Video Production

Most months of the year, we prepare video of local presentations to prostate cancer survivors.

Canadians will pay more for the hole than it cost for the whole donut.  Ottawa's flexible bus-way system, once the envy of cities around the world, is on its way out.  One last celebration of getting there, from summer solstice until the next full moon. Limited use of music given generously by Alain Caron. Merci bien!

Public institutions are using Drupal to improve policies and participation. Except the first one sent by Drupal creator, Dries Buytaert, we recorded the presentations in this playlist, cut in the powerpoints afterwards.

(Select from presentations in the playlist by clicking on the PLAYLIST icon.)

Camera: Jozef Malecek, Chris Brown
Post: Chris Brown


A nice way to spend a birthday, was making this:

This is an excerpt of a video made to support solidarity between Canadian and Chilean labour unions. Chile had a democracy for decades before it was snatched away.

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