG, Ottawa

“I recently had a bad fall that left me black and blue and with a concussion. Bowen Therapy helped me return to normal quickly, gently and naturally. Thank you!”

W.D, 2016

Don’t wait weeks or months for concussion symptoms in yourself or your loved one to resolve. Early treatment may make the difference between a fast or a prolonged recovery. There’s a Bowenwork practitioner near you. Refer to the business cards on this page, or check the list of local practitioners on

How to Embrace New Chapters in Your Life

13 January 2017 - 1:52pm

Life is full of changes. Sometimes, the changes occur when you least expect them, and you end up with your routines being thrown out of whack. That’s how it often is when new chapters are opened up in your life. You might get caught by surprise, and immediately get flustered because you’ve never dealt with being in that situation before.

The good news is that you can approach these life events with positive techniques that keep you from feeling intimidated by them.

Follow these strategies to not only deal with, but also embrace, these new chapters in your life:

Have an open mind. Expect the best scenario instead of the worst. Remind yourself that this event might bring with it all sorts of positive spins on existing situations that challenge you. This new chapter in your life could be the answer to your reaching previously unattainable goals.

Be courageous. Fear can keep you from achieving what you want out of life. It can turn strong men weak and result in disappointment, sadness and humiliation. If you picture living a life with those negative attributes, you’ll start to develop the courage to prevent that from happening. So, face the unknown with every ounce of courage you have!

Take one step at a time. By far, the easiest way to approach any situation in life is to break it down into its smallest parts. When looking at the big picture of your new chapter, it might seem mammoth and insurmountable. But if you take a minute to dissect it, you’ll realize it’s a lot easier to take smaller bites and even savor the taste of newness.

Be honest. If your new chapter in life is something being presented to you by someone else, be honest about feeling intimidated by it. If you’re expected to tackle it and come out victorious, you definitely don’t want to disappoint! It’s better to state your position up front because people respect honest even when it doesn’t favor them.

New chapters don’t have to be scary at all. You’d be surprised how perfectly capable you are of taking things head-on and relishing in the goodness they can provide. Give yourself the chance to experience fulfillment; use these strategies to embrace new chapters like you already know the outcome!

Moira Hutchison

Mindfulness Coach, Tarot Card Reader & Energy Healer


Have you ever noticed that when we feel stuck – we become the expert of everything that does NOT work… The truth is that in order for a problem to exist – the solution must also exist!  To get started feeling *unstuck* hop on over to and sign up for Step One of “The Letting Go Process” – it’s free!!


13 January 2017 - 1:43pm

Agapé is an ancient Greek word for all-encompassing Love of all of reality, including loving self, others, animals, things, energy, thoughts, feelings, etc. – the unconditional loving of Everything!

The early Greeks, including Plato, believed in three forms of love:

Eros, affection of a sexual nature; Philia, non-sexual affection for a friend, neighbour or colleague and; Agapé, affection for or attachment to a soul-mate, spouse, family member or Spiritual belief or tradition, etc.

There are numerous synonyms for agapé used by Spiritual groups, societies and cultures throughout the world.

Some examples are:  psyche, metta, namaste, aloha, luminosity, chesed (Hebrew for loving-kindness), etc.  In recent years many teachers have talked about “going inside” themselves as if it is the opposite of the practice of previous generations who seemed preoccupied with “going outside” of themselves.  When I am with Partners in Healing (clients), one of my top themes is:

“What inside!  What outside!  Consider the Whole…”.   I remind them that they are not detached as if by a “cookie cutter” from their surroundings.  Our bodies, minds, Spirits and environments are inextricably and holographically interconnected.

There are many disciplines and practices for attaining this Oneness or Awakening.  One that I highly recommend to my Partners in Healing (clients) is the floatation tank.  I have just returned from a trip to Montreal and the Ovarium Float Centre (  I have floated at least twenty times and each time I have completely connected with the whole of existence.  I have experienced my own re-birth and re-conception on a number of occasions in a float tank.   

Other modalities in which I have experienced Oneness are:  Kundalini Yoga, Grofian Holotropic Breathwork and Ericksonian Hypnosis.  All of these practices have a common thread.  They enable a person to become “Heart-connected” and stay in a state of bliss or agapé.  They are all good ways of “re-charging” our Soul battery and learning how to STAY fully charged.    

I truly wish and hope that you experience this wonderful state before you leave this planet!  Namaste…………

This article was written by:

Richard M. Haney, M.Ed., Ph.D. (Counselling and Mediation)

Richard has been practicing Wholistic Counselling, Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Mediation for the past 25 years in Ottawa.

To contact Richard please call (613) 234-5678 or send an e-mail to:

Quantum-Touch® Therapy: Hands-on and Distance Healing

12 January 2017 - 2:13pm

Aileen M. McKenna,

Certified Quantum-Touch® Therapy Practitioner/Instructor, Empathic Life Coach

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the part of my work that I don’t address often, and that’s when I hold the energy field of my client between my hands, and do what we call Distant Healing.  In that way, I can work with clients across the world and they feel the energy, getting results often in more impressive ways than we do with hands-on sessions.

I’ll begin with an experience, with a client several years ago.  I had worked with this young woman, initially using Distant Healing, when I was made aware of her pain, when she was in her home at some distance from me, and was in considerable pain.  She had fallen on a slippery floor at her place of work, and had broken her upper right arm, and had severely bruised her right hip and leg.  I worked with her from here, at that moment, for 30 minutes, and she felt relief from the pain.  I then went to work with at her home several times, and and then she called me one Saturday evening at about 6:00 pm telling me that she was on the floor, and could not move.

I worked with her for 30 minutes, and when I spoke with her following that session, there was some relief from her pain, but it still really hurt and she couldn’t move.  I continued to work for another 60 minutes, and then I spoke with her again.  Again, there was a considerable improvement, and this time she was standing so I carried on until I went to bed, and agreed to speak with her in the morning.  She had gone to bed without pain, and was simply feeling a bit of weakness in that right leg.

The most recent experience, started with a phone call from a woman in Toronto, who said that she had known about me, and that her husband was at the Emergency Department, suffering with some unknown condition, but causing him to see everything through a sort of fog, to speak unclearly, and to be unable to remember things clearly.  So, immediately, I put down the phone and worked with him for 30 minutes.  When she called me back following the 30 minute session, her husband was seeing and thinking more clearly and wanted me to continue.  Later in the evening, I did another 60 minutes or Distant Healing, followed by a conversation, during which I was told that he was now at home and that the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong.  I agreed to do two more session, over the next 3 days.  And I haven’t heard from them since.

This is what can happed with the part of my practice I call Distant Healing.  I love this work, and having this capacity to affect change over space, is so amazing, that I’m always in awe when I get feedback from my clients.

Aileen M. McKenna is a Certified QT Instructor and Practitioner, certified as the first Canadian instructor in June 2004. She has taught classes to 1,000s of students across Canada, in the Caribbean and Scotland and sees 100s of clients annually in her private clinic in Ottawa.  Aileen has been offering energy healing in the Ottawa area for more than 25 years, initially with Polarity therapy and Cranio-Sacral prior to learning Quantum-Touch® therapy.  You can reach her at 613-228-2272, or by e-mail at or you can check out her website at, her blogsite at  and the Quantum-Touch website at