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Out in Toronto: Aug 24–30, 2017

23 August 2017 - 12:39pm
Friday, Aug 25 Weirdo: Mutation Calling all toxic tricks, gamma ray gays and Marvel monsters!

K-pop, Xena and two prime ministers

23 August 2017 - 11:09am
Your Daily Package of newsy and naughty bits from around the world

Why Bingo for Life left Celebrities

22 August 2017 - 7:00pm
And why Friends for Life hopes the fundraiser's new home will be a better fit

11 photos of New West coming out rainbows

21 August 2017 - 6:41pm
As Columbia Street shuts down for the 2017 Pride festival

Can we talk about groping in sex-positive gay spaces?

21 August 2017 - 5:04pm
Talking about consent in these environments can be challenging, but it’s the only way we’ll learn to be conscious of each other’s limits

12 photos of queer and allied resistance to hate in Vancouver

20 August 2017 - 1:46am
As thousands of counter-protesters fill the space in front of City Hall to oppose a planned racist rally

This is what Niki Ashton thinks about the Trudeau government’s record on LGBT issues

18 August 2017 - 6:23pm
The NDP leadership hopeful is introducing an LGBT platform to address the needs of queer and trans communities

Northern Ireland, Romanian chaos and a marriage tour

18 August 2017 - 5:04pm
Your Daily Package of newsy and naughty bits from around the world

Out in Toronto: Aug 17–23, 2017

17 August 2017 - 11:46am
Choice events in the city this week

Out in Vancouver: Aug 17–23, 2017

16 August 2017 - 9:17pm
Choice events in the city this week

What really happened to Stonewall’s founding mother?

16 August 2017 - 7:56pm
Director David France reopens an unsolved mystery in The Death and Life of Marsha P Johnson

Out in Ottawa: Aug 16–31, 2017

16 August 2017 - 4:15pm
Choice events in the city

17 French phrases to help you flirt your way through Montreal Pride 2017

15 August 2017 - 4:10pm
Whether you want to give someone a compliment or pick them up, we’ve got you covered.

Capital Pride welcomes Ottawa police chief’s sudden reversal on uniforms

15 August 2017 - 12:25am
Police in uniform is not a welcoming sight for many marginalized LGBT community members, says Capital Pride chair

Doctors call on new BC premier to pay for PrEP

14 August 2017 - 11:51pm
John Horgan supported free HIV-prevention drugs in pre-election interview

How a film about Carnival captures the struggles and triumphs of LGBT Trinidadians

14 August 2017 - 5:29pm
In Play the Devil, I saw aspects of my own inner conflict on the road to acceptance of my sexuality

How CeCe McDonald survived prison and became a voice for trans activism

14 August 2017 - 5:23pm
Documentary Free CeCe! screens at the 2017 Vancouver Queer Film Festival

Meet the two-spirit people fighting to be included in Canada’s reconciliation process

14 August 2017 - 12:01pm
Indigenous queers and non-binary people want to be heard

Mail ballots, massage parlours and a gay icon

11 August 2017 - 5:22pm
Your Daily Package of newsy and naughty bits from around the world

Here’s why allegations of CSIS’ homophobia and racism should concern all Canadians

11 August 2017 - 3:17pm
Five employees have filed a $35-million lawsuit against the spy agency for harassment and discrimination