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Family Support Group

  • Multilingual enabled, French and English, using entity translation
  • Private document areas for course participants, graduates, trainers, executive
  • Fully Drupal Commerce enabled, Commerce Webform intergration
  • Using Webform to create feedback surveys and registration forms

A tasty rendevous

Healthy ingredients, new techniques, delicious food.
Healthy ingredients, new techniques, delicious food.


Logo and website for this busy chef, focus on upcoming classes, class calendar, online payment gateway.

Logo: Stephane Faulkner, Chris Brown, Johanne Falardeau, Denis Faulkner
Structure / Editorial: Chef Stephane Faulkner
Images: Chris Brown, Stephane Faulkner

Significant Drupal modules: AdaptiveThemes (customized), Calendar, Date, Views, Juicebox. 

Cafe Le Hibou Recollections

Cafe Le Hibou Recollections
Cafe Le Hibou Recollections

After watching a few too many hard-won gains betrayed, it was therapeutic to join Denis Faulkner in exploring the optimistic world of Cafe Le Hibou Coffeehouse.  So many people continued their social engagement after becoming part of the Le Hibou community.

Author: Denis Faulkner
Images: Pierre Paul Lafreniere, Denis Faulkner, Peter Hodgson, Noreen Young, various.
Significant Drupal modules: AdaptiveThemes (customized), Book, Views Slideshow.

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